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How to Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently from iPhone

Despite its convenience, WhatsApp can also get pretty annoying at times. Whether it's forwards full of false information, persistent unwanted messages, or privacy concerns,...

How to Type Bold, Italics, Strikethrough in WhatsApp on iPhone

Typing Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough formatting is now possible with WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. Here we have mentioned the process, check it out;

WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on iPhone after iOS 13? How to Fix it

If Whatsapp keeps crashing on your iPhone after the iOS 13 update, then check out the list of fixes we have given. It will surely help you to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Mute WhatsApp Group Notifications on iPhone

Getting too many unnecessary WhatsApp group notifications? Look at 3 ways to mute WhatsApp group notifications on iPhone for 8 hours, week, year, or forever!

How To Make WhatsApp Group Video Call With Up to 8 People on iPhone

One of the best messaging and video calling apps, WhatsApp is now allowing a group video call with up to eight people. This new...

How to Clear WhatsApp Data Storage on iPhone

WhatsApp taking too much space on your iPhone? Here is how to delete WhatsApp data storage on your iPhone and free up space.

Cannot Save Whatsapp Photos and Videos on iPhone

Whatsapp not saving photos and videos on the iPhone? Here's how to fix issues where you can't save Whatsapp media to the Photos app.

WhatsApp Video Calling Not Working on iPhone and Android? Tips to Fix the Issue

WhatsApp video calling is what I mostly use to communicate with friends living on the other side of the ecosystem. Though it works pretty...

How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp on iPhone Running iOS 13

After months of beta testing and a long trail of wait, WhatsApp dark mode has finally embraced on the iPhone. And from the looks...

How to Know If I’m Blocked on WhatsApp? Steps (with Pictures)

WhatsApp has slyly seeped into our lives and positioned itself as our favorite communication platform. However, if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, whether...

How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Photos and Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

Exchanging nice photos and fun-loving clips with friends during WhatsApp conversation is something that most of us cherish. And, I'm no exception to this...

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos, Videos, and Contacts from WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp has become an important medium of communication. We use WhatsApp messages and calls for not only normal chit chat with friends and family but even...

How to Manually Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone

Most of the users stop WhatsApp from auto-saving images, to keep the Photos app clutter-free. But then, there are some photos you want to...

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for iPhone in 2020

If you're looking for the best WhatsApp alternatives for iPhone, here's a list you shouldn't miss. Try out these alternatives to WhatsApp.

How to Share Multiple Photos via WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you send multiple photos at once with your WhatsApp contacts. Here is how to upload and share multiple photos on WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp on Your iPad

Does WhatsApp work on iPad? You might be surprised to know that it is possible to get WhatsApp on iPad. However, the way to...

How to Create and Add Custom Stickers to WhatsApp

When it comes to fun-loving WhatsApp messaging, one set of emojis and GIFs doesn't always spice up the conversation. The best way to keep...

Can’t Send Photos on WhatsApp from iPhone: Here is a Quick Fix

Sending some of my favorite photos to friends and loved ones on WhatsApp has always charmed my happiness. To be fair to all, it’s...

How to Send WhatsApp Images Without Compression on Android and iPhone

If you've used WhatsApp, chances are you've sent lots of photos to friends and family. I have several thousand pictures in my WhatsApp folder,...

How to Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web For Mac

The fascination with Dark Mode is on the rise, iOS 13 has it, Instagram has it, Gmail has it. In fact, almost 100+ app...

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