How to Send Text Message Instead of iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Whenever I find myself in a situation where the Internet begins to play on my patience, I convert yet to be delivered iMessage into a text message and send it. Thankfully, iOS does have this neat but slightly hidden feature for immediate rescue!

iMessage is always my go-to option for communicating with friends who are using iDevices. However, there are times when I prefer to send a text message instead of iMessage. For instance, if the Internet connection is too poor to send a message or I want it to be immediately delivered even if the receiver is offline.

iOS offers you the desired flexibility to turn an undelivered iMessage into an SMS. So, if you find your text not reaching your friend, you have the option to send it as SMS without having to type the message again. Let me show you how it works!

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How to Send Text Message Instead of iMessage on iPhone

Note: If your friend is not using iDevice like iPhone or iPad, the message is sent only as SMS. Just ensure that Send as SMS option is enabled. Settings → Messages → and then turn on the switch next to Send as SMS.

Send Text Message Instead of iMessage on iPhone

Assuming there is no Internet connection on your iOS device or even if it’s available, it’s not working.

Just in case, your Internet connection is working pretty well on your device but you still want to send the message as SMS, turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. It’s because if your iPhone has Internet, your message will be automatically delivered as iMessage to your friend.

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Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iOS device and open a conversation.

Step #2. Now, type in a message and hit the send button.

Step #3. Next, touch and hold the message you have just sent.

Tap and Hold on the Message on iPhone

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Step #4. Next up, tap on Send as Text Message in the menu. That’s it! The message will be sent as SMS, and it will turn green.

Send an iMessage as a Text Message Instead from iPhone

For those unfamiliar, while the iMessage appears as blue, the regular text message looks green.

That’s all, folks!

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That’s how you can take the help of SMS to put your message across when you find Internet playing hide and seek on your iPhone. It’s a pretty nifty feature, and I’m sure it can come in handy in trying situations. Have any feedback? Shoot it down below in the comments.

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