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Dhvanesh Adhiya

Dhvanesh Adhiya


Ahmedabad, India


Founder, Editor-in-Chief


Apple Ecosystem, Product Reviews, Content Strategist, Newsletters, YouTube Content Creation

Dhvanesh Adhiya


Ever since teenage years, gadgets and technology have held a special place in Dhvanesh's heart. This fascination with gadgets and their inner workings fueled a lifelong passion for exploration and troubleshooting. Disassembled electronic items scattered around the house became a familiar sight during his younger years, a testament to this insatiable curiosity.

From SEO Expert to Apple Evangelist

After completing his IT engineering diploma, Dhvanesh's professional journey began with a 4.5-year stint as an SEO executive, honing valuable digital marketing skills. However, the desire to share tech knowledge and connect with a like-minded community proved stronger. In 2012, Dhvanesh embarked on a new adventure, founding iGeeksBlog. This blog became a haven for Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados seeking insightful and in-depth information about everything Apple.

A Decade of iGeeksBlog: Leading the Apple Charge

In the past 12 years, Dhvanesh has donned multiple hats at iGeeksBlog. As the founder, he has steered the blog’s vision, ensuring it remains a trusted resource for Apple users worldwide. Additionally, he has been serving as the CEO of iGeeks Media Private Limited for the past 4 years, overseeing the company's growth and development.

Beyond Writing: A Multifaceted Approach

Dhvanesh isn't just a prolific writer, having penned hundreds of articles for iGeeksBlog. He has also served as the blog’s Editor-in-Chief and Content Strategist, ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality content that caters to the diverse needs of the Apple user base. The passion for exploration extends beyond the written word. He has created numerous YouTube videos for iGeeksBlog, providing visual demonstrations and engaging directly with the audience.

Staying Connected with the Apple Ecosystem

Dhvanesh's dedication to the Apple community goes a step further. Currently, he also manages the iGeeksBlog+ weekly newsletter, delivering curated Apple news, gadgets, apps, tips and tricks straight to subscribers' inboxes. This unwavering commitment to Apple technology and a genuine desire to empower fellow users make him a valuable asset to the iGeeksBlog team.

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