How to Fix iCloud Restore Stuck Issue on iPhone and iPad

Is iCloud Restore stuck on your iPhone? See why this happens and five effective solutions to successfully fix this issue in iOS 13.
how to fix icloud restore stuck issue

While restoring, many Apple users reported that iPhone continues to say “restore from iCloud backup.” It seems like the iCloud backup stuck and does not move forward. We have found some tested solutions to fix the issue. But first, let us understand why it happens.

Why iCloud Restore Stuck?

First of all, it is a rare issue. In most situations, it happens because of poor Wi-Fi connectivity or if your iPhone loses Wi-Fi and switches to cellular data.

It is also likely that when you are trying to restore from an iCloud backup, the Apple servers might not be working temporarily.

And finally, an outdated iOS on your iPhone may be causing the restore to be stuck. But here we have some workarounds to help you get out of this problem. Have a look.

5 Solutions to Fix iCloud Restore Stuck on iPhone

  1. Check iCloud System Status
  2. Wi-Fi Got Disconnected
  3. Restore Using Another Network
  4. Update iOS and then Try Restoring
  5. Erase your iPhone and Restore from iCloud Again

1. Check iCloud System Status

To check Apple System Status, head over to this page. See that iCloud Backup, Apple ID, iCloud Account & Sign In are working. If everything is okay, you will see a green dot next to these.

In case these are not working, you will have to wait for some time. Once Apple fixes the server problems, an iCloud restore will complete without any intervention from your end.

check icloud system status on apple system page

2. Wi-Fi Got Disconnected

You can not restore from iCloud using cellular data. So make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi (a strong one) throughout the restore process. You can connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi by opening the Settings app → Wi-Fi.

Also, turn off Wi-Fi Assist so that when the Wi-Fi connection becomes poor, your iPhone does not switch to cellular data.

To disable Wi-Fi Assist:

  1. Open the Settings app → settings and tap cellular on iphone
  2. scroll to the end and disable Wi-Fi Assist.turn off wi-fi assist on iphone

3. Restore Using Another Network

First of all, use the power button on your Wi-Fi router or the wall switch to turn it off and then ON. See if this simple step works for you or not.

If you continue to be stuck with iCloud restore, try to connect the iPhone with a different Wi-Fi network.

4. Update iOS and then Try Restoring

Head over to the Settings app and tap on General.

Next, tap on Software Update. If you have a pending update, tap on Download and Install.

download and install software update on iphone

After the update installs, the iCloud Backup may no longer be stuck. Or, if it still is, you will then have to erase your device and restore everything from the iCloud again.

5. Erase your iPhone and Restore from iCloud Again

To erase your iPhone open the Settings app and tap on General.

Next, tap on Reset, and then tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

tap on reset and then tap on erase all content and settings

Now, tap Erase now enter your iPhone password and confirm. This will erase everything from your iPhone. Next, we will restore the iCloud Backup.

erase all content and settings to factory reset your iphone

After the erase completes, move through the basic set up process. And when you are given an option to restore (Apps & Data screen), choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Select an appropriate backup.

restore iphone from icloud backup

Signing off…

These are a few solutions to address the iCloud Restore stuck problem. If nothing helps, get help from Apple Support.

Also, please note that sometimes it takes a long time to restore. This happens if the backup size is huge. It also depends on factors like your internet speed.

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