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Best Apple Watch faces you must try in 2024

Your wrist lights up with your Apple Watch face, making it essential to pick one you truly like. In this blog post, we have put together the best Apple Watch faces you can get with watchOS 10 based on various factors, including functionality, style, and customization options.

So, whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a productivity expert, or a fashion enthusiast, we’ve got the perfect faces to elevate your wrist game!

24 Best watch faces for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a variety of watch faces to suit different preferences. Here are some of the best ones. Each watch face has several customization options under the Complications section.

1. Snoopy and Woodstock (watchOS 10)

Snoopy and Woodstock Apple Watch face

The Snoopy and Woodstock Apple Watch face is a delightful addition for fans of the beloved Peanuts characters. This whimsical watch face brings Snoopy, the iconic beagle, and Woodstock, his loyal feathered friend, to life on your wrist.

This watch face can give you a nostalgic experience every time you check the time or interact with your Apple Watch. It adds a dash of whimsy to your daily routine and is the ideal option for those who value Snoopy and Wo2odstock’s classic charm. If you want to learn more, please go through our guide on how to get the Snoopy Watch face.

2. Palette (watchOS 10)

Palette Apple Watch face

The Palette Apple Watch face is a stunning and customizable display option where time is transformed into a captivating spectrum of enchanting colors that gracefully evolve throughout the day. This innovative watch face design incorporates three unique layers that elegantly overlap, offering a truly mesmerizing visual experience.

Each layer of the watch face represents a distinct element of time, which blends together to form a beautiful and dynamic display. I’d advise you to use the Palette face on the Apple Watch, as it infuses your personality and the overall wearable experience with creativity.

3. Unity

Unity Apple Watch Face

The Black Unity Apple Watch face celebrates the harmony of Black history and culture. This watch face is genuinely unique, embracing a deep sense of unity and solidarity.

Featuring vibrant colors inspired by the Pan-African flag, this watch face is adorned with abstract flowers in the same colors. Moreover, users can choose either a single flower or full-bloom style according to their preference. And whenever you raise your wrist, the flowers will bloom and fill in.

It’s safe to assume this watch face is for everyone who understands the importance of cultural values. This example of diversity and inclusion is definitely a must-have

4. Metropolitan

Metropolitan Apple Watch face

Metropolitan is the perfect choice for a traditional look. When it comes to customization, this Apple Watch face comes in four distinct designs. You may also select the backdrop colors from a range of color palettes. One of the most intriguing characteristics is that when you turn your wrist upside down, the numbers fade away, leaving pills behind. 

This watch face goes nicely with both formal and semi-formal attire. When heading to an interview, I prefer a plain watch face, making Metropolitan my personal favorite.

5. Lunar

Lunar Apple Watch face

If you want to keep track of both lunar phases and dates, Lunar is the best watch face for your Apple Watch. One of the most intriguing aspects of this watch face is that when you rotate the circular dial, the moon’s form and date change, giving you a clear image of how the moon will appear on that specific day.

You can change the color of the second hand and switch between digital and analog modes. You may also select from three calendars: Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic. This stylish Apple Watch face will work well with casual clothing, especially when heading out at night.

6. Playtime 

Playtime Apple Watch face

Do you adore graphics as much as I do? If so, Playtime is the ideal Apple Watch face for you. Apple has teamed with Joi Fulton to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. The custom-built characters are entertaining to play with since they interact with you when you tap on them. Plus, the backdrop has a distinct movement when you rotate the Digital Crown.

When it comes to modifications, there are several background shadow adjustment possibilities. You may also choose whether or not to include background. If you’re heading to a venue where you’ll be interacting with tiny children, you should alter your watch face to Playtime.

7. Astronomy

Astronomy Apple Watch face

If you enjoy talking about space, Astronomy is the best Apple Watch face for you. As you turn the Digital Crown, you may see a pictorial representation of the change between day and night. You may also access the zoom-in and zoom-out functions by tapping on the screen.

Regarding typefaces, the Apple Watch face is very configurable, with three options: Classic, Contemporary, and Rounded. You may view the Earth, moon, solar system, or any other random planet using full or random style choices. If you’re heading to a planetarium, you should definitely pick Astronomy as your primary watch face.

8. Portraits

Portraits Apple Watch face

Want images of your loved ones on your wrist? Portraits let you pick up to 24 portrait photographs from your Photos app to serve as your Apple Watch’s background. You may always edit the picture and adjust the location of the numeric time.

There are three font styles: Classic, Modern, and Rounded. Furthermore, for customizing the watch face, you may choose between backdrop and duotone, as well as none if you don’t require any. One of the aspects that drew my attention to this face was the ability to alter the current image by tapping on the screen or rotating the dial to access the zooming capability. I prefer to wear this attractive Apple watch face to family gatherings.

9. Modular 

Modular Apple Watch face

Here’s an Apple Watch face for folks who enjoy statistics. Modular is available in three distinct versions: Basic, Small, and Dual. Its display screen provides a wealth of information with a glance and a tap.

The basic or dual versions also have few customization options other than changing the backdrop color and turning on or off the background. Still, the compact version has extra customization options that enable you to choose between analog and digital clocks. If you’re an athlete or prefer to spend most of your time at the gym, this is the finest Apple Watch face you can get.

10. Artists

Artists Apple Watch face

If you prefer something minimalist yet creative, the Artist watch face is worth checking out. It includes a portrait by artist Geoff McFetridge.

You can change the design by touching the face. It also changes automatically as you lift your wrist. Moreover, it improves the appearance of the always-on display. You can use this popular Apple Watch face when visiting an art gallery.

11. Breathe

Breathe Apple Watch Face

Do you need a bit of calm in your busy life? Here’s a watch face that can help. It resembles the design and animations of the Mindfulness app.

You’ll be sent directly to the Mindfulness app for a guided meditation session when you tap the watch face. As a result, it’s a wonderful alternative for anybody looking to incorporate more mindfulness into their day. While attending a Meditation or Yoga Center, you may wear your Apple Watch with this contemplative face.

12. California

California Apple Watch face

With this timeless design by California, you can give your Apple Watch a classic formal look. It provides a variety of dial marker alternatives to get the desired design. It includes two dial options, rectangular and circular.

You may also change the symbols in seven different ways. Also, you get to select from a range of backdrop displays. I recommend wearing this watch face to an interview or any professional meeting since it will completely suit your formal attire.

13. Contour

Contour Apple Watch Face

If you want to seem stylish, you need this Contour face for your Apple Watch. The display’s appearance is influenced by time and can gradually alter to highlight the current hour. When you tap a number on the screen, the numerals execute an inward circular ripple.

You may change the watch’s style to regular or rounded to match your outfit. You may also choose whether or not to utilize the dial color feature. This unique watch face will complement your everyday outfits.

14. Fire and Water

Fire and water Apple Watch Face

Fire and water are two important components that Apple incorporates in its watch faces. Apple spent a lot of time creating these stunning faces for its products, which is why all its wallpapers and watch faces appear so realistic.

You may change the color of the watch face by selecting one of two options: fire or water. Additionally, you can enable the option that showcases any of the two randomly as your backdrop. The dial is available in two sizes: rectangular and circular. You can definitely wear this as the face of your watch if you’re headed to a campfire or the beach.

15. GMT

GMT Apple Watch face

If you’re working across time zones or traveling, here’s a good watch face resembling old analog designs. It features two dials. The inner one shows your local time, while the outer one can show a second timezone.

The two-toned color scheme depicts the day and night, sunrise and sunset, in the selected city. You can customize the colors as you like and add complications to the four outer corners.

16. Infograph 

Infograph Apple Watch face

If you’re working across time zones or traveling, this GMT watch face is nice. It seems like an old-school analog design. There are two dials on it. The inside displays your current time, while the outside may display a second timezone. The time in the outside outlet may be changed by touching the display and using the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown.

The two-toned color scheme reflects the selected city’s day and night, as well as sunrise and sunset. You can change the colors and add complexity to the four outside corners as you see fit. Wear this watch face with your party clothes.

17. Memoji

Memoji Apple Watch face

Do you like Memoji? Use this watch face to add them to your wrist and enjoy watching them animate. Display your one-of-a-kind designs and personalize your watch. I liked how the Memoji interacted with you when you tapped it.

The little information panel at the bottom is fully customizable. More information may be found in our comprehensive guide on utilizing Memoji on Apple Watch. You may also wear this watch face confidently when going out with your buddies.

18. Mickey and Minnie Mouse 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Apple Watch face

In honor of one of our favorite cartoons from the 90s, Apple has included a watch face featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The faces are one-of-a-kind, and when you tap the display, you’ll hear the sweet voices of the characters telling you the time.

The outfits of the two characters may be changed; there are several colors for Minnie Mouse, but just two clothing color possibilities for Mickey Mouse. If you were born in the 90s, you might consider making this your primary watch face.

19. Nike (Updated in watchOS 9)

Nike Apple Watch face

Nike’s faces for the Apple Watch are all thanks to the collaboration of two of the most popular brands. It has five variations: Analogue, Bounce, Compact, Digital, and Hybrid. One of the most notable features of this face is that the different variants react differently when you tap or twist the Digital Crown.

You may customize the faces to match your outfit by selecting various colors. A few versions also let you alter between styles, dials, and digital or analog clocks. You can use this cool Nike Apple Watch face while attending a LA game.

20. Pride 

Pride Apple Watch face

When the surrounding colors are complimentary, unique colors mix smoothly. Apple believes in equality and has created a special Pride watch face to promote the LGBTQ community. The color-mixed threads work well together to indicate time uniquely. When you tap the threads or turn the Digital Crown, vibration is sent across the treads.

The distinct face has a customization option to enable or disable the backdrop. This is a special face that demands a special occasion, so save it for Pride Month.

21. Siri

Siri Apple Watch face

For anyone who can’t make it through the day without Siri, why not get this watch face and have your favorite assistant available on your wrist? It’s easy to set up and customize.

It’s especially useful when you need to get things done and don’t have your iPhone around. At the bottom, there’s also a carousel for guidance and notifications. This can be your everyday watch face.

22. Timelapse

Timelapse Apple Watch face

The Timelapse watch face showcases photographs of stunning sites worldwide for all travel enthusiasts. At your location, the landscape or cityscape changes dynamically with the passage of time.

I personally enjoy the animation of different locations, which can be accessed via a few simple taps. It’s a great way to experience views of your ideal places even if you haven’t visited there. While traveling, you may utilize this as your watch face.

23. Toy Story

Toy Story Apple Watch face

Appease the child in you with this adorable watch face that features a scene from the Toy Story movie. The cute little animations of all the main Toy Story characters, such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody, are present.

You can also tap on the watch’s face to see more animations from different characters. This watch face has a playful and fun look on your watch and can be worn when attending your ward’s school.

24. Typograph

Typography Apple Watch face

For a unique look, try the typograph face that offers three custom styles: Classic, Modern, and Rounded. You can choose to view just four numbers or all 12 numbers of the clock face.

Apart from the default style, you can also pick Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Roman symbols. I’d prefer to use this watch face with formals. What do you say?

Customize your Apple Watch with beautiful faces

So, with various options, I hope you’ve found the best Apple Watch face for your preferences. Let me know in the comments below which one you liked the most.

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