How to Move WhatsApp Chat from iPhone to Android

Transfer WhatsApp Chat from iPhone to Android using Restore Social App

As part of my job, I review a lot of apps and games on different devices. That includes Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. As for my personal device, I have an Android phone as well as an iPhone. The real pain for me is to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android. If you have migrated from Android to iOS or vice versa, you can relate to my pain.

There isn’t any tool out there that allows you to backup or export iOS/Android WhatsApp messages to computers. The main reason for this is that the Android uses Google Drive to back up the data, while the iOS device uses iCloud. To add to the complexity, both of the cloud storages have completely different encryption.

I was utterly surprised when guys at dr.fone approached me to try their new tool that allows backing up WhatsApp data from Android and restore it on an iOS device, or vice versa. At first, I ignored it; because I have tried my hands on so many different ways in the past six months, that this email was a bit hard for me to sink in. But as reviewing tools is my job, I thought to give it a shot. To my surprise, it worked! Excited? Let me show you how it is done.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android using Restore Social App

Step #1. Launch the dr.fone app on your Mac, and click on Restore Social App.

Click on Restore Social in Dr.Fone App

Step #2. Now at the next screen, click the WhatsApp icon on the left sidebar and then click on “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” on the right.

Transfer WhatsApp Chat Messages from iPhone to Android

Step #3. You need to connect both your devices to the Mac. One is the iPhone, and the other is an Android device. After the app detects both the device, you will see that the one is marked as the source, while the other is marked as a destination. You can click Flip to change their status.

Step #4. Once you are done setting up destination and source device, click on Transfer at the bottom-right corner.

Transfer WhatsApp Chat Messages from Android to iPhone

Step #5. The transfer process deletes all the messages from the destination device. You’ll get a pop-up asking for confirmation, click on Yes.

Step #6. After confirming the pop-up, the actual transfer process begins. Wait for it to end. After the procedure is finished, you can open the WhatsApp on the destination device and tap on “Restore” at the pop-up.

That’s it. Your smartphone will start recovering WhatsApp messages that were transferred. Once that is done, you can check and confirm.

That’s all, mate!


  • 1-year license: $29.95
  • Lifetime license: 39.95
  • 1-year business license: $399

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Signing off…

Android and iOS have a built-in migration feature, but that is limited to contacts, images, and videos. All those things can be moved easily without needing the migration feature. What we really need is functionality to transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android. No one can predict if either of the OS will provide anything such in future or not, but until then, tools like dr.fone are at our rescue.

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