How to Find iPhone’s UDID Number (For End Users and Developers too)

It's quite easy to find iPhone UDID using iTunes. Refer following steps to get Unique Device Identifier of your iPhone or iPad.

The Unique Device Identifier is a 40-character alphanumeric that works as a device-identifying mechanism. It’s an ID that uniquely identifies your iPhone. If you’re not a developer working on iOS apps (a.k.a the average John Doe like us), you’re most likely not going to need it ever.

But just in case if you are part of a development team, and you wish to test the app on your device, you will be asked for UDID by your developer. Wondering how to get one for your device? Head south and follow the steps.

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How to Find iPhone or iPad UDID Number

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and fire up iTunes.

Step #2. Click on your device on the sidebar.

Step #3. Now you’re on the summary tab. Do you see that “Serial Number?” Wait, that’s not it.

Click on iPhone or iPad Serial Number in iTunes

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Step #4. Click on the Serial number and pop! Here’s the UDID.

Find iPhone UDID using iTunes

If you hit Ctrl+C (Command+C in Mac), this UDID number gets copied.

That’s all, mate!

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Signing Off…

UDID is most specifically useful for Apple to identify developers who are testing stuff on their iPhones. Like, say, apps. Well, apps are the only thing devs could be testing in conformation with Apple’s policies. For developers, the UDID was readily available via the UIDevices class. Till iOS 6 came up when Apple decided to end that thing. Obviously, this was for security reasons.

Just in case, if you are on the go and need to know the UDID of your device urgently, you should follow our post on how to find UDID on iPhone without iTunes.

That’s all, folks!

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