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How to Photo Shuffle on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 17

What’s better than seeing one of your favorite pictures on your iPhone Lock screen? How about seeing all of your favorites instead? Using the Photo Shuffle feature, you can see a different picture each time you pick up your device.

While the feature was introduced with iOS 16, Apple enhanced it with iOS 17.1 to give you even more options for the photos you see. Are you ready to pop those adorable, hilarious, or sentimental pictures on your Lock screen? Here’s how to get started with Photo Shuffle on iPhone.

What is Lock screen Photo Shuffle?

Apple’s Photo Shuffle feature for iPhone lets you see multiple photos of your favorites, your friends, or your featured photos right on your iPhone Lock screen. It then displays a different photo whenever you tap or lock your device or based on a timeframe.

You can choose which pictures to use, apply a filter like other Lock screen images, and decide how often Photo Shuffle changes the pictures.

Follow along to set up Photo Shuffle on iOS 17, a nifty way to view pictures of people, pets, nature, cities, or other subjects.

How to set up Photo Shuffle on iPhone Lock screen

You can customize your iPhone Lock screen with Photo Shuffle in the Settings app or from the Lock screen itself. 

  1. Do one of the following to use the feature for a new Lock screen setup:
    • Open the Settings app, select Wallpaper, swipe to the right, and tap the plus sign below New.
    • Display your Lock screen and then long-press the screen. Swipe to the right and tap the plus sign below Add New.
  2. To change an existing Lock screen, do one of the above to display and select it.
  3. When the Add New Wallpaper screen opens, scroll down and tap an option below Photo Shuffle
  4. You can then customize the photos that display on the subsequent screen as described below:
    • People, Pets, Nature, or Cities: Pick from the categories listed like People or Pets. Additionally, you can select more than one for a nice collection.
    • Album: New with iOS 17.1, you can also choose Album and then tap the one that displays on the right to select your preferred album from Photos.
    • Select Photos Manually: Tap this option to choose the exact pictures you want to use and move onto Step 7.
  5. Next to Shuffle Frequency, use the drop-down menu to choose how or when to change the pictures. You can pick On Tap, On Lock, Hourly, or Daily.

    Set up Photo Shuffle for iPhone Lock Screen
  6. When you finish, select Use Featured Photos or Use Album, depending on what you picked.
  7. You can then add widgets or apply a filter on the preview. If you used Select Photos Manually, tap the three dots to adjust the frequency.
  8. Tap Add when you’re done.

    Add featured photos to iPhone lock screen

Finish up by setting a wallpaper pair for your Lock and Home screen or picking a particular Home screen background as normal.

How to edit a Photo Shuffle on iPhone

After you set up your Lock screen Photo Shuffle, you can change the pictures or timing with only a few taps.

  1. Display your Lock screen, then long-press the screen and pick Customize at the bottom.
  2. Choose Lock Screen on the left.

    Customize iPhone lock screen to edit shuffle photos
  3. Select the categoryalbum, or photos icon in the lower left corner, depending on what you picked for your Photo Shuffle. Then, make your changes to the pictures to display.
  4. Use the three dots in the lower right corner to change the shuffle frequency.
  5. Tap Done when you finish and tap the screen to set the updated Lock screen Photo Shuffle.

    Select Category, shuffle frequency to edit photo shuffle on iPhone

Love your Lock screen

The Photo Shuffle feature for your iPhone Lock screen can not only spruce up your display but also show you your favorite pictures whenever you pick up your device. This is a terrific customization option that can enhance your iPhone experience and make you love your Lock screen. What do you think of the feature? Will you shuffle photos on your iPhone? Let us know!

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