Can you check who viewed your Instagram profile? [Updated 2021]

Can you check who viewed your Instagram profile

The current debate on Facebook and Apple’s concern over privacy takes me back to the time when I went through dozens of click baits that ‘allowed’ me to check who is viewing my Instagram profile. Ironically, Facebook and Instagram reveal a lot about your lives; because you like updating these apps with real-time information about your personal lives, duh! Their privacy policies are meant to overlap since they are sister companies, but it brings me back to my question:

How to find out if someone is stalking your profile on Instagram?

Iconosquare, the best tool in the market for Instagram Analytics, shows you the number of visits and a nice graph breaking the details further. However, they don’t provide any information about who these people are or how frequently they keep visiting your profile. This information is available for Instagram Business accounts, of course.

In a way, the stats help you monitor your account reach, and you can track what type of content works with your audience. But, private accounts cannot access this information.

Now, let’s talk about the popular method that most people commend.

Using third-party apps to check who viewed your Instagram profile

I love researching apps that go beyond to test Instagram’s privacy. The App Store has several apps that promise to show you who views your Instagram account.

My first impression about these apps was negative, as the primary purpose behind such apps is to gather your personal information and collect data. But I still installed an app on my phone and tried them for you.

Here is what I found.

Note: I made a fake account on the Who Viewed – Instagram Profile app and used it because you should not risk your data with such apps.

Who Viewed - Instagram Profile iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Third-party app testing – Who Viewed – Instagram Profile

The app description reads that it gives you a piece of detailed information about your followers, who unfollowed you, and who stalks you. It also claims to share who views your posts, doesn’t like your posts, and whatnot. Here is a screenshot for your reference.

Screenshot of Who Viewed - Instagram Profile app says Find out - who stalks you
Application screenshot from the App Store

Well, did it stay true to its commitment? No. Upon using it, I couldn’t find a section where it shows the list of stalkers. After a lot of research and analysis, the app fails to impress me.

What’s more?

In the case of premium membership, it might show you a random number or random names, which will change every time you open the app.

One (indirect) way to check who views your Instagram profile

If you are still curious about checking who is stalking you, try uploading more stories than posts. You can see who views your story from your followers if you have a private account. If you have a public account, you can check who views your Instagram account.

Make sure you check them daily, as stories expire in 24 hours. You can still see your story archives or choose to keep them under Highlights, but this won’t let you access the names of people who check your highlights.

Can you see who visits your Instagram profile?

No. Sadly, both private and business/public accounts cannot check who views their account. Instagram Stories will let you see the names, but they are restricted to a particular story and do not show if they have been through your account. The app keeps experimenting with new features now and then, but there is no indication of making this information public.

I believe nothing is more important than my security, and as long as my pictures are safe, my stalkers won’t bother me. I am not a psychopath, I am a high functioning sociopath. (Sherlock fans, anyone?)

What are your views on the same? Let me know in the comment section.

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