Earlier, we covered information on how to find iPhone’s UDID. Now in this information, we will deal with how to find your Mac UDID (Unique Device Identifier.)

UUID sets your Mac or any other iDevice apart from million other same devices. And therefore, it holds a value just like a serial number of any Apple product. In a way, it’s like a social security number of your Mac.

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How to Find UUID of Mac

Importance of UDID surfaced during an issue when app developers shared many UUIDs with advertisers; UDID helps any ad company know the profile of any mobile user.

Now, without devoting my time or words on other content, let me tell you how you can find your Mac UDID.

How to Find UDID of Your Mac

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Step #1. Hover your mouse on Apple Logo and click on it. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step #2. Now click on About This Mac.Click on About This MacStep #3. A window will pop up with two options: System Report and Software Update.

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Step #4. Click on System Report.Click on System Report in MacStep #5. Select Hardware. Your Hardware UUID will be seen last under the Hardware Overview.Mac UUIDAfter the issue of sharing UDID by developers to advertising companies, Apple has taken strict measure on third-party app developers by sending an ultimatum to stop sharing UDID or else their apps will find no place in AppStore.