How to add pronouns to your Instagram profile

How to add pronouns to your Instagram profile on iPhone

Instagram adds a dedicated spot for your pronouns. This means you can now add pronouns to your Instagram profile without consuming the limited characters of your profile’s about section. The optional label allows you to add up to four gender identity pronouns that will appear in light grey text beside your name.

I think it’s a welcome move because it lets you better express yourself without your pronouns taking up precious space in your bio, which is limited to 150 characters.

The feature is currently limited to a few countries but will eventually become available worldwide. Now, let’s learn more about adding pronouns to your Instagram profile on iPhone and Android.

What are Instagram pronouns?

If you’re wondering why Instagram adds a dedicated spot for your pronouns, it’s just a step towards greater inclusivity. 

Gender pronouns are one of the many ways people express their identities. Using someone’s preferred pronouns is a way of respecting them, particularly for transgender and non-binary individuals who do not identify in the gender binary. 

Below are some of the pronouns you can add to your Instagram bio: 

  • co / cos
  • e / ey / em / eir
  • fae / faer
  • he / him / his
  • she / her / hers
  • mer / mers
  • ne / nir / nirs
  • nee / ner / ners
  • per / pers
  • they / them / theirs
  • thon / thons
  • ve / ver / vis
  • vi / vir
  • xe / xem / xyr
  • ze / zie / zir / hir

Add pronouns to Instagram bio on iPhone and Android

  1. Open Instagram and tap your profile tab at the screen’s bottom.
  2. Next, tap “Edit Profile“.
  3. Select the “Pronouns” option. 
  4. In the “Add your pronouns” field, type your preferred pronouns and choose from the suggestions.
    You can select up to four pronouns. There’s also a Show Followers Only option (more about it below).
  5. Tap Done.
Add pronouns to your Instagram bio on iPhone
Source: Instagram

Now, you can see your pronouns next to your name on your Instagram bio.

Note: You can’t add pronouns that are not on the list. This is to prevent people from adding non-pronoun text to this section. However, you can suggest other pronouns that you want to see added to the list via Instagram’s dedicated pronouns request page.

Limit who can see your Instagram pronouns

You can choose to show your pronouns only to your followers so that anyone who does not follow you cannot see them.

  1. Go to the Instagram app, tap your profile tab.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. Select the “Pronouns” option.
  4. Toggle on Show Followers Only. 

If you leave it toggled off, anyone who views your profile can see your pronouns. 

I hope this guide helped you to add pronouns to your Instagram bio and control who views them. Is this feature already available in your country, and will you be using it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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