iPhone Buying Guide: Which iPhone Should You Buy in 2021?

Which iPhone to Buy in 2020

With the amazing new iPhone 12 lineup and some equally good previous devices like the iPhone 11 and XR, it can be confusing to decide which iPhone to buy right now. The choice, of course, depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Although the latest devices might be tempting, they’ll rip a hole in your wallet and so it might be worth considering other options that will serve you better. To ease the confusion, take this quiz and find out which iPhone is best for you.

Do You Already Own an iPhone?

  1. Yes, an iPhone 11 or X series device
  2. No, but I am ready to invest in an iPhone
  3. Yes, I have an older iPhone
  4. No, and I am looking for a budget iPhone

What’s Your Priority for Buying an iPhone?

  1. I want a robust and reliable device for pro-level tasks
  2. I want an iPhone for the excellent camera
  3. I want an iPhone to experience the Apple ecosystem with my Mac
  4. I want an iPhone because I don’t like Android anymore

Will You Be Gaming on Your iPhone?

  1. Yes, I love action-packed, graphics-heavy games
  2. Yes, I like mobile games from time to time
  3. Yes, but not too many graphics-heavy games
  4. No, mobile gaming is not my priority

What are Your Thoughts on 5G?

  1. Super excited for 5G on iPhone
  2. I don’t care as long as my phone gets stuff done
  3. I don’t understand what the hype is about
  4. I don’t want it if it’s expensive

What’s Your Usage Like?

  1. I’m a pro-multitasker who needs the fastest device
  2. I love having a powerful phone even if I don’t use all the features
  3. I use my phone for routine tasks like messages and email
  4. I just want a high-quality camera and media experience

Do Looks Matter When It Comes to Your iPhone?

  1. Yes, I love flaunting the latest design
  2. I prefer power overlooks
  3. Yes, I like bright colors
  4. Inner beauty matters more

Your Thoughts on Taking Photos/Videos on your iPhone?

  1. It’s the whole reason I’m buying an iPhone
  2. I want a good camera, but it doesn’t have to be the latest
  3. All iPhones take great photos, don’t they?
  4. The camera is not my top priority for buying an iPhone.

What Other Apple Products Do You Own?

  1. Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, the works
  2. An iPad or a Mac
  3. None
  4. None, but I want to get more

Ready to Find out Which iPhone You Should Buy 2020?

  • All options marked ‘1’ are worth 0 points
  • All options marked ‘2’ are worth 1 point each
  • All options marked ‘3’ are worth 2 points each
  • All options marked ‘4’ are worth 3 points each

Add up your points to get a final score. Then, check out the guide below to know which iPhone would be the most suitable choice for you.

0-6 Points. Go for the iPhone 12!

iPhone 12 Pro Max

It looks like you’re an Apple lover who wants the latest and best that it has to offer. The iPhone 12 or one of the other models from the series would be an excellent choice for you. Experience Apple’s fastest processor yet, the A14 Bionic, and of course, the unbeatable speed of 5G! Moreover, take your mobile photography and videography to the next level with upgraded cameras and new features.

7-11 Points. iPhone 11 Will Do the Trick!

iPhone 11 Pro Max

You seem to be an Apple fan but probably don’t necessarily need to splurge on the latest models. The iPhone 11 is Apple’s most popular phone and would still be a great buy to experience power at a discounted price. It’ll give you the most bang for your buck with a fantastic camera, smooth performance, an incredible display, and more. Of course, you’ll miss out on 5G and the A14 Bionic chip, but that’s not a big deal for your needs.

12-17 Points. Check out the iPhone XR

iPhone XR

It looks like you’re looking for an affordable phone that still packs plenty of power and functionality. The iPhone XR is a solid choice in this regard. It boasts many high-end features like Face ID, wireless charging, water-resistance, a beautiful display, Animoji, Memoji, etc. The original price has been discounted due to the newly released models, making an excellent choice for those who want high-end features on a budget.

18-24 Points. Say Hello to the iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone SE 2020

If it’s your first time buying an iPhone or if the cost is your constraint, bring the iPhone SE (2020) into your life. It might have an outdated design, but the interiors are just as powerful as the higher-end iPhone 11 series, thanks to the A12 bionic processor. Moreover, it also boasts wireless charging and an impressive camera. Go for this, and maybe you can also get another Apple device with the money you save, such as the Apple Watch SE or AirPods!

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