How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously [2023]

How to View Someone's Instagram Story Without them Knowing

If you watch someone’s Instagram Stories, your name will appear among the list of people who have viewed it. But sometimes, you might want to view stories anonymously for whatever reason. Fortunately, there are some secret hacks you can try for this depending on whether the person’s profile if private or public. Here’s how to view Instagram Stories without them knowing on your iPhone.

Note: This method only works if you follow the person.

How to view private Instagram stories without them knowing

Step #1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.

Open Instagram app on your iPhone

Step #2. On top, you will see all the stories. (See the image below and then read this step till the end before implementing).

Check All stories in Instagram app on iPhone

In the picture, there are two stories: one is from the person whose story you want to see without letting them know. The second story is from some other person whose story happens to be the next in order.

So tap on the story of another person. Now immediately touch on the left side of the screen. You will see that the time bar on top stops moving.

Tap on the story of another person in Instagram app on iPhone

Step #3. Now, without releasing your touch from the screen, very slowly start moving your finger towards the right side. You will now begin seeing that person’s story.

Do not release your touch. After you have seen almost whole of their story, swipe your finger to the left and leave the touch when you are on the other person’s story.

Slowly start moving your finger towards the right side in Instagram app on iPhone

What we did above is, basically, taking a peek at the story. You cannot see the full hundred percent area of the story, but you get a pretty relevant look.

When you go out of stories altogether, you will see that the ring is still colorful around that person’s profile picture, which further confirms that you are yet to see their story officially.

See Someones Private Instagram Story Without them Knowing

How to view public Instagram stories anonymously

If you want to look at the story of a person whose Instagram account is public, follow the steps below.

Step #1. See and take note of that account’s username. (Touch and hold on the person’s story thumbnail. A pop-up from the bottom of the screen will appear. Here you can see the full username. You may also tap on View Profile to see the full username).

Touch and hold on persons story thumbnail in Instagram app on iPhone

Step #2. Go to in your browser (on phone or computer) and type the account’s username there and then tap on search.

Go to StoryInsta Website with type username to search Instagram Stories

Step #3. Scroll down (past Highlights etc.). You will see the account’s Instagram story. Below the story, there is also a Save button to download it. If the story has a video, you will also see a Play/Pause button. In case there are multiple stories, you will see all of them listed there.

This method is handy if you want to see the story of an account that has blocked you (as long as the account is public).

Wrapping up…

So this is how you can see stories of private as well as public Instagram accounts without the person knowing. Now, these were straightforward methods. But if you would like to take things on the crazier level, another way is to make a “Finsta,” which stands for Fake Instagram Account.

Another equally crazy way is to see the story like you usually do and then immediately block that person. Do not unblock the person for the next 24 hours (the time duration a story stays visible). Also, if by chance the story you saw is saved as a highlight, then it can stay online for one year. So if you unblock that account for the next year, they will know that you saw their story! I told you in the beginning that this is a crazy method!

You may also try using apps like Story Saver for Android. On iOS, such apps are usually removed as soon as they gain some popularity.

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