How to schedule text messages on your iPhone

Schedule text messages on iPhone

Text message scheduling lets you type a message now, and have it automatically send at a set time. Unlike email, which is effortless, message scheduling is not as straightforward.

This is because there’s no built-in support from Apple. However, a few options exist to get things done. They have their caveats and drawbacks, but let’s learn how to schedule text messages on your iPhone.

Use the Scheduled iOS app to schedule text messages

How does this app work?

  • Auto Send: You can choose a premium plan and send scheduled text messages automatically using a virtual number. The Scheduled app uses an SMS gateway for this. The recipient can reply to this virtual number, and you can read it inside the Scheduled app. The plan starts at $3.99 per month. You get credits that let you send automatically scheduled text messages from your iPhone.
  • Schedule Messages: iOS has restrictions. Thus this or any app cannot send scheduled text messages. What this app will do is let you type the message, add the sender, and set the reminder. When the time comes, you only have to hit send. So, it’s not automatic text message scheduling, but it certainly is helpful.
  1. Download the Scheduled app for free from the App Store. Sign up using your phone number. Give the app access to contacts and notifications. Without these permissions, it will not be of much help.
  3. Then Tap To: and choose one or multiple contacts. Tap Done.

    tap on create message select contact and tap on done in scheduled app on iphone
  4. Under Your message, type the desired message. Optionally, tap the tiny square icon to select a template.
  5. Tap Schedule date and set the preferred date and time. Make sure to choose AM and PM correctly. Tap anywhere else to exit this selection screen. (Send automatically tab here, requires a premium plan.)

    schedule text messages on iphone using scheduled app
  7. When the time comes, the app will send you a notification. Tap it and then hit Send from the upper-right. The messages app screen will open. The contact number and message text will already be written. All you need to do is hit the arrow to send the message.

    tap on notification and tap on send then tap on arrow to send text message on iphone

Using this app, you can schedule not only texts, but even calls and messages for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and more. For this, tap All from the top row and choose the desired service.

Schedule text messages with the iOS Shortcuts app

Before you begin:

  • Make sure Allow Untrusted Shortcuts is enabled in Settings → Shortcuts.
  • This method to schedule text messages works only if the iPhone screen is unlocked and on Shortcuts.
  1. Download and add the Send Delayed Text shortcut. For the download, follow this link. Next, tap Add Untrusted Shortcut.

    tap on send delayed text and then tap on add untrusted shortcut in shortcuts app on iphone
  2. In Shortcuts, tap My Shortcuts and find this shortcut. Tap more.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and under MESSAGES, tap Allow AccessOK. Tap Done.

    tap on three dots and then tap on allow under messages in shortcuts on iphone
  4. Now, tap on the shortcut. Tap on the desired contact.

    tap on send delated text shortcut and select contact on iphone
  5. Type the desired text message and tap OK.
  6. Set the preferred time and tap OK.
  7. Leave Shortcuts open and the screen unlocked. The text message has been scheduled. It will be sent automatically at the set time.

    schedule text messages using shortcuts on iphone

In which situation is the above method helpful?

The limitation of keeping the screen unlocked and on Shortcuts, it hinders your iPhone’s efficiency. But suppose you have to sleep early, and you don’t want to miss sending the text for the new year, birthday, or anniversary.

In such cases, open SettingsDisplay & BrightnessAuto-LockNever. Now, follow the above steps to schedule the text message. Finally, connect your phone to a charging cable.

Another similar shortcut that you can use is the Delayed Time iMessage.

If you don’t want to use this app, you can use the Reminders app on your iPhone. You may also ask Siri something like ‘Remind me to text Donald at 9:30 PM today.’

This is how you can schedule text messages on your iPhone. If you’ve just switched from Android, you might find it inconvenient as the green team already has excellent built-in message scheduling.

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