Best iPhone SE (2020) Armbands in 2020

Keep your phone close when working out with these best iPhone SE 2020 armbands. Check out the pros and cons including safety features and more before taking your pick.

Best iPhone SE (2020) Car Mounts in 2020

A car mount can effectively hold your 2nd Generation iPhone SE while you're driving. It's convenient for your daily commutes as well as for long trips when you need to navigate or...

How to Write Strikethrough, Italic, and Bold in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp offers some text formatting options on iPhone, Android, and even the web version. It lets you enhance the text message with bold, italics, monospace, and strikethrough. This is especially helpful when you type...

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

When you activate your iPhone or iPad, Apple uses the device's unique identifier and ties it with your Apple ID. This ensures that someone who steals the phone is not able to reactivate and...

Best iPhone SE (2020) Bumper Cases in 2020

While many cases can protect your 2nd generation iPhone SE, bumper cases do an especially good job. They particularly safeguard the sides of your device by absorbing impact. Further, they come in...

Best iPhone SE (2020) Leather Cases in 2020

For a sophisticated look, check out the best iPhone SE 2020 leather cases. See the pros and cons and choose from genuine leather or vegan and synthetic options,

Best iPhone SE (2020) Belt Clip Cases in 2020

Keep your phone close at all times with the best iPhone SE 2020 belt clip cases. Check out the pros and cons of our top picks.

How to Use Control Center in macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur has added a Control Center to the Mac. It is a handy way to have several controls like display brightness, keyboard backlight, AirDrop visibility, and more in one place. The idea...

How to Send Messages with Effects in macOS Big Sur

iMessage effects have been on the iPhone and iPad for long. With macOS Big Sur, you can now enjoy these same options on your Mac as well. This lets you convey words using screen...

Best iPhone SE (2020) Car Chargers in 2020

For secure on-the-drive charging solutions, we've put together the best iPhone SE 2020 car chargers. Let's get an efficient one!

Call Failed on iPhone? 10 Ways to Fix The Issue

It is highly irritating when you dial a number on your iPhone, and the call fails to connect. Lately, there has been a rampant increase in this issue. Some people complain that they face...

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How to Turn ON Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

Finally, Apple has introduced the long-awaited feature, dark mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13. Let's check out how to turn on and use it.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC – 2 Methods Explained

Though I enjoy using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Apple's Messages app remains my favorite choice across iDevices. Most of my friends who use Windows...

How to Get Animoji on Any iPhone and Android Device

Love Animoji but have an old iPhone without Face ID? Worry not. Here's how you can get Animoji on any iPhone or Android phone.

iOS 13 Supported Devices

Apart from being wicked fast and secure, iOS 13 looks feature-rich with a range of all-new add-ons. As an iPhone user, you may already...

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

Check out this comprehensive guide to know how to show battery percentage on iPhone 11 Series, iPhone XR, XS, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 or earlier.
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