To keep your messaging life in pace, you must keep a backup of all your messages and other data including photos. For instance, if you are a WhatsApp user, and you reset your device or uninstall the app, you’ll lose all your data. Of course, you can reinstall the app later, yet without a backup, you will need to begin once again starting from scratch.

How to Backup Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos on iPhone

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Making a backup of your WhatsApp chat messages and photos was very much hectic process during the initial versions of the app. Users had to copy manually the app installation files and folders to some safe place on their PC or cloud. Luckily, with time, the folks at WhatsApp have made it more simple and fundamental.

With the latest version of WhatsApp, you get to make a backup directly from the app. At the same time, users can backup their data automatically utilizing a set period. So here we’ll be looking at the steps on both the backing up and then the restoration of your messages and photos in WhatsApp.

How to Turn on iCloud Drive for WhatsApp Backups on iPhone

Step #1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone Home Screen → Tap on iCloud.

Tap on Settings Then iCloud on iPhone

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Step #2. Tap on iCloud Drive.

Tap on iCloud Drive on iPhone

Step #3. If the iCloud Drive is turned off, then turn it ON.

Turn ON iCloud Drive on iPhone

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Step #4. Now just look at the list of apps below iCloud Drive and ensure that WhatsApp is toggled ON.

Turn On iCloud Drive For WhatsApp on iPhone

How to Backup WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos on iPhone

Making a backup will make a copy of your WhatsApp chat messages. The backup will also include all media shared to your iCloud account, however, WhatsApp does not supports sent and received videos in the backups, as of now.

Step #1. To make a backup of your WhatsApp data, first of all, open the app and tap on the Settings tab at the bottom.

Tap On WhatsApp Settings in iPhone

Step #2. While in Chat Settings, tap on Chat Backup and then select the Back Up Now button to instantly backup your chat messages and photos.

WhatsApp Chat Backup on iPhone

Step #3. Alternatively you can turn Auto Backup on and define a schedule for the loop.

Backup WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos on iPhone

Step #4. That’s it you have the backup!

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages and Photos from Backup on iPhone

The backup you made using the steps above will be stored in your iCloud account. To restore that backup, follow these steps.

Step #1. Before you do anything else, double-check that you’re logged in using the same Apple ID which was used while making the backup.

Step #2. If not already installed, install WhatsApp on your iPhone and launch it.

Step #3. Use your phone number to sign in to WhatsApp and keep in mind that to use the same phone number you were using prior.

Step #4. Upon signing in, you’ll be asked to restore the backup from iCloud.

That was all you needed to know, and before you click some other link, there’s a tip from iGeeksBlog. Since WhatsApp does not saves videos in backups, you can store them locally and sync with iTunes. Alternatively, you can also upload them to some cloud storage services.

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