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Apple Intelligence: Best features and supported devices

Apple finally jumped onto the AI bandwagon, and at the 2024 WWDC event, the tech giant announced an exciting new feature coined by Apple Intelligence. As Apple calls it, it’s a personal intelligence system that sets a new standard for AI by delivering content that is genuinely helpful and makes our lives easier.

Not only is it faster, but it’s also a lot more personal—all while protecting your privacy. Here’s a look at the new features added in iOS 18 with Apple Intelligence.

Apple Intelligence supported devices

Unlike other AI tools, Apple Intelligence will primarily be doing on-device processing. While this ensures higher privacy and data protection, it also means that the AI needs a powerful processor. This is why, at the time of writing, Apple Intelligence will only be supported on modern Apple Silicon, which includes the A17 Pro and the company’s M-series processors.

In case you’re wondering if your device is compatible or not, here’s a full list of the devices that will support Apple Intelligence features at launch:

  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPad Air (M1 and later, 5th generation and newer)
  • iPad Pro (M1 and later, 5th generation and newer)
  • MacBook Air (M1 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (M1 and later)
  • iMac (M1 and later)
  • Mac Mini (M1 and later)
  • Mac Studio (M1 Max and later)
  • Mac Pro (M2 Ultra)

It’s worth noting that Apple Intelligence will be available in beta later this year when the public versions of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia roll out. The feature will be free to use for all supported users.

Apple Intelligence: Best Features

Apple has announced plenty of smart features under its Apple Intelligence umbrella. The best part is that all of these features will work seamlessly within the ecosystem and also come with a new SDK to ensure third-party app developers also start integrating these features.

Here’s a look at some of the best features that will be introduced later this year as part of Apple Intelligence.

1. Apple’s new Writing Tools

Probably the most anticipated announcement was the inclusion of Apple’s new Writing Tools. Thanks to its use of advanced AI capabilities, these tools offer features such as predictive text, grammar checking, and style suggestions. As a result, you will be able to compose better emails and texts to your friends and family in less time. It can also create a summary for your already written text as well, which can come in handy for generating quick TLDRs.

Apple Intelligence powers new Writing Tools

Speaking of summaries, Apple is also bringing Call Recordings to your iPhone. Once the call recording is done, you will be able to generate a transcript of the conversation. Or, you can even generate a summary instead.

Call Recordings to iPhone in iOS 18

Apple takes smart reading capabilities to new heights by allowing you to go through your email and display priority messages on top. You can also choose to show only priority notifications. As for communications, Apple will also offer Smart Reply based on the context of the conversation in the Mail app.

2. Image Generation

Apple Intelligence also brings a handful of image-generation tools to your Apple devices. For starters, there’s the Image Playground app, which lets you creatively generate different images based on a description, suggested concepts, and even a person from your Photos library.

Apple intelligence system lets you generate images

Do you ever struggle to find the right emoji? Well, now you can create your own custom emoji using Genmoji with the help of Apple Intelligence.

with Genmoji, you can just create your own custom emoji with the help of Apple Intelligence.

Create custom emoji with Apple Intelligence

Apple’s smart features also integrate well into your Photos app. You will be able to ask the AI to create a custom memory movie based on the photos you describe. There’s also a Clean Up tool, which basically lets you erase unwanted elements in the background from an image.

3. Smarter Siri

With iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence, Siri can now be used as a full-fledged assistant. It can seamlessly access and take actions in and across apps, helping you get things done from the home screen itself.

Smarter Siri in Apple Intelligence

You can use Siri to unlock and understand new features of your device. It can also offer proactive suggestions and reminders based on your behavior and preferences. As always, all of Siri’s features will work seamlessly through the Apple ecosystem.

4. ChatGPT Integration

Of course, Siri does have its limitations, and that’s where ChatGPT steps in. With ChatGPT from OpenAI integrated into Siri, you will be able to use AI to search the web and get answers to more complex problems. Interestingly, anyone will be able to use ChatGPT for free, without creating an account. Add to that, ChatGPT will only be used once you approve it.

5. Private Cloud

As with most Apple products, Privacy is at the heart of Apple Intelligence. The feature is integrated into the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac through on-device processing. However, Apple is also introducing Private Cloud Compute, which allows the company to run more complex requests on Apple Silicon-based larger server-based models in the cloud. That said, your data will never be stored, and Apple also promises verifiable privacy.

Video: Apple Intelligence (AI): Features, supported devices and how to use

Signing Off

While other companies have tried using AI to become your personal assistant, Apple definitely has the advantage, thanks to your personal data. As long as it can live up to its promise of protecting your information, Apple Intelligence is easily the most powerful and personal AI out there. And that’s just another reason to be excited about the iPhone 16 series expected to launch later this year.

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