How to Use Voice Control on iPhone

Voice Control is an accessibility tool on the iPhone and iPad that lets you use and control your device without physically touching the screen....

8 Tips to Increase Cellular Data Speed on iPhone in iOS 13

To enjoy better connectivity on-the-go, you can increase cellular data speed on your iPhone. Follow these 8 tips to improve the net connection on your iOS device.

Messages App Crashes in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad? Tips to Fix

If Messages app crashing frequently on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, give these tips a shot to fix the problem.

How to Use the Files App in iOS 13 and iPadOS Like a Pro

Time to keep your files perfectly organized! Follow this complete guide to use the Files app in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad to handle your docs more conveniently.

How to Use Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

Are you wondering how to set up and use Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad? Have a look at this guide and learn all about using the feature in iOS 13.

Best Life Simulation Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

With the best life simulation games for iPhone. You can fulfill all of your wild wishes and have the perfect controls affects your life.

How to Request Desktop Site in iOS 13 Safari on iPhone or iPad

Apple has changed the way we request desktop site in iOS 13 Safari on iPhone and iPad. Earlier in iOS 12, this option was buried...

Enable Background App Refresh on WiFi on iPhone or iPad

You can now enable background app refreshing only on Wi-Fi on your iPhone to help apps refresh their content & remain updated.

How to Use Bubble and Screen Effects in iMessage

Apple revamped its messaging app in iOS 10, bringing tons of new add-ons including Bubble and Screen effects, Digital Touch, Tapback, and more. Since...

How to Remove Contacts from Share Sheet on iPhone or iPad

Do you want to remove contacts from Share Sheet in iOS 13? Apple has tweaked the Share Sheet in the present iOS. You may...

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