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How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

When you activate your iPhone or iPad, Apple uses the device's unique identifier and ties it with your Apple ID. This ensures that someone...

How to Export iPhone Contacts as VCF or Excel

Want to export iPhone contacts to VCF or Excel? Learn to export them from iCloud, share, or transfer it to someone, device, or service!

How to Fix iCloud Restore Stuck Issue on iPhone and iPad

Is iCloud Restore stuck on your iPhone? See why this happens and five effective solutions to successfully fix this issue in iOS 13.

How to Delete iCloud Backup to Free Up Storage

Apple gives a mere 5GB of free iCloud storage space. Many in-built and third-party apps save data in it. And on top of that,...

How to Restore iPhone or iPad from a Backup

How can you restore an iPhone or iPad from backup, using iCloud, Finder, or iTunes? Don’t be puzzled anymore, we have a complete guide to help you out of the fix. 

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone or iPad

Photos are an essential part of our life as they preserve memories. If you have accidentally deleted one or several important pictures, or worse,...

How to Free up iCloud Storage on iPhone or iPad

If you run out of cloud storage space, here are different ways to free up iCloud storage on iPhone and iPad.

How to Generate Strong Passwords on iPhone and iPad

Take a quick look at how to generate and save strong password on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 by using iCloud Keychain.

How to Use iCloud Keychain in iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad

It is impossible to remember the username and password for all the websites and apps that we use. Sure, you can use one of...

iPhone Stuck on “Sign in to iCloud” Popup Loop? How to Fix It

iCloud makes our lives easier by providing storage and backup for your iPhone. So it can be a real hassle when your iPhone gets...

How to Share iCloud Folders from iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.4

With iOS 13.4, iCloud folder Sharing became super easy. Check out this guide on how to share iCloud folders in iOS 13.4 on iPhone and iPad.

How to Delete Photos from My Photo Stream

Want to delete pictures from My Photo Stream on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV? Take a look at this easy guide that shows you how to remove it.

8 Ways to Sync Music from Mac to iPhone and iPad

Syncing music between iPhone/iPad and Mac is straightforward. With macOS Catalina, Apple removed iTunes, and thus we use Finder to sync music from Mac...

How to Download Photos from iCloud to iPhone, Mac, and Windows PC

If you have used Apple devices for a few years, chances are you have a big photo library stored in your iCloud. You may...

There are Four Ways to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone

While cleaning up the address book and making it look perfectly organized, you end up deleting some important contacts accidentally. OMG! When you realize...

iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud? Tips to Fix the Issue

Why are my iPhone Contacts not syncing with iCloud? Even though everything seems to be perfectly configured, why it doesn't appear to be working....

How to Disable iCloud Music Library on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Should you wish to keep your entire music streamlined across your devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, "iCloud Music Library" is the way to go....

How to Recover Deleted Files from iCloud

While eliminating some of the unnecessary data, you accidentally deleted some of the important files. And now you are desperately willing to recover all...

How to Change iCloud Account Without Losing Data

The only problem with syncing a cloud account – whether it's from iCloud or Dropbox or any other service – is that when you...

How to Use iCloud Safari Tabs on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

iCloud Tabs helps you continue browsing websites across multiple devices. Here's how to setup and use iCloud Tabs on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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