How to Use iCloud Keychain on iPhone or iPad

How to Use iCloud Keychain on iPhone and iPad

It is impossible to remember the username and password for all the websites and apps that we use. Sure, you can use one of the password managers available for iOS, but why rely on a third party service when you have a built-in tool – iCloud Keychain. Here is how to set up and use iCloud Keychain on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 or 13.

What is Apple iCloud Keychain?

iCloud Keychain on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac encrypts and stores your username, password, Wi-Fi password, credit card details, and other secure information. After that, it lets you quickly fill in the login email and password when you try to use a service. iCloud Keychain also allows you to view the saved passwords and keeps everything updated across all your Apple devices. Let’s see how.

How to Turn On iCloud Keychain on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap your Apple ID card from the top
  3. Tap iCloud.Open Settings Tap on Profile and Then Tap on iCloud on iPhone
  4. Scroll a bit and tap Keychain.
  5. Switch ON iCloud Keychain.Turn ON iCloud Keychain in iOS 13 on iPhone
  6. Enter your Apple ID password when asked
  7. Now, there is one final security step:
  • If you had set up iCloud Keychain in the past, you’ll be prompted to enter your iCloud Security Code. If you had not, then you will be asked to create a secure password. Make sure you remember it
  • If you have more than one Apple device signed with this Apple ID, you can also easily verify using that. Simply follow the on-screen instructions

From now onwards, when you signup or change password in Safari and most apps, you will see a prompt to Save Password. iCloud Keychain also suggests a strong password that you can use.

Apple cannot read the data stored in iCloud Keychain. It is secured with 256-bit AES encryption during storage as well as transmission.

How to Turn Off iCloud Keychain on iPhone or iPad

Follow the above steps and turn the toggle off. You may be asked whether you want to keep or delete the passwords. In case you choose to keep this information on your device, then it is not deleted locally. But it naturally won’t be updated when you make changes (add or update passwords, etc.) on other Apple devices.

If you choose to delete the information, it will be removed from this iPhone or iPad. But it will be available on your other Apple devices. However, if you do not choose to keep the iCloud Keychain information on at least one Apple device, then it will be deleted even from the iCloud servers.

How to View Saved iCloud Keychain Passwords

Once you set up iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, it is easy to access the saved details. You can do so manually from the Settings app or ask Siri to show your passwords. From there, you can type the credentials or even copy them or share them via AirDrop. To learn more, follow our step-by-step guide on how to find saved passwords on the iPhone.

How to Add Credit Cards and Personal Information in iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain also makes it easy to enter your personal information and payment card details on websites and apps. For this, you need to have them added and enabled in Settings.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Scroll down and tap Safari.
  3. Tap AutoFill.Open Settings Tap on Safari and Then Tap on AutoFill
  4. For Personal Information: Enable the toggle for Use Contact Info. Then tap My Info and select your contact card.Turn ON Use Contact Info and Select Contact Card
  5. For Credit Card: Enable the toggle for Credit Cards. Then tap Saved Credit Cards. Authenticate if asked
  6. Tap Add Credit Card.Turn ON Credit Card and Then Tap on Save Credit Cards and Tap on Add Credit Card
  7. Tap Use Camera or enter the details manually.
  8. Finally, tap Done.Add Credit Card Details in iCloud Keychain on iPhone

To stop autofilling your personal information or credit card detail, in steps 4 and 5 turns off the switch for ‘Use Contact Info’ and ‘Credit Cards,’ respectively.

Turn Off Use Contact Info and Credit Cards in iCloud Keychain

To remove a saved card, follow the above steps, tap ‘Saved Credit Cards,’ and authenticate. Finally, swipe right to left on a card and tap ‘Delete.’ You may also tap ‘Edit,’ select one or multiple cards and tap ‘Delete’ from the upper left.

Delete Credit Card Details from iCloud Keychain on iPhone

That’s all, folks!

This was how to set up and use the wonderful iCloud Keychain on your iOS device. To maintain the security of your devices and data, you must keep your iPhone and iPad updated as well as using two-factor authentication (not only for Apple ID but other services like Facebook, Twitter, Bank, etc. too). Don’t forget to check out our step by step guide on importing passwords to iCloud Keychain on iPhone and Mac.

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