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Best Instagram filters and effects for iPhone in 2024

Sometimes, all you need is a perfect filter to make a gloomy day happy, a subtle photo artistic, or a bad hair or skin day go away. And to find the best Instagram filters for your stories and reels, read this article.

For your ease, I have divided the filters into categories. So scroll, click, and find the perfect Instagram filters for you!

Best Instagram filters for selfies

I know you are beautiful. But sometimes, an Instagram filter can bring a new touch to your perfect clicks. Trust me; you will love the zing!

1. Cartoon Cheek by babay.27

Cartoon cheeks filter

Smile as the oh-so-cute creatures accompany you in your Instagram stories. And do you know that these tiny cartoons will decorate your cheeks like a blush?

They are so adorable that you might find it hard to stop clicking pictures. Plus, this Instagram filter for the face brightens your photographs, adding a refined makeup touch for a better look. 

Try it on Instagram 

2. Charcoal by Instagram

Charcoal Instagram filter

Imagine being in Paris and excited to get a handmade sketch from the local artist sitting by the park!

Thankfully, with Instagram’s Charcoal filter for selfies, you can get an aesthetic charcoal sketch of you, your partner, or anything you love. The clean lines and stretches blend perfectly to reflect your emotions in your pictures.   

Try it on Instagram 

3. Sparkles by Instagram

Sparkles Instagram filter

Get the whole galaxy revolving around your cheeks. No, I am not going wild. Try the Sparkles Instagram reel filter and see the magic unfolding for you. Its pink blush and glitters add a big chunk of cuteness to your everyday captures. Must try!  

Try it on Instagram 

4. confia na Bahia by paulagmorais

confia na Bahia Instagram filter

Looking for a natural Instagram filter for your selfies? Try this filter out! In addition to giving you clean and supple skin, the filter adjusts the lighting to enhance the overall look. The soft pink blush gives your beautiful face the natural glow you won’t find in any filters. It’s truly a bliss.

Try it on Instagram

5. Mirror Frame by Instagram 

Mirror Frame Instagram filter

Mirror Frame by Instagram gives a kaleidoscopic experience on your iPhone. The center houses the big mirror, while small mirrors of different shapes occupy the sides. So, you can see your beautiful reflection in all those mirrors.

Seems fun! Now, if you don’t want certain people to see your Mirror Frame filter story, you can hide it easily. Here is our guide to hide Instagram story from your nosy followers.

Try it on Instagram 

Instagram filters for rear camera

Capture the world around you with some quirky lenses. How? Just try these fascinating rear camera Instagram filters.

6. Butterfly by itsjolima

A filter to use when you’re feeling too cute. You can use this Instagram filter for stories, reels, or videos to turn your bland surroundings fun. Trust me; you will love the beautiful butterflies swarming your screen.

Try it on Instagram

7. Triple Colorcito by 0506_filtros

Triple Colorcito Instagram filter

Why choose one when you can get three? The Triple Colorcito filter displays your picture in three different sections. It works like a collage but with a single image. I liked its subtle tone, soft color palette, and grainy texture. For me, it is one of the best natural Instagram filters.  

Try it on Instagram   

8. Infinity mirror by Instagram 

Infinity mirror 422x450 1

The Infinity Mirror reel filter is a classic pick for true disco lovers. Watch your pictures come alive with the tiny beads of flickering lights coming your way. It resembles rectangular frames that grow and vanish around you. Amid all the lights, you pop out as the main character! 

Try it on Instagram 

9. Stained Glass I by Instagram 

Stained Glass I Instagram filter

Let several heart-shaped mirrors fill your screen to give a modern retro touch to your stories and reels. The stack of translucent and opaque glasses gives the illusion of freshly washed glass. Thus, you can reveal and hide some aspects of your pictures simultaneously. 

So, try this best Instagram effect for creating unique reels and watch your followers love it.  

Try it on Instagram  

10. NEON LINE/ TikTok by enuriru

NEON LINE Instagram filter

Add the OTT effect to your Instagram reels using this fun filter. It paints the world around you in electrifying neon shades of green, blue, purple, red, and many more colors. The bright, colorful outlines around your facial features or backgrounds will make your stories a vision to watch.   

Try it on Instagram 

11. Mario by ii_x_harry_x_ii

Mario filter 422x450 1

Guess who is waiting to join you in your Instagram selfies and videos? Your teeny-tiny friend Mario! Straight out of the video game world, Mario is here to surprise you. However, ensure you have chosen a surface beforehand to land your dear friend, or he might get upset and ditch you.   

Try it on Instagram  

12. softblur by kathiadinora

Soft blur Instagram filter

Most people will consider blurry shots a mistake. But this trending filter can make your Instagram photos and reels aesthetic. The defocussed softness and pink hue artistically add a slight blur to your captures without losing their essence.

Try it on Instagram

Unique Instagram filters for stories

Try something new in your Instagram stories and reels with these unique filters. These filters add a creative element to your regular captures. Let’s go.

13. Starry Night by Instagram

Starry Night Instagram filter

Spill the magic of glittering stars in your pictures with the Starry Night filter by Instagram. The purple hue paired with the golden twinkle adds a subtle charm to your selfies or rear camera clicks.

Thankfully, the stars don’t block your beautiful face. Instead, they hover above you like a starry night. After getting the stunning Van Gogh touch, you might want to consider it the best Instagram filter.  

Try it on Instagram 

14. Face Builder by maximkuzlin

Face Builder Instagram filter

With the Face Builder filter, you can create a fun, trending reel or story on Instagram. It only captures your mouth and eyes. Yes! A blue screen covers your entire screen while your facial features peek out from the designated holes. It is undoubtedly a must-try Instagram filter.   

Try it on Instagram 

15. Phantom Light by Instagram

Phantom Light Instagram filter

Love scary movies? Great! Capture a scary selfie using the Phantom Light filter by Instagram. The filter throws a white flashlight on your face from below, making it stand out from the dark. Spooky is how I would like to define this Instagram filter. Try it once to add a zing to your content.   

Try it on Instagram 

16. Mixed Signals by Instagram

Enter the world of matrix with this aesthetic and trending filter from Instagram. The shady mix of yellow, green, blue, and red offers a unique look to your pictures. Moreover, the glitchy effect and sudden zoom-in and zoom-out give a sci-fi vibe.    

Try it on Instagram 

17. Corpse BLCK by navs.navs

Corpse BLCK Instagram filter

Turn yourself or your friend into a wild beast with this not-so-usual Instagram filter. Well, it’s not really scary, but undoubtedly fun. Try it once to see if the bad side suits you better.

Try it on Instagram

18. Aurora by Instagram

Aurora Instagram filter

Magical! The word that beautifully sums up the true essence of the Aurora filter by Instagram. The purple lights move in waves to wrap your screen in a cosmic spell while the twinkling stars give an angelic touch.

Though dark, it adds a subtle calm to your pictures and videos. Indeed, it is the best Instagram filter for videos.    

Try it on Instagram 

19. Waves by kar.ina_

A fun filter creates waves on the screen, so you move continuously. While not great for photos, it makes for excellent reels and videos. You might have spotted the filter on Instagram, as it was trending at the time of writing.

Try it on Instagram

20. UnderWater by korobov_denis 

UnderWater Instagram filter

Wanna take a dip into the pool without getting wet, or do you want to create a reflective image without a water body handy? This Instagram filter will help you create spectacular photos and have fun. Let’s fool your friends with an infinite pool vibe 😛

Try it on Instagram

21. Menangis by hansraii

Menangis Instagram filter

It’s no fun crying unless you’re using this Instagram filter. With this, you can easily take revenge on your friend who always takes the worst pictures of you.

Try it on Instagram

22. Duality by eddyin3d

It’s actually two filters in one. You can go all bold and colorful or shake your head for a B/W effect.

Try it on Instagram

Best aesthetic filters on Instagram

With aesthetics comes a subtle elegance and charm that nobody can resist. If you are into this aesthetics game, try these Instagram filters now.

23. Good vibes by jull.ova

Good Vibes Instagram filter

The god vibes filter by jull.ova reeks of simplicity. Enabling it adds a pale hue to your screen, enlightened by tiny flickers. Though the feature feels minimalistic, it makes your stories and reels stand out. Try this one if you are looking for some simple aesthetic Instagram filters.  

Try it on Instagram 

24. Mono by ya.molli

Mono Instagram filter

If you want to keep it clean, Mono by ya.molli is at your service. The filter features a subtle tone of warm colors that easily mingles in your pictures. Surprisingly, it’s so minimalistic that others might wonder if you have used a filter.  

Try it on Instagram  

25. Clarendon by yhone_03

Clarendon filter for instagram

Clarendon is amongst the most used and favorite default filters for Instagram posts. You can use it in reels and stories. It cools down your shot by increasing saturation and contrast, giving it a more mature look.

Try it on Instagram

26. FAVX by agusfich

FAVX Aesthetic instagram filter

Instagram packs a variety of grid-style filters, but this one has my heart. Majorly because of its frame composition, there are some super-zoomed and some upside-down shots. It’s great for capturing a selfie or a scene from different angles.

Try it on Instagram

27. Old Film⌃ by _ghosh_

Old Film^ Instagram filter

This filter reminds me of silent black/white movies. It turns your videos and photos grayscale and even packs authentic glitches and scrapes.

Try it on Instagram

Fun game Instagram filters

28. Squid game by twinkledream_

You must have watched the popular series Squid Game. Now, it’s time for a fun Squid Game Instagram story filter. Simply tap and hold the record button to start the countdown. Once it ends, you’ll know which character you are from the series. Don’t frown if you are not the protagonist! 

Try it on Instagram 

29. Santa Tokki Game by newjeans_official

Help this adorable bunny from sweet obstacles. How? By hopping on to the Santa Tokki Game filter created by the well-known girl band New Jeans.

To play, all you need to do is blink your eyes to stop the rabbit from bumping into the savory cakes, pastries, and more. Plus, its Christmas theme makes it a perfect game for this merry season.

P.S. Don’t forget to track Santa using these apps on iPhone.  

Try it on Instagram  

30. 5 Star Game by realstraykids  

Created by South Korean boyband Stray Kids, this fun filter-cum-game is a must-try for all. It is simple and requires placing the moving star in its designated cutout. You must be fast or miss your target in this unique Instagram filter.  

Try it on Instagram

That’s all, folks

Hope you enjoyed the list. Remember, as we spot new Instagram filters, we will update the list, so bookmark the page and keep returning from time to time.

Is your favorite filter included in the list? Which one is it? And if it’s missing, share its name in the comments below. We’ll love to make some new favorites.

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