How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch with WatchChat 2

Having more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging app across all platforms. That’s probably the prime reason why most of us would like to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, the Facebook-owned messaging app is yet to roll out the support for watchOS. But needless to lose sleep over it as there is a well-thought-out app called WatchChat that can fill the void with good effect. So here is how you can use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch Series 5, 4, and Series 3

Step #1. First off, you need to download WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

For this, open Watch app on your paired iPhone → Tap on App Store from the bottom right → Discover Watch Apps on iPhone → Tap on Search tab from the bottom menu → type WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp.

Open Watch App and Select App Store Then Tap Discover Watch Apps on iPhone and Search WatchChat 2

It’s a paid app; it costs you $2.99.

Step #2. By default, this app will start showing on your Apple Watch. If not, inside the Watch app on iPhone tap on My Watch tab from bottom left, scroll down to INSTALLED ON APPLE WATCH, tap on WatchChat and turn ON the toggle for Show App on Apple Watch.

Scroll Down to WatchChat in My Watch Tab and Enable Show App on Apple Watch

Step #3. Open WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. You will see a QR code for the first time.

Open WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp on Apple Watch and Scan QR Code

Step #4. Open WhatsApp on iPhone → tap SettingsWhatsApp Web/Desktop. The camera will automatically launch.

Open WhatsApp and Tap on Settings Then Select WhatsApp Web or Desktop on iPhone

Note: If you have used WhatsApp Web elsewhere, you will have to tap on Scan QR Code.

Tap on Scan QR Code in WhatsApp Settings on iPhone

Step #5. Scan the QR code shown on the Apple Watch (Step #3).

Important Note: It might show an error on your WhatsApp screen on iPhone. Do not worry. Go back and try again. I was successful in the 4th attempt.

That’s it. Your chats will be shown on Apple Watch.

View WhatsApp Chat on Apple Watch

You can scroll down or use the digital crown and scroll. At the bottom, you will see Contacts. Tap on it, search the contact, and finally tap on contact name to view the message history as well as reply to chats via keyboard, quick replies, scribble type, and dictation.

Tap on Contacts and Select Contact to View WhatsApp Messages on Apple Watch

Summing up…

So this is how you can get WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. Before you buy this app, please know that WatchChat relies on the same technology as WhatsApp Web. Therefore, for it to operate, you need to have a working internet connection on your iPhone.

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