Best Apple Watch Faces in 2020

Watchface is one of the most important UI elements on Apple Watch. Typically whenever we take a look at our Apple Watch, the first thing that we see is the Watch Face. Over the years, Apple has worked on improving watch faces and adding new features (also called complications.) Heck, the Mickey Minnie, even speaks out the time when touched.

As with all the other devices, you can change and customize the watch face. In other words, you can fine-tune the watch face in such a way that it tells you more than just the time. Furthermore, you can also change the visuals and upload your own pictures to snazz up Apple Watch. In this segment, we will walk you through some of the best Apple Watch Faces in 2020.

Add Watch Face on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch lets you preview and app watch face on the watch itself. To do so, use Force Touch on your current face. Now you can swipe either way to see faces that are on the Apple Watch.

Force Touch and Swipe Watch Face on Apple Watch

You can add a new watch face by choosing the New option and the Plus button. Scrolling through the watch faces can be done by using the Digital Crown or by screen touch.

Tap on Plus Button and Use Digital Crown to Add Watch Face on the Apple Watch

Add an Apple Watch Face by using Watch App

The best way to preview the watch face is by using the Apple Watch companion app. Open the Watch App and select the Face Gallery at the bottom of the app.

Open Watch App and Tap on Face Gallery on iPhone

I personally prefer the iPhone’s larger screen to preview the Watch Face. Keep scrolling down until you find your favorite watch face. Tap on the face, and you will be redirected to a page that shows all the details. Take a look at preview screenshots and check out the complications it has to offer. Once you have decided, tap on Add. Voila! You have now changed the watch face on Apple Watch by using the companion app.

Add an Apple Watch Face by using Watch App

Deleting a watch face is easy. You can use Force TouchSwipe Up and tap on the Remove button.

Swipe Up and Tap on Remove to Delete Watch Face from Apple Watch

Else you can open watch app, Select “My Watch” tab. Choose Edit in the “My Faces” section. Tap on the Minus icon and then the Remove button.

Remove Watch Face Using Apple Watch App on iPhone

Best Apple Watch Faces in 2020

#1. Timelapse

Timelapse Apple Watch Face


We all love timelapse videos, how about a timelapse watch face? The best part is that timelapse videos change with the passing of the day. The Timelapse watch face lets you choose between beautiful locales of Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and others. If you are a travel bug, then a Timelapse watch face will inspire you endlessly. Lastly, the Watch face offers two complications that are placed such that they don’t obstruct the view of the locale.

#2. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Apple Watch Face

If you are a Disney fan, then the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Watch face will make you happy. The characters point at a time using their hands and tap their feet to keep you entertained. You will also be able to use three complications at a time, and the list includes Reminders. If you want to get a whiff of nostalgia every time you look at your Watch, then look no further!

#3. Motion

Motion Apple Watch Face


Motion watch face resembles Live Wallpaper on the iPhone. It reacts beautifully to your touch. It is worth noting that Butterfly collection comes with 25 different species, while the Flower collection features nine flower blooming animation. The best of all is the Jellyfish collection, this one shows a different jellyfish every time you wake up the Apple Watch.

#4. Color

Color Apple Watch Face


Are you minimalistic? Color Watch Face looks barebones, but it proves itself when it comes to utility. You can choose between an array of solid colors and enjoy the full-screen view without any complications. That apart, you can also select the circular dial which offers four complications and an impressive color palette.

#5. Photos

Photos Watch Face for Apple WatchDidn’t like any of the watch faces mentioned above? Fret not, Photos Watch Face comes to the rescue. The Photos Watch Face lets you keep your own Photos as background. All you need to do is Open up the Apple Watch app, Go to Face Gallery, and search for Photos. In the next step, tap Favorites.

Photos give you an option to sync a particular album, or you can create a collection of 10 Photos. All the synced albums will be stored at the ‘Synced Album’ menu. It is advised that you don’t sync your entire gallery, as it might burden the watch.

Creating a custom gallery is pretty easy too. You can add up to 10 photos and create a gallery of your own images. To do so, go to the Face Gallery and tap on Custom under Photos.

#6. Activity

Activity Apple Watch Face


Apple Watch is as much about fitness as a utility. Activity watch face focusses on fitness and pulls up all the data right on your screen. The concentric move rings represent how many calories you have burnt, minutes of activity, and how many times you have stood up and moved. If you are a fitness freak or someone who wants to become healthy, then the Activity watch face is a formidable choice.

#7. Numerals

Numerals Apple Watch Face


Some of us like keeping our watches simple. In other words, you don’t need to forgo the elegance of analog watches for the convenience of a smartwatch. The Numerals displays hour and minute hands. As far as customization is concerned, you can change the colors and the font of the number. If needed, you can add one complication at the bottom.

#8. X-Large

X-Large Watch Face for Apple Watch


The iOS offers plenty of accessibility features for senior citizens, and Apple Watch is no different. X-Large is the perfect watch face for seniors who find it hard to read. As you can see in the image above, timings occupy the entire screen on X-Large. You can add one complication. However, it will appear in the middle while the time shifts to the top.

#9. Modular

Modular Watch Face for Apple Watch


The modular face watch is known for offering a bunch of complications. It is utilitarian to the core and provides five complications. This includes a digital clock, vital information about your activity, Date and Day, Weather info, and Reminders app. Off-course you can change and customize the complications.

#10. Chronograph

Chronograph Watch Face for Apple Watch


Do you fancy a digital chronograph? Well, Apple has you covered with Chronograph. The digital version of the chronograph comes equipped with a flyback hand that can be used by runners. Furthermore, you can customize the dials to show shorter/longer periods.

#11. Astronomy

Astronomy Watch Face for Apple Watch


Are you someone who loves Astronomy. The Astronomy watch face offers three different styles. You can choose from Earth, Moon, or the solar system. The watch face will show the real-time progression of the sun across the planet while your position is marked with a green dot. Meanwhile, the solar system face displays relative positions of all the planets. You get to use two complications in each style. Here is a little trick; you can turn the crown to scroll through different features on the Astronomy watch face.

That’s all, friends!

Watch faces give your monotonous life a colorful twist. You can change them every day and spice up your routine. The best thing about the watch faces is they are packed in the watchOS 6, and you are not supposed to download any third-party watch face apps on your smartwatch.

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