Five Key Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple Watch

Reasons to Buy Apple Watch

Apple Watch is due to arrive soon. Whatever the obscurity was with regard to its price and features have slowly begun to clear off. On the upcoming “Spring Forward” event to be held on 9th of March, Apple is going to divulge more details about what has yet to be confirmed officially.

As Apple Watch is hardly a month away from being launched, its appeal has peaked up pace recently. Winning the iF Design Gold Award 2015, appearing at the front page of the most sought-after magazines and touted to be the next big thing for the tech world, the Watch has grabbed all the limelight.

Here I am presenting the five possible reasons why one should buy Apple Watch purely in terms of its aesthetic appeal and being way ahead of its times. Let’s check out why it can be a special device to have!

Top Reasons to Buy Apple Watch

Because Apple Watch Is Already An Icon

Even before Apple Watch could arrive, it is already an icon. Winning iF Design Gold Award 2015 vindicates its stand as the next big thing. Apple Watch may not be the first ever smartwatch to arrive on the horizon but it may change the way fashionable watches are looked at.

Already expected to write a new history and thereby becoming the most popular smartwatches ever made on the planet by CCS Insight, Apple Watch is believed to be sold over 20 million in the very first year of its launch.

Design & Technology Sets The Watch Apart

There are tons of eye-catching watches on the market. However, very few of them have the technologies that can inspire buyers, let alone compel them to buy. The moment you think of watches, the first thing that strikes your mind is nothing but fashion stuff. Probably, that’s the prime reason why watches haven’t been able to charm those who think of and look at everything from the perspective of how advanced it is in terms of technology.

Apple Watch seems to stand apart from the rest of the watches not because it is exclusively designed but because it has been built to be a next-generation iWatch. The iWatch that may pave the way forward just like iPhones did and have continued to do so.

All New Way To Connect People

When Apple announced Apple Watch last year, many believed it was just going to be another watch. However six months down the line, there is strong conviction that the watch has a lot to offer. Apple Watch will allow people to connect in an altogether new way. Users can send their heart rate and communicate by sending small messages.

Apple Watch users will be able to answer calls, find their iPhones and even control Apple TV and iTunes and more. Add to that the ability to replace even your car key as told by Tim Cook.

First New Product Post Steve Jobs

Apple Watch is not just Apple’s first foray into the wearable device but also the new product post Steve Jobs. Of course, Apple fans wouldn’t buy Apple Watch just because it is the first new product post the man who made Apple what it is today but it would certainly be an emotional time for millions of fans.

Even today, one of my uncles proudly say, “I still have the iPhone that defined the mobile world, compelling it to be more meaningful for users. It is this phone that revolutionized user-experience by replacing many keys with just one-touch!”

It indeed feels great to buy something that is expected to be the first of its only kind. I can sense that pride to be the first and be able to tell the next generation of users why the Apple Watch is really special.

To Experience What The Future Holds For Smartwatches

Who could have imagined that smartwatches would be able to replace credit cards and more significantly let people pay bills instantly? Very few would have agreed to come this far. Apple’s iPhones must be attributed to the unbelievable features that even ordinary mobiles have.

The day people had their first iPhone way back in 2007, they could feel what the future for smartwatches is going to be. Creating out of the box technology is genius and to be able to understand, use and experience it with perfection is outstanding as well.

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