Best Apple Watch faces you must try in 2022

Best Apple Watch Faces

Customizing your watch face is one of the best ways to personalize your Apple Watch. It lets you make your watch visually appealing while also giving you the information you want through complications. So, here we’re highlighting some of the best Apple Watch faces, including Breathe, Infograph, and new watchOS 7 designs.

1. Chronograph Pro

Chronograph Pro Watch Face

This is a classic watch face that shows the tachymeter by default. This is used for measuring speed. However, you can also change the dials and set timers of 60, 30, 6, and 3 seconds. 

This can be done by tapping the dial and then the green button. On the outer corners, you can add four complications. It’s best for those who like being active and on the move. 

2. GMT

GMT Watch Face

If you’re working across timezones or traveling, here’s a good watch face that resembles old-school analog designs. It features two dials. The inner one shows your local time while the outer one can show a second timezone. 

The two-toned color scheme depicts the day and night, and sunrise and sunset, in the selected city. You can customize the colors as you like and add complications of your choice to the four outer corners. 

3. Artist

Artist Watch Face

If you prefer something minimalist yet creative, the Artist watch face is worth checking out. It features a portrait created by the artist Geoff McFetridge. 

You can change the design by tapping on the face. Also, it automatically changes whenever you raise your wrist too. Moreover, it makes the always-on display look attractive.  

4. Count Up

Count Up Watch Face

If you always need to use a stopwatch, this watch face is for you. You can just tap the screen to start a timer, which will be shown on the watch face itself. 

There are spots for five complications at the edges. And you can change the color of the ring as you like. So, you can have quick access to a wide variety of information. 

5. Typograph

Typograph Watch Face

For a unique look, try the typograph face that offers three custom type styles: classic, modern, and rounded. You can choose to view just four numbers or all 12 numbers of the clock face. 

Apart from the default style, you can also pick Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Roman symbols. 

6. Stripes

Stripes Watch Face

For a fun and colorful look, try these stripes that can be customized as you like. You can change the number, color, angles, and direction of the stripes. 

You can place them as a square or inset circle with corner complications. This is one of the most highly customizable watch faces so that you can create countless different looks with it. 

7. Breathe

Breathe Watch Face

Need a bit of calm in your busy life? Here’s a watch face that can help. It resembles the design and animations of the Breathe app. And although there is space to add complications, you will lose that serene feel. 

When you tap on the watch face, it will go straight to the Breathe app for a guided meditation session. So, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add some mindfulness to their day. 

8. California

California Watch Face 

Give your Apple Watch a classic formal look with this timeless design. It offers a range of options for the dial-markers to get the look you want.

The full-screen face on the Series 4 and later has two spots for complications. And there’s space for four complications in the smaller circular version of the face.

9. Modular Compact

Modular Compact Watch Face

For those who love data, here’s an Apple Watch face you’ll love. It’s got six complication spot so offers lots of information at a glance and a tap. 

Further, the three icons at the bottom can be changed to contacts so that you can make calls straight from the watch face. 

10. Infograph

Infograph Watch Face

If you love complications, the Infograph is one of the best Apple Watch faces you can use. It can display up to eight complications, 

The four on the corner can also show you extra information on the redesigned Series 4 and 5 displays. At the top right is the weather, and the middle offers shortcuts to apps like Activity and Music. 

11. Siri

Siri Watch Face

For anyone who can’t make it through the day without Siri, why not get this watch face and have your favorite assistant available on your wrist? It’s easy to set up and customize

It’s especially useful when you need to get things done and don’t have your iPhone around. There’s also a carousel of guidance and notifications at the bottom. 

12. Photos

Photos Watch Face

Have your precious memories available on your wrist with the Photos watch face. You can choose to view a photo album synced to your watch, recent photos, or ten custom images.

The picture will change each time you raise your wrist or when you tap on the face. You can even add a Live Photo from your iPhone or iPad, and it will animate each time you view the watch screen. There’s space for two complications at the bottom. 

13. Timelapse

Timelapse Watch Facese Watch Face

For all the travel lovers out there, the Time-lapse watch face displays images of beautiful locations from around the world. The landscape or cityscape dynamically changes with the time at your location. There are two complication spots for your most essential data. It’s an excellent way to enjoy views of your dream destinations, even if you’ve not been there. 

14. Toy Story

Toy Story Watch Face

Appease thew child in you with this adorable watch face that features scenes from the Toy Story movie. You can see cute little animations of all the main Toy Story characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody. 

You can tap on the watch face to see more animations from different characters as well. It’s perfect to have a playful and fun look on your watch. 

15. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Watch Face

Here’s another playful watch face that shows you colorful images like the physical toy that it is named after. It uses a special algorithm to highlight changing elements throughout the day. 

A full-screen version is available on the Series 4 and later, but there are no complications. The circular faces feature three complication slots. 

16. Memoji

Memoji Watch Face

Love Memoji? Add them to your wrist using this watch face and have fun seeing them animate. Show off your unique creations and add your personality to your watch. 

The small information panel at the bottom can be customized as you like. You can learn more about this in our complete guide to using Memoji on Apple Watch. 

Customize your Apple Watch with Beautiful Faces

So with such a variety of options, we hope you’ve found the best Apple Watch face for your preferences. Let us know in the comments below which you like the most.

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