How to send HD photos in WhatsApp on iPhone and Mac

Send HD quality photos in WhatsApp on iPhone and Mac

Thanks to WhatsApp’s latest update, gone are the days of fretting over quality loss when sharing media. Now, iPhone and Mac users can choose their quality preference – Standard and HD – before sending images on WhatsApp. Excited to use this most-anticipated feature? Just follow the steps outlined below!

How to send HD photos in WhatsApp on iPhone

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
    Ensure that WhatsApp is updated to its latest version.
  2. Access any chat of your preference.
  3. Tap the (+) iconPhoto & Video Library to send media files.
    You can also tap the Camera icon to click a new image.

    Tap the + icon, select Photos & Videos Library option in WhatsApp
  4. Select the desired image(s) → Tap the HD icon present on the top of your iPhone screen.
  5. When prompted, select HD qualityDone.
  6. Hit Send to conclude the process.

    Tap HD icon, select HD quality option, hit Send in WhatsApp
  7. Once shared, the image with be highlighted with an HD sign.

    HD icon for the shared image in WhatsApp

Note: This process works the same if you opt to share multiple photos at once. However, If the chosen image is of low quality, this approach will not be effective.

How to send HD photos in WhatsApp on Mac

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Desktop app on your Mac.
    Before you begin, update the app to the latest version.
  2. Navigate to a chat → Click the + icon to proceed.

    Tap the icon in WhatsApp
  3. Select Photos & Videos when prompted.

    Tap Photos Videos in WhatsApp
  4. Choose an HD photo from Mac → Click Open.

    Select an image, click Open in WhatsApp
  5. Go to the photo quality feature and select the HD quality preference.

    Select HD quality image in WhatsApp
  6. Simply hit Send, and that’s it.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available for images. It is expected that video support will arrive very soon.

Standard vs. HD quality on WhatsApp: What’s the difference?

Previously, sharing HD images directly in WhatsApp chat was impractical. As a workaround, users shared images and videos as documents in WhatsApp to maintain the originality of the media file.

But not anymore. Users now have the option to manually enable HD quality for sharing media when they want higher visual fidelity. As of now, there are two options available:

  • Standard Quality: It refers to the default setting on WhatsApp for faster sharing. It compresses media files, such as photos and videos, resulting in decreased file size and potentially lower-quality visuals.
  • HD Quality: Media files are transmitted with minimal compression, leading to sharper images and videos with more vibrant colors and finer details.

While HD quality is preferable for showcasing crisp visuals, it might result in larger file sizes and increased data usage. Therefore, considering factors like available storage space and internet connection reliability is essential when deciding between standard or HD quality on WhatsApp.


Will the recipient need any special settings to receive high-quality media in WhatsApp on iPhone?

No, the recipient doesn’t need any special settings to receive high-quality media on WhatsApp.

Can I send high-quality WhatsApp media to multiple recipients simultaneously on iPhone?

Yes, you can send high-quality media to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Can I share multiple HD photos and videos in WhatsApp on iPhone at once?

Yes, the process outlined above works the same for both single and multiple media files.

Upgrade and evolve!

Remember, preserving the vividness and clarity of your media adds depth to your connections and conversations. So, next time you’re sharing a breathtaking sunset or a hilarious moment, keep these tips in mind to make every exchange a memorable and vibrant experience.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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