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About iGeeksBlog

iGeeksBlog is an independent tech platform that concentrates on Apple. Our team of highly skilled writers, editors, publishers, and visionary thinkers, endeavors to bring authentic and unbiased content to the table. Our passion lies in discovering new things, exploring technologies, and sharing it all with our audiences.

At iGeeksBlog, we serve our readers with simplified tutorials, troubleshooting guides, well-researched editorials, well-tested apps, and product list. To put it simply, this is ‘The space for all things Apple.’

Birth of iGeeksBlog

iGeeksBlog, affectionately dubbed as iGB, is the brain and heart child of two passionate iGeeks. Dhvanesh & Jignesh shares a love for Apple’s communication technology and its products & services.

A connection and passion that has since grown stronger and stronger. In 1980, Apple said, “Soon there will be two kinds of people. Those who use computers and those who use Apples.”

And of course, our dynamic, geeky duo belongs to the second lot of people. It’s the superiority, thought process, and smarts of Apple products like iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods that keeps them hooked.

They love to keep tabs, cover unique aspects, and, more importantly, share the experience with like-minded people.

Team iGeeksBlog

Dhvanesh Adhiya – Founder

The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple product. His desk is always strewn with Apple products while he is diligently playing with his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, and other devices.

So what does Dhvanesh do in iGeeksBlog? Well, he has an incredible penchant for exploration, and therefore, he finds fantastic tricks of using iDevices, discovers user-friendly tips, and churns out solutions to the complex issues.

He dons the cap of editor-in-chief of iGeeksBlog and ensures all the contents address the issues readers face while using Apple products. His lateral approach and instinctive ideas give this blog an impetus to serve the interest of readers.

Jignesh Padhiyar – Co-founder

Jignesh’s passion for perfection draws him close to Apple, a brand that also believes in producing perfect devices. His romance with Apple dates back to 2006 when he first saw an iPod.

Later in 2007, he was struck by breakthrough design and exceptionally advanced software packaged in the first iPhone launched by Apple. Then came the gorgeous iPad that impressed him even more.

It’s the sheer passion for perfection that makes Jignesh such a big fan of Apple. When Dhvanesh invited Jignesh to forge a partnership, the latter readily accepted this offer and became the co-founder of iGeeksBlog.

Jignesh has got itchy feet, so when he is not on the blogosphere, you can find him on one of the hemispheres of planet earth.

Nikhil Makwana – Creative Head

Nikhil has a keen eye for spotting great content, ideas, and products. As iGB’s Creative Head, he also shoulders responsibility for maintaining the Social Media channels.

He brings his remarkable signature style to the table. Ensure the content is informative and streamlined with a perfect dose of fun, humor, and honesty.

Nikhil is also the official lensman of iGB with the studio as his favorite playground. And when not there, you may spot him chewing his way through delicious food, whether gourmet or street.

Suraj Padmasali – Digital Marketing Head

iGB’s Digital Marketing Head, Suraj loves to obsess over keywords, search engine optimization, and more.

An added advantage is his love and passion for all things Apple. His’ iGeekiness’ and expertise helps him to understand the content better.

And thanks to that, he manages to place iGB on the top of Google search results. While his relationship with Google might be a love-hate one, he is a well-loved member of the iGeeks team.

Suraj is also a fitness freak who loves trekking. He spends his me-time listening to retro music.

Arshmeet Hora – Sr. Content Writer

Arshmeet wears a few different hats at iGB. Along with being the Sr. content writer for the blog, she is also the social media content creator.

She is extremely passionate about tech products and innovative technology, with a special biased soft corner for Apple.

If not working, you will find her with earbuds on, either rocking to a tune, listening to an audio novel, or bingeing a show.

Mehak Siddique – Sr. Content Writer

With over ten years of writing experience in the tech world, iGB’s Sr. content writer hardly misses a trick.

Mehak’s approach to any article is pretty straightforward and practical. Thanks to which, her how-to guides & accessory reviews are a fan favorite.

Her first love is tech, and the second one is to help people resolve their tech problems. As for her third love, it’s a tie between reading and traveling.

Ankur Thakur – Content Writer

A through and through Apple user for over seven years. iGB’s content writer, Ankur, has learned a lot from his explorations and experiments over the years.

Thanks to his tinkering habits, Ankur almost knows everything about the devices he owns. And his willingness to share this knowledge with others makes him how-tos and troubleshooting guides expert.

When he is not obsessing over Apple products, he loves to watch comedy videos, tech documentaries, and political speeches.

Nishant Desai – SEO Analyst

As an SEO analyst at iGB, Nishant gives his all to make the content reach wider audiences. Well versed in the science and trends of Search Engine Optimization, he always has valuable inputs.

He regularly plays with jargons like Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, Guest Posting, and Business Listing. Moreover, he loves all things Apple, making him a perfect asset for the team.

Jeet Suthar – Graphics Designer

Jeet is the behind the scene magician who converts ideas and words into visual treats. iGB’s Graphic Designer carries a can-do attitude, and when it comes to conceptualization, even the sky is not a limit.

When free, Jeet’s spend his time sketching, product designing, and obsessing over notable tech-entrepreneurs.

Our Goals

The ultimate dream is to achieve a reputable position in the world of technology & online media. iGB team does not just want to stay ahead of the curve, but to help its audiences to do so as well.

We are on a mission to disseminate news and information about Apple. In our efforts, we leave no stone unturned to collect the right information from a genuine source.

Core Values

We will grow faster and better when we are together. iGeeksBlog’s team is like a family that stays together, obsess over Apple together, and cherishes each achievement together.

We believe that collective efforts lead us to success. And when talented people with passion and discipline come together, success is within shouting distance.

Contact us for feedback on news reports we publish, reviews of apps, software, and accessories. We also welcome advertising inquiries. Shoot us a mail on info@igeeksblog.com