5 Tips and Tricks for iPhone Calculator App

Here are hidden iPhone calculator tips and tricks which you have never heard of! Try it today and let your iOS calculator app do the rest on your iPhone.
5 iPhone Calculator Tips and Tricks You Didn't Know

Remember those scientific calculators which you used in your school or college days? Those were the lifesavers when you had to solve some complex mathematical equations. Isn’t it? Such calculators slowly diminished in this smartphone era which comes as a normal calculator in the stock apps of iPhone. But what if I say you can still get that scientific calculator on your iPhone? Yes, you heard that right!

Today, I am going to show you some of the easiest iPhone calculator tips and tricks which you are not aware of! Of course, there’s nothing hidden, it’s just that you didn’t try some swipes and moves in your calculator app. So let’s see them!

5 iPhone Calculator Tips and Tricks

These tricks are simple to apply even if you aren’t used to the calculator app on your iPhone. Here you go!

Quick Access:

Tip #1. Delete the Digits with a Swipe

Right when you enter a big number, it’s often observed that you mismatch the digits. To delete a particular digit, you tap on it and use the backspace. But it’s a lot easier with a swipe on the right or left.

Simply swipe from the right or left (whichever digit you want to delete) of the number and the digits get deleted. That’s how simple it is to delete the digits just with a swipe.

Delete Digits in Calculator App on iPhone

Tip #2. Easy Copy Pasting!

Well, most of you might be aware of this feature but there are few who are new to iPhone and they are always hunting for new things that can be done on an iPhone. It’s easy to copy and paste the number from other applications and vice-versa.

Long press on the number you’ve entered and tap on copy/paste whichever you want to. That’s it, it’s all done within a fraction of seconds.

Copy or Paste Numbers in Calculator App on iPhone

Tip #3. Copy Last Result from Control Centre in iOS Calc App

How often do you close your calculator from recent apps after doing a perfect calculation for your lengthy bills? Well, if you do that, it might erase the result of your calculations. To avoid this, you can easily copy the last result on your iPhone running on iOS 13/12 with this simple trick.

Swipe up (or swipe down) and head over to the control center, long press on Calculator icon from the control center. It now shows you the last result, tap on it to copy and it’s done!

Copy Last Result from Control Center in iPhone Calculator App

Tip #4. Access Scientific Calculator on your iPhone

Initially, most of the users didn’t know that the iPhone comes with a scientific calculator in its calculator app. In fact, many of you might be still wondering how to get a scientific calculator on a smartphone running on iOS, isn’t it? Well, it is pretty simple!

Simply, tilt your iPhone to landscape mode and you’ll now see a scientific calculator on your screen rather than a normal calculator.

Turn Your iPhone to Access Scientific Calculator

If it doesn’t appear, then probably you need to disable portrait orientation lock from the control center and then try to implement this trick! It should work smoothly after that.

Unlock Screen Orientation to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone

So with this, you can now get rid of those iPhone calculator apps which you used for scientific calculations and get out of the dark side believing that iPhone doesn’t come with a scientific calculator.

Tip #5. Use iPhone Search for Instant Calculation

While not many prefer to use iPhone search option to do calculations, but it’s a handy option if you don’t want to open the calculator app for a small calculation. It saves some amount of battery if you don’t open an app. So here’s how you can do calculations via iPhone search on iOS 13/12!

Head over to iPhone search by swiping your screen from left to right from home screen. On the top bar, you can see a search option. Now comes the trickiest part because you need to enter the numbers and mathematical operations manually. Say for example “340X23” which equals to 7,820 appears right below the search bar.

Use iPhone Search for Instant Calculation

In this case, the multiplication symbol used is the alphabet “X” and the minus & divide options are already available in the keyboard itself. Of course, this is a lengthy process but it can save a good amount of battery if you do calculations regularly and you don’t use calculator app for the same.

Summing Up…

So these were some of the finest iOS calculator tips and tricks which you must try on your iPhone. If you know any other trick you know about calculator app which isn’t included in our list? Do let us know in the comments and we will surely add it to our list if it works accurately!

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