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How to schedule messages in iOS 18 on iPhone

Text message scheduling lets you create a message now and have it automatically sent at a pre-determined time. While message scheduling on the iPhone was missing for a long time, Apple finally listened to users’ demands and added text message scheduling support with iOS 18. But what about users whose iPhone isn’t iOS 18 compatible? That’s where I come in. This post details how to schedule text messages in iOS 18 on iPhones, along with a workaround to perform the same on non-iOS 18 compatible iPhones. Before you go, I believe you downloaded the latest iOS 18 developer beta on your iPhone. Now, let’s dive deep into the main topic.

How to schedule text messages in iOS 18

The Cupertino tech giant at WWDC 2024 gave a special mention to the Messages app while introducing iOS 18, and the new text message scheduling feature got the loudest roar. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Messages app and head to iMessage conversation to create a new one.
  2. Type in the Message you want to schedule.
  3. Next, tap the “+” button and select More in the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. Here, tap on Send later.
    Tap Send later in Messages app in iOS 18
  5. Now, choose the preferred Time and Date.
  6. Once done, hit the Send (upward arrow) button next to your text to confirm text scheduling.
  7. You will see the scheduled message on the screen and a Send Later tag with the date and time above it.
    Schedule text messages in iOS 18
  8. You can also edit the Date & Time, send the message immediately, or delete the scheduled message if you change your mind by tapping the Edit button.
    Edit or delete schedule text messages in iOS 18

How to schedule a text message on iPhone using the Shortcuts app

Shortcuts is an incredible app native to iOS devices that allows you to automate various tasks on your iPhone, including scheduling text messages.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app β†’ Pick the Automation tab at the bottom.
  2. Tap New Automation β†’ Choose Time of the day.

    Open Shortcuts app, select Automation, Tap New Automation and Choose Time of the day
  3. Now, based on your requirements, adjust the task’s Time and Repeat parameters.
  4. Once done, hit Next.
  5. Pick Send Message under the Get Started section.

    Adjust the Time and Repeat parameters, hit Next and select the Send Message
  6. Tap the faded Message bar (in blue) β†’ Enter your desired text.
  7. Next, pick Recipients and add the receiver. You can add multiple contacts.
  8. Tap Done to save your preferences.

    Enter message you want to schedule, select Recipients, tap Done and your have scheduled your message on iPhone

That’s it! Now, at your chosen time, a message will be sent to the recipient. Further, if you have enabled Notify When Run while creating the Shortcut, you will get a status update notification as well.

The best part is that since the text will be sent as an SMS, you can send it to any contact on your iPhone!

How to delete a scheduled text message on an iPhone

There may come a time when the scheduled text has served its purpose, or maybe you don’t want to send it anymore. In that case, here’s how you can delete the scheduled message.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app β†’ Head to the Automation section.
  2. Swipe left on the Send message automation.
  3. Tap the red Delete button that appears.

    Select the Automation tab in Shortcuts app, swipe left on the automation and Tap Delete

Best third-party apps to send scheduled text on iPhone

While you can use the Shortcuts app for text scheduling, the schedule will repeat until you manually delete the automation. Personally, I consider this a major drawback.

So, like me, if you don’t wish to get into this hassle, you can use third-party apps that provide better customization options to schedule texts.

Many third-party apps, such as AutoSender, SMS Scheduler, and Scheduled on the App Store, are tailored to scheduling text messages from the iPhone.

All you need to do is install and set up the app on your iPhone, and you are good to go.

Happy texting!

And that’s it; this is how you schedule text messages on your iPhone. You can create automation using the native Shortcuts app or prefer a simpler approach via third-party apps. 

Do you think Apple should provide this feature natively for at least iMessage? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Please share them below!

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  1. Is this a feature that is coming later? I have the dev beta installed but when I tap plus and swipe Send Later isn’t an option for me. I have store, images, check in, Digital Touch, and Memoji.

    • No, the Send Later is a part of the 1st dev beta only, and there is no reason why it’s not available on your iPhone if it is running on iOS 18 dev beta. However, you can try changing the Region and check if the option appears.


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