How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account from iPhone, Android, or PC

An overdose of social media might cause exasperating effects on your mind; for this reason, users decide to delete their Instagram accounts. Many users have asked us to write an article describing the process of doing so. Let me tell you that the process is easy, but then it requires a lot of navigation here and there. For your convenience, I have prepared an easy instructional guide.

Since, Instagram menu navigation is exactly same on iOS and Android, the process is fully identical. Deleting the Instagram account from PC or Mac is little different. Anyways, both the process are listed below.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently from iPhone or Android

Step #1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android Phone → Tap on your profile icon → Now on the top-right corner, tap on the three vertical lines → In bottom of the menu, tap on Settings.

Tap on Profile then Settings in Instagram on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Under “Support,” tap on “Help Center” → A new page will load in few seconds. Tap on “Managing Your Account” option.

Tap on Managing your Account in Instagram

Step #3. On the next page, tap on “Delete Your Account” → You’ll now have three options, click on the middle one that says “How do I delete my account?”

Tap on Delete Your Account then Tap on How Do I Delete My Account

Step #4. Details will expand and you now have to tap on the link that says “the Delete Your Account page” → select a reason from drop down list.

Reason to Delete Instagram Account

Step #5. Enter your Instagram password, and tap on the red button that says “Permanently delete my account.”Tap on OK to delete your Instagram Account.

Delete Instagram Account on iPhone or Andorid

How to Delete Instagram Account from Computer/PC

Procedure to delete an Instagram account is almost the same as we delete the account on iPhone.

Step #1. Open an internet browser and go to → Click on “Managing Your Account” option given on the left.

Click on Managing Your Account in Instagram on PC

Step #2. Again on the left menu, click on “Delete Your Account.”

Click on Delete Your Account in Instagram on Computer

After that follow instructions from Step #3 as mentioned above.

How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account from mobile or PC

Since, you need to do it using the browser, the steps remain the same for both Mobile and PC.

Step #1. Visit from your mobile browser or web browser → Log into your account → Click/tap on your Profile icon from top right corner and then tap/click on Edit Profile.

Log into Instagram and Tap on Profile Icon

Step #2. Scroll down and click/tap on “Temporarily disable my account” in the bottom right → Select reason from Drop down menu → Re-enter your password and Tap/Click on “Temporarily Disable Account.”

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Step #3. Tap/Click “YES” to confirm when popup appears.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account from mobile or PC

That’s all.

Wrapping up…

Social Media has made the world a small place by connecting everyone wirelessly. But at the same time, over addiction is also dangerous. Whatever may be the reason, I hope this guide solves its purpose.

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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently
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