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Best iOS 18 features you should check out!

Finally, the wait is over! Apple has unveiled iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 with a slew of new features and updates. From a home screen revamp to the new AI-powered Apple Intelligence, iOS 18 is going to take our iPhone experience to a whole new level.

These are the iOS 18 features you should know about, along with the supported devices and release date.

When will iOS 18 be released?

iOS 18 was announced during WWDC 2024 on June 10 and an iOS 18 developer beta was published to developers the same day. Next, a public beta will be released in July.

iOS 18 will be fully available to the public in September 2024, following the release of the iPhone 16 series.

Most iPhones released within recent years will be able to support the latest OS update. To view the full list, check out our guide on iPhones that are compatible with iOS 18.

Best new features in iOS 18

If you’re eager to learn about the new features of iOS 18, we have you covered. Below, we have highlighted the top features of iOS 18 that you should explore right now. Check it out!

1. Apple Intelligence

iOS 18 introduces Apple Intelligence, an AI-driven personal intelligence system. Apple claims that their generative AI models will be able to assess personal context to provide more helpful and relevant answers when sending texts, searching for images, and everything in between.

Apple Intelligence iOS 18 feature
Source: Apple

Thanks to this new feature, Siri will become smarter and a pro multitasker. Apple Intelligence comes equipped with the ability to create a custom Genmoji, generate images, remove unwanted objects from background, and summarize long text. The Apple Intelligence system will also sort and prioritize notifications.

2. Enhanced Photos app

The Photos app in iOS 18 is smarter and more powerful than ever. It uses AI to automatically organize your photos in Collections such as Recent Days, Trips, People & Pets, etc. You can also pin Collections to quickly access the albums that are most significant to you.

iOS 18 enhanced Photos app
Source: Apple

Apple suggests the Photos app shows highlights of the best pictures in the camera roll in a beautiful, poster-like view. And the best part is you will get a new highlight each day.

3. Customizable Home Screen

The Home Screen in iOS 18 has been revamped to offer more customization options. As Apple explained, you can move app icons around and apply a chosen color theme across the app grid for an extra touch of personalized flair.

iOS 18 customizable Home Screen
Source: Apple

The Control Center has also been updated to allow users to customize the layout and functionality of quick access controls. You can even change the shortcut controls on your Lock Screen in iOS 18!

4. Lock and hide apps

Apple has finally responded to the user’s request! iOS 18 allows you to hide and lock apps in a separate folder. To access those apps, you must authenticate yourself with your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Apple claims that information from locked apps won’t show up in searches or alerts, so no one will know you have such an app on your iPhone.

5. Revamped Messages app

Messages in iOS 18 come with new ways to express yourself. You can now add animated effects to your texts to make your conversations livelier. Using Tapback in iMessage, you can access all emojis and stickers in iOS 18. Moreover, the Send Later feature provides the convenience of scheduling messages to be sent at a selected time.

Revamped Messages app with iOS 18
Source: Apple

Apple also brought support for messages via Satellite so you can stay connected in every situation. With iOS 18, your Android friends will no longer feel left out, as the RCS messaging support will provide read receipts for non-iMessages.

6. Categorization in Mail app

After quite some time, the Mail app is seeing some love with new added features in the 18th iteration of the operating system. Now, the Mail app will be able to sort and organize emails in categories such as Primary, Transaction, Promotions, and Updates. So you can easily skim through and prioritize the import mail. Sounds familiar if you’re an avid Gmail user, right?

Categorization in Mail app with iOS 18
Source: Apple

The Primary section will show urgent emails and messages from individuals you know. You can easily find your order confirmations and receipts in the Transactions category. Promotions are for marketing and sales communications and Updates will group newsletters and other communications.

7. Highlights in Safari

Highlights in Safari with iOS 18
Source: Apple

To help you find important information quickly, Apple has introduced Highlights in Safari. It will automatically identify and highlight any relevant content like directions or quick links on a web page. If you enable Reader mode, you’ll see a summary of the page and a table of contents.

8. Tap to Cash on iPhone

Tap to Cash on iPhone with iOS 18
Source: Apple

Similar to the Tap to Pay technology, Tap to Cash makes in-person payments quick and simple. You no longer need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses to transmit Apple Cash. Just authenticate your payment with Face ID and bring your device near the recipient’s iPhone.

9. New Notes features

The Notes app also received some cool features in iOS 18. You can now record audio within a note. The best part is you will get auto transcriptions for those recordings. You can also experience the Math Note feature introduced in iPadOS on iPhone now, albeit with a few less features. Type in an expression to get its solution instantly.

10. Updates in the Journal app

The Journal app was a great addition to iOS 17. Now new updates let you view your writing journey on a calendar and other entertaining statistics. So you can keep track of your journaling objectives.

You can search through your journals to locate anything quickly. The Journal app now also has different widgets!

11. Game mode in iOS 18

Ready to enjoy gaming on your iPhone? The Game Mode in iOS 18 suppresses background activities so you can enjoy high frame rates for extended gameplay. Apple also claims Game Mode will significantly reduce audio latency and make wireless gaming controllers more responsive.

12. Improved privacy controls and new Passwords app

iOS 18 includes several privacy features, such as the ability to share specific contacts with apps instead of sharing all contacts.

The new Passwords app securely stores all types of information, including passwords, verifications, and security warnings. With AutoFill enabled, your passwords will immediately be uploaded to the Passwords app and sync safely between your devices.

13. New Accessibility features

iOS 18 is indeed full of helpful features, and these include several Accessibility upgrades. From Eye Tracking for operating an iPhone with just your eyes to Music Haptics for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, the new Accessibility features open a new way to use the device. To learn more, refer to our guide on iOS 18 Accessibility features.

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Signing off…

iOS 18 brings a wealth of new features that make your iPhone smarter, more intuitive, and more enjoyable, like an official way to mirror your iPhone screen to a Mac. Its focus on AI-powered capabilities and personalization ensures that you can boost your productivity and enhance your user experience.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with iOS 18, feel free to leave a comment below!

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