How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter on iPhone and Web

Every day new hacks and exploits are published to hack Twitter accounts, and therefore, it is vital to keep our personal information, passwords, direct messages, pictures, etc. safe. So what should we do to protect our Twitter account on web and smartphone? Turning ON Two-factor Authentication for Twitter account is a powerful way to prevent attackers to break into your account even if they manage to get your password.

What is Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on Twitter?

You log in to Twitter using your username and password. 2FA acts as an extra wall to protect your account from unauthorized access. After the correct password, you need a code to finally get inside. It is highly recommended that you set up two-factor authentication and enable it for your Twitter account.

How to Turn ON Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter without Phone Number

On 21st November 2019, Twitter announced that now you can set up Two-factor Authentication without a phone number. Earlier, you needed to have a phone number as a backup.

Here’s how to set and enable Twitter two-factor authentication without a phone number.

Step #1. Go to on the web (laptop/computer) and log in. (On the Twitter iPhone app, it kept showing an error message.)

Step #2. Click on More from the left sidebar.

Click on More Button to enable Twitter two factor authenticationStep #3. Click on Settings and privacyAccountSecurityTwo-factor authentication.

Click on Settings and privacy under profile in TwitterClick on Account in setting privacy in TwitterClick on Two factor authentication under Security in TwitterStep #4. Check Authentication app. Now click on Start. (You may be asked to fill in your password.) Here, you will see a QR Code.

Check Authentication App and click on Start in TwitterStep #5. Now on your iPhone or Android phone, download and open any Authenticator app you use like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Tap on the plus (+) icon inside any of these apps. Now scan the shown QR code and click on Next.

Scan QR code and click on Next in in Twitter on MacStep #6. On the Twitter website, fill in the code you see in the Authenticator app (on iPhone) and click Verify. You are done. Click on Got it.

Click on Verify Twitte authentication Code on MacClick on Got it to Set Up 2 Factor Authentication on Twitter without Phone NumberOn the next screen, you might also see a backup code. This is for the cases when you lose your phone, or you have uninstalled the Authenticator app. In such scenarios, you can use this code. If you did not see a code presented to you, go ahead and save a backup code under Additional Methods. This step is a must. Else if you lose your phone and do not have the backup code, you will be locked out of your Twitter account forever!

Now for every Twitter login from an unrecognized app, phone, or browser, you will be asked to enter a code from the Authenticator app. You will have to fill this code after you fill in your correct username and password.

Note: As of now, if you set Two-factor authentication using a Physical key, then you will have to provide a phone number. This is because physical keys are tough to use on mobile devices. A Twitter engineer has said that they are working on it to improve the experience.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Twitter on the Web

Setting the Two-factor authentication on the Twitter web is precisely the same as discussed above. If you wish to configure using your phone number and/or physical key, you may do so as well.

Turn ON Two-Step Verification for Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on your profile picture from the top left.

Tap on profile picture in Twitter app on iPhone and iPad

Step #3. Tap on Settings and privacyAccountSecurityTwo-factor authentication.

Tap on Send Code to Verify Phone Number in Twitter app on iPhoneStep #4. Here you can use Text message, or any Authentication app like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, or Security key.

Use Text message for Two-factor authentication in Twitter app on iPhone

Step #5. We are using Text message. So tap on it. Now on the next screen, tap on Get Started. You may be asked to enter your Twitter password.

Tap on Get Started and Enter your Twitter password on iPhone and iPad

Step #6. You have to verify your phone number. So tap on Send Code. Now enter the code and tap Next.

Tap on Send Code to Verify Phone Number in Twitter app on iPhoneStep #7. You will see a code (12 digits). This is the backup code for cases when you are not able to receive a text message. Take a screenshot of it or copy and save it properly in the Notes app. Tap on Got it.

Save backup code and tap on Got it in Twitter app on iPhone

Now, to make things easy go ahead and set up an Authentication app too. This way, you will have two ways to get backup code – Text message and Authenticator app. Similarly, if you have a physical security key that inserts into your computer or syncs to your mobile device, you may set this too.

How to Generate Temporary Password on Twitter

If you have set up Two-factor authentication, you can make use of temporary passwords. This password can be used to log in on other devices and apps. This temporary password will automatically expire in one hour.

To generate a temporary password, either on the web or Twitter app.

Go to MoreSettings and privacyAccountSecurityTwo-factor authentication. Now under Additional methods tap on Temporary password. You will see a 12 digit temporary password. Click on Copy password button.

Tap on Temporary password to Generate on TwitterHow to Generate Temporary Password on Twitter

On your iOS device, you need to tap on twelve digits and the passcode will be copied instantly.

So these are the ways to enable 2FA for Twitter on the iPhone and iPad. Nothing online is one hundred percent safe. But adding 2FA does add an extra layer of reliable protection.

Also, Twitter’s announcement of Two-factor authentication without a phone number can be because of two reasons. First, to curb the issue of SIM swapping. And secondly, last month, Twitter disclosed that it used 2FA phone numbers for targeted advertising. They did say it was done unintentionally. But hey, who knows!

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