What is Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, and how to use it?

What is Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, and how to use it

In Apple’s Far Out event that concluded on 7th Sept 2022, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 14 lineup. One of the heavily rumored changes—the redesign of the notorious iPhone notch—has finally been confirmed for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple calls the new pill design Dynamic Island. So what’s with the redesign? Is it merely a hardware repositioning, or can we expect more? Here’s everything you need to know.

A new iconic front design: Dynamic Island

A new iconic front design of iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has finally responded to the hatred of many Apple users over the iPhone’s notch. While the company didn’t really remove it, Apple redesigned the notch as a pill-shaped cutout that it likes to call Dynamic Island.

As the name implies, Dynamic Island is an “island” that sits at the top of the device. It houses a redesigned and 31 percent smaller True Depth front-facing camera and Face ID sensors so that they’d fit into the smaller pill cutout. The proximity sensor has also been re-engineered to detect light from behind the display.

Apple is calling it “the biggest change to the face of iPhone screen.” Don’t expect the entire iPhone 14 lineup to sport the new front design, though. Dynamic Island is limited to just the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Dynamic Island is just one of the several new iPhone features Apple introduced in its Far Out event. Other features include Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 and Emergency SOS via Satellite.

What the Dynamic Island can do?

Dynamic Island aims to give you a much better intuitive and seamless experience as you interact with your iPhone. It does this by merging software with hardware and transforming the dead black space into a rich active space for your notifications and background activity.

It uses transitions and uniquely crafted animations to create an illusion that the pill-shaped cutout fluidly morphs and transforms into different shapes, depending on the alert or activity.

It displays up to two background activities in separate bubble elements.

Shows alerts and notifications

Shows alerts and notifications on iPhone 14 Pro

Dynamic Island shows you relevant alerts and notifications. For example, it allows you to stay updated about the Lyft you have booked. It also allows you to perform different actions by presenting relevant controls that work across the system.

What’s praiseworthy is that all of this works without interrupting you from whatever you’re doing in the app.

Another cool thing about this feature is how every alert has its own character and personality, making it easy for you to distinguish one from the other.

Examples of notifications and alerts that it displays include:

  • Incoming and current calls
  • Sound alert status
  • Charge status
  • Accessory connection
  • Face ID identification
  • Contactless transactions

Displays background activity

Dynamic Island not only supports alerts and notifications, though. It also displays your iPhone’s ongoing background activity, like the song you’re currently listening to on Apple Music.

So whenever you leave the app and swipe to go Home, apps morph into Dynamic Island to show the app’s activity in the background.

Gives access to controls

Gives access to controls on iPhone 14 Pro

The feature also intuitively gives you easy control access, letting you perform relevant actions without leaving the app you’re using. For example, when you’re on a call, it enables you to adjust the volume, turn on the loudspeaker, end the call, and more.

All you need to do is to tap and hold Dynamic Island to expand and show more options or tap it to head back to the app.

Keeps you updated in real-time

Keep updated in real-time with iPhone 14 Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is always active, adapting in real time, and updates you with crucial information, such as the next direction in Maps or the remaining time in Timer. What’s even more astounding is how it works seamlessly with Live Activities, a new iOS 16 Lock screen feature.

Live Activities keeps you on top of things occurring in real-time, like the food delivery order that’s bound to arrive in a few minutes, the ride you’ve booked with a friend, or the score of the basketball game you’re watching from another app.

But this feature isn’t limited to built-in Apple apps. Apple has created a robust design system for developers, ensuring all notifications and alerts are uniform and consistent, regardless of which app they come from.

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Video: Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro: Explained

Wrapping up…

Apple has received much backlash in the past with its decision to put a notch on the iPhone. Now, it not only redesigns the hardware into a pill-shaped cutout but it also levels up the game further by merging software magic to provide a more engaging and sensitive interface to its users.

What do you think about this new feature? Do you like it? Share your insights below!

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