18 Tips to Use Instagram on Your iPhone in a Smarter Way

Instagram is an ideal platform to share your photos and videos with the world and people you care about. This social media app is loaded with features that you and many others may not be aware of. These options, when used, enable you to make the most out of it. So, let us look at 18 tips to use Instagram like a pro on your iPhone.

The tips below also cover many Instagram basics and are perfect for anyone who is new to this media sharing platform. Some of the basic points here, like enabling private account, explains how Instagram works, thus making this post an ideal beginner’s guide. So, whether you need a few tips and tricks to refine your Instagram game or you are just starting, here is something for every Instagram user. Take a good look.

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Tips to Use Instagram on Your iPhone Like a Pro

How to Enable Private Instagram Account

Don’t want unknown people to see your pics? You need to enable Private Account as it allows you to approve people before they can view your photos. It doesn’t apply to your existing followers.

Step #1. To enable Private Account, launch Instagram and tap on your profile icon. Tap on hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) and then tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings and three lines icon in Instagram profile on iPhoneStep #2. From here tap on PrivacyAccount privacy

Tap on Account privacy in privacy Settings in Instagram appStep #3. Switch ON Private Account.

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Switch ON Private Account in Instagram app on iPhone

How to Setup Instagram Push Notification Settings Perfectly

Step #1. Go to Instagram Settings using step #1 mentioned above.

Step #2. Tap on Notifications and choose the setting that suits your needs. If you tap on Pause All, it will pause all push notifications for the selected period.

Setup Instagram Push Notification Settings on iPhone

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How to Save Mobile Data on Instagram

Step #1. Go to Instagram Settings using step #1 mentioned in the first tip.

Step #2. Tap on AccountMobile data use and turn ON the toggle for Use Less Data.

Save Mobile Data while Using Instagram on iPhone

Don’t Save Original Photos on Instagram

Step #1. Follow the steps mentioned in the tip above and when you are on the Account page, tap on Original photos.

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Tap on Original photos under account settings in Instagram app on iPhoneStep #2. Turn OFF the toggle for Save Original Photos. Now a copy of the photo won’t be saved to your iPhone’s Camera Roll after you post it on Instagram.

Turn OFF the toggle for Save Original Photos in Instagram app on iPhone

How to Clear Instagram Search History on iPhone

You can clear your Instagram search history and remove all traces of what accounts you searched for. To do this:

Step #1. Launch Instagram on your iPhone and tap on the Search icon.

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Step #2. Now tap on the search input text box and then tap on small cross or tap on See All and then tap on Clear AllClear All to confirm.

How to Save Instagram Post as a Draft on iPhone and iPad

You can save your half-finished post as a draft so that you won’t have to spend time adding caption or location again. To do so, head over to this post.

How to Use Boomerang in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Instagram has brought its standalone app, “Boomerang,” directly into the story feature. It lets you take a short burst of photos which cycle back and forth to create fantastic GIF. Jump over to this post to use it smartly.

How to Mute Stories in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Want to avoid seeing someone’s post? You can mute his/her story by following these simple steps.

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How to Hide Inappropriate Comments in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

No longer want to face trolling or abusive words? Go through these quick steps to hide offensive comments.

How to Share Photos and Videos Directly to Instagram on iPhone

Wish to share funny photos directly to Instagram? Run through these steps to share some of your hilarious stuff on this popular social networking app.

Restrict an Account on Instagram

After you restrict an account, that person won’t see when you are online or when you have read their messages. Also, if that person comments on your posts, only you will be able to see it and no one else. To restrict an account:

Step #1. Launch Instagram and go to the person’s profile you wish to restrict.

Step #2. From top right, tap on three dots icon and then tap on Restrict. Confirm by tapping on Restrict Account.

Restrict an Account in Instagram app on iPhone

How to Save Interesting Posts on Instagram

Instagram now shows ads. Some of them are really cool, and you may wish to get back to it in the future. Similarly, you may like to save some of the great photos of your friends. To save any Instagram post, follow this quick and easy guide.

How to Archive Your Instagram Post or Story

After you archive a post or story, only you can see it and nobody else. Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, but if you archive them, you can keep them saved. Here is how you can archive a post. To archive a story:

Step #1. Go to your Instagram story and tap on three dots icon and then tap on Save… and from there tap on Save Video.

Archive Your Instagram Post or Story on iPhone

Step #2. To see all your Archives, go to your profile; tap on three lines icon and tap on Archive.

How to Save an Instagram Story in Highlights

After you save a Story as a highlight, it is saved below your profile and visible for one year. To save a Story as a highlight, open your Story and tap on Highlight icon (♥) and save this story as a new highlight or add it to an existing highlight.

Save Instagram Story as Highlight on iPhone

How to Make Close Friends List on Instagram

You may add some people as your close friends. This gives you the ability to share those stories which are not for everyone but only close friends. No one can see your close friend list except you. To add a friend as Close Friend:

Step #1. Go to his/her profile and tap on the Following rectangle. Now tap on Add to Close Friends List.

Tap on Add to Close Friends List under Following in Instagram app on iPhone

Step #2. To see all your close friends go to your Instagram profile and tap on three lines icon. Now tap on Close friends. Here you can see your list or quickly add multiple people as close friends from the Suggestions list.

Make Close Friends List on InstagramPro Tip: You can also quickly add people to your Close Friend list when you are publishing an Instagram Story.

How to Download your Instagram Data

Wish to download all your Instagram data? You can do so very easily. Head over to this quick guide.

How to See History of your Instagram Account

Do you know on which date and at what time you joined Instagram? Do you want to see all the former bio texts that you put on Instagram when you were in high school? Are you curious about the usernames you had in the past? Well, you can know all these in easy steps:

Step #1. Go to your profile ⟶ three lines iconSettingsSecurity and tap on Access data.

Tap on Access data in Security Settings in Instagram app on iPhoneStep #2. Here you can see all the information. Tap on the various options to see the full details.

See Cool History of your Instagram account on iPhone

How to Check Time Spent on Instagram

Are you spending too much time on Instagram? Well, you can see how much time you spend and make adjustments if you need it.

Step #1. Go to your profile and tap on three-line icon in the top right. Now tap on Your activity.

Tap on Your activity in Instagram profile on iPhoneStep #2. Here you can see the time you spent on Instagram. You may also set a daily reminder that will notify you once you reach the time duration set by you. Further, you may also choose to mute notifications and more.

See How Much Time You Spend in Instagram on iPhoneThat’s all!

These were some tips to make the most out of your Instagram account on your iPhone. Please know that all these features are also available on Instagram’s Android app. Instagram is a decent photo and video sharing platform and when you use it right, it doubles the fun. What are your thoughts about these tips? Do you have more that you wish us to include in this list? Share your voice in the comment section below.

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