Unable to Download and Install iOS 13 on iPhone? Tips to Fix the Issue

YAY!! iOS 13 is finally released and you are all pumped to get your hands on it. To explore all the great features the update has to offer, including the most awaited  Dark Mode. However, uh oh!! if you are unable to install iOS 13 on your iPhone.

But don’t you worry, I can help you convert that ‘uh oh’ into ‘ho ho ho’ like its Christmas already. You could be stuck due to a number of reasons, from internet connectivity to frozen windows. These tips, trick, and hacks will help you troubleshoot the issue so that you can enjoy the newest, smartest and funniest iOS in your device. If you are not sure about what iOS 13 has in stock for you, check out our post for more insights. For, now let’s move on with the fixes…

Unable to Download iOS 13 on iPhone? Check Out the Viable Tips to Fix

Here are a few must check things before you start downloading iOS 13 on your iPhone:

  • Device compatibility: While Apple tries to keep the updates and features inclusive across its ecosystem; your device might be too old to run iOS 13. Check out this link to find out the compatibility of your iPhone with iOS 13.
  • Backup: Whether you use iCloud or iTunes (not available in macOS Catalina), a backup before updating your iPhone to iOS 13 is a big necessity. As in the past, users have lost some data like photos or files during an update.
  • Check the battery: If you are updating your iPhone through OTA, make sure your battery percentage is 50% or above. If not keep your device plugged in, as the installation won’t start until then.
  • Only WiFi: While Apple has removed its 200MB cap over a data connection in iOS 13, we are still operating iOS 12. That means a strong and safe WiFi connection is a must.

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Tip #1. Force Quit Settings App

If you are being notified about an update, but you are unable to install iOS 13 on iPhone, despite tapping the tab multiple times. Force Quit the Settings app; reopen the app and try downloading the again. The steps to force quit differs for devices:

  • Devices without Home button – Swipe up from the bottom of the screen; a list of opened apps will be shown. Select the Settings app and swipe up again.
  • Devices using Home button – Double press the Home Button. Select the Settings app from the app switcher menu and swipe up.

Tip #2. Is your WiFi up for a Heavy Download?

The speed of your installation depends heavily depends on your WiFi speed. Under poor or unsteady network, the update might take more time to download and to install. If you can’t install ios 13 on iPhone and Wi-Fi might be the culprit, follow this troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue.

Tip #3. Not Enough Storage Space

Obviously, an iOS update will need a fair amount of space to install and run. If you are unable to install iOS 13, then try freeing some space in your phone. Delete some heavy videos, files or pictures. Assuming a back-up was taken, you can recover them easily.

Tip #4. Congested Server

We can only imagine the number of iPhone users, who are dying to get their hands on the new update. However, as soon as the update releases, everyone is rushing to get the update first. This congests the server and slows down the whole process.

The only answer to this is to keep calm and try again later. In fact, in my personal experience trying to give it a few days. This not just gives you access to better speed but also avoids any bugs in the update; as those would have been cleared out till now.

Tip #5. If the update gets frozen

First of all, note that the update will take its own sweet time and there’s nothing much you can do to speed it up. However, if it is taking to much time and you feel that your phone is hung or crashed, reboot it. The reset process depends on your iPhone models.

To reset iPhone 8, iPhone X or later follow these steps. As for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; press the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo () comes on the screen. If you have iPhone 6 and earlier models, simultaneously press the ‘Home’ button and ‘Power’ button until the Apple logo () appears on the screen.

Tip #6. Hung on Verification Window

As and when your download is complete, it will be verified by Apple. Though slim, there might be a chance that your screen gets stuck on this screen. Firstly, check the internet connection and if that does not work, restart your device using the aforementioned steps.

Tip #7. Download and Install iOS 13 via iTunes

Though OTA (Over the Air) updates are convenient and easy, it may fail or show an error. In that case, you can switch the updating method via iTunes on your computer. This method is also advisable when your device does not have enough space for downloading the update. However, make sure you iTunes is updated beforehand.

Follow our step-by-step guide on downloading and installing iOS 13 on Your iPhone Through iTunes, for an easy and fast update.

Tip #8. Factory Reset Your iPhone

If you are still unable to install update iOS 13, this action could be one of your last resort. As mentioned earlier, make sure you have taken a full back-up as factory reset will wipe your device completely. To reset, go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Content and Settings.

Tip #9. Download and Install iOS 13 in Recovery Mode


Another way to reset your device and install iOS 13 simultaneously is to use the recovery mode. Let me remind you once again, do take a back-up before initiating this step.

Step #1. Switch off your iOS device and connect to your computer via a USB cable.

Step #2. Put the iPhone into Recovery Mode, follow this quick guide.

Step #3.  Once you enter the recovery mode on the iPhone, check the message in iTunes (if your Mac is running macOS Catalina or later, then go to iPhone under the Location in the Finder) and click on Update.

Step #4. Confirm the installation by clicking on Update again.

Step #5. Click on Agree to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Let the update run its course and hopefully, you will have an iOS 13 iPhone in no time.

Tip #10. Connect USB Properly

While a silly mistake, but this might the reason that your iPhone that you are unable to install update iOS 13 via your computer. Ensure that you plug the iPhone directly into computer’s USB port and not into an attached keyboard or USB hub. As this might affect the speed and overall installation of the update.

That’s all!

We just got iOS 13

As with every iOS updates, Apple takes away some and gives an abundance of tit-bits to explore and master. However, the update comes with an assurance that users experience with the device will enhance quite a few notches. Now that you have updated your iPhone to iOS 13, here are some links to some fun and important updates you should surely check out:

In case, you are still facing some issues, let us know in the comment section below and we will be happy to help.

Can't Download and Install iOS 13 on iPhone

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Can't Download and Install iOS 13 on iPhone
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