iOS 16: How to customize your Lock Screen on iPhone

How to customize your lock screen on iPhone

Among the many features announced in WWDC 2022, Lock Screen customization for iOS 16 is the one that attracted many eyes for its amazing features after looooong time. Now, you can make multiple Lock Screens, select wallpapers from many categories, personalize them, or add dedicated focus modes.

And that’s not it! You can change the font and font color and add widgets accordingly. I would call this one of the biggest features added to iOS in terms of customization. If you want to personalize your Lock Screen too, jump into the guide right away!

Note: You can use this feature on iPhone 8 or above running iOS 16.

How to create iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

  1. Wake your screen and tap and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Tap Add button to add new wallpaper. This will create a new Lock Screen.
    You can also choose a pre-set-up Home Screen.
  3. Select a wallpaper of your choice.
  4. Now, tap Done.

    How to customise lock screen on iPhone

If you have selected a colored wallpaper, you will get the option to customize the background color while on the customization screen. If you use any image as your wallpaper, you can swipe through the screen to apply different filers.

Note: You can also customize your Lock Screen by going to Settings → Wallpaper.

Switch between Lock Screens in iOS 16

  1. Tap and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Swipe between the Lock Screens.
  3. Now, tap the Lock Screen of your choice.

    switch between lockscreens on iPhone

If you have used Apple Watch, it’s similar to how you change the watch faces. After landing on your favorite Lock Screen, simply tap the screen.

Add new widgets to Lock Screen on iPhone

  1. To add a widget to your lockscreen, tap and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Tap Customize.
  3. Next, tap the top or lower row to add widgets.
  4. Under the Add Widgets screen, add widgets of your choice.
  5. Once done, tap anywhere on the screen or x to close.

    Add new widgets to lockscreen on iPhone

If you want to add more widgets, tap and hold the screenCustomizetap any row above or below the Lock Screen clock → select the widget.

If the space is already filled, you must delete those extra widgets.

Customize Lock Screen clock on iPhone

Besides changing the wallpaper and adding widgets to the Lock Screen, you can also customize the clock. For that:

  1. To add a widget to your lockscreen, tap and hold the lock screen.
  2. Tap Customize.
  3. Now, tap clock.
  4. Customize the Font & Colour according to your choice.
  5. After customizing, tap anywhere → Done.

    Customise Lockscreen clock on iPhone

Note: You can also add Focus mode to dedicated Lock Screens. Simply tap and hold the screen and select Focus. After that, select a mode and tap the cross button.

Apart from the above, you can also see Live Activities like currently playing songs and cab tracking right from the Lock Screen.

How to delete custom Lock Screens on iPhone

What if you didn’t like the Lock Screen and wanted to delete it completely to start from scratch? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tap and hold the Lock Screen.
  2. Now, press and hold the Lock Screen you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete Wallpaper.

    delete lockscreen on iPhone

You have completely deleted the Lock Screen and can now start from scratch.

Organize notifications on iPhone

  1. Open SettingsNotifications → Display As.
  2. Select how you want to see your Notification appear.

    notification display style iPhone

Now, you can see the new notification style whenever you access your Lock Screen.


Q. How do you put your name on your iPhone Lock Screen?

While there is not a straight-up option, if you are using an iPhone running iOS 16, you can add a reminder widget to your lockscreen where you can add your name.

Q. How do I set different wallpapers on my iPhone Lock Screen?

if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 16, you can add multiple wallpapers to your Lock Screen. Tap and hold the screen → tap the + icon. Select the wallpaper of your choice and tap Done.

That’s it!

With the iOS 16 update, you can customize your iPhone lock screen according to your preference. Which are your favorite widgets that you are using on your lockscreen? Do let me know in the comments.

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