Overdose of social media might cause exasperating effects on your mind; for this very reason, many users delete their accounts. Recently, we have received many queries from users regarding deletion of Instagram account on iPhone.

So, I decided to delete my Instagram account, which I had created for research purpose. It was not as easy as it sounds; to delete the account I had to go through many steps (of course after finding the right path from the help center of Instagram.)How to Delete Instagram Account from iPhone and WebHere I am sharing my experience of how I deleted my Instagram account from my iPhone. For your convenience, I have prepared an easy instructional guide.

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How to Delete Instagram Account from iPhone

Step #1. Open Instagram app on your iPhone.Open Instagram App on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on your Profile icon (Last in the bottom menu.)Tap Instagram Profile Tab on iPhoneStep #3. Now tap on Settings icon on the top right corner.Tap on Settings in Instagram on iPhoneStep #4. Scroll down to Help Center and tap on it.Tap on Help Center in Instagram iPhone AppStep #5. Tap on the first option: Basics.Tap on Basics in Instagram Help CenterStep #6. Next, tap on “Getting Started“.Getting Started with Instagram iPhone AppStep #7. Tap on Delete Your Account (the penultimate option.)Tap Delete Your Account in Instagram App on iPhonePost this, you will be asked two questions: How do I temporarily disable my account? And How do I delete my account?Instagram Account Deletion OptionsStep #8. Tap on How do I delete my account.Tap on How Do I Delete My Account in Instagram iPhone AppNow, you can see a complete procedure written in three small paragraphs.

Step #9. Tap on “go to this page” hyperlinked in second paragraph.Tap on Go to This Page to Delete Instagram AccountA screen will appear asking you to log in.Log in to Instagram Account on iPhoneNext, a few questions in drop-down menu format will appear, asking you reasons: Why are you deleting your account?

Step #10. Select a reason and tap on Done.Select Reason to Delete Instagram AccountHere, you will be asked to re-enter your password.

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Step #11. Re-enter your Instagram password.

Step #12. After entering the password, tap on “Permanently deactivate my account.Re-Enter Instagram Password and Tap on Permanently deactivate my accountFinally, a pop-will ask: “Are you sure you want to delete your account?”

Step #13. Tap on OK.Tap on OK to Delete your Instagram Account from iPhoneIt’s done! Your Instagram account is deleted now.

How to Delete Instagram Account from Computer/PC

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Procedure to delete Instagram account is almost same as we delete the account on iPhone.

Step #1. Open https://help.instagram.com/ on your PC and log in to your account.

Step #2. Click on Instagram Basics from left navigation.Click on Basics in Instagram WebsiteStep #3. Click on Getting started.Click on Gettings Started in Instagram WebsiteStep #4. Click on Delete your account.Click on Delete Your Account in Instagram WebsiteThereafter follow instructions from Step #8 as mentioned above.

How to Temporary Disable Instagram Account

Unlike permanent account deletion, you cannot disable your Instagram account temporarily from app itself. In order to disable your account for a short time, you need to follow below given steps:

Step #1. Visit Instagram.com from your mobile browser or web browser.

Step #2. Log into your account.Log In to Instagram Account Using BrowserStep #3. Click/tap on username from top right corner and select edit profile.Click on Instagram UsernameStep #4. Click on Temporarily disable my account in the bottom right.Click on Temporarily disable my account in Instagram WebStep #5. Select reason from Drop down menu.

Step #6. Re-enter your password and Tap/Click on “Temporarily Disable Account“.

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Step #7. Tap “OK” to confirm while popup appears.