How to change iMessage bubble color on iPhone and iPad

Change iMessage bubble color on iPhone iPad

In iOS 17, iMessage provides many personalization features but you can’t still change the blue iMessage bubble color to something else on your iPhone. Don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll show how to customize text bubble colors on iPhone and iPad to make your texting more fun.

What are the standard iMessage colors?

By default, You will notice three different color bubbles when using the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s an explanation of what each color represents:

  • Blue bubble: It represents that the message is delivered to iPhone, iPad, or Mac users who use the iMessage service.
  • Green bubble: It shows that the message is intended as a regular SMS to an Apple or a non-Apple user.
  • Grey bubble: It is the color of the messages that have been received, whether they are SMS or iMessage.

How to change iMessage bubble color using Settings on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Head to Accessibility Select Per-App Settings.

    Head to Accessibility and scroll down and select Per-App Settings
  3. Tap Add App → Choose Messages.

    Tap Add App and locate and choose Messages app
  4. Now, tap Messages → Go to Increase Contrast → Select On.

    Tap on the Messages app, go to Increase Contrast, and pick On from the list

Now, you can see that the shade of blue in your iMessage’s bubble will become slightly dark.

How to change iMessage text bubble color using third-party app on iPhone or iPad

  1. Download the Color Text Bubbles on iMessage app.
  2. Open Messages → Choose a chat.
  3. Tap the plus sign beside the text bar → Select More → Color Text Bubbles.

    tap plus sign, select more, color text bubbles in messages
  4. Choose a text bubble template or tap Type Custom Message.
  5. Type your message → Tap the Bubble Color icon → Choose a color → Tap Done.
    If you’re using the free version, you’ll have 12 color options.

    Choose a default Color Text Bubble to open it, or select Type Custom Message tap on the Bubble Color icon, and choose a color
  6. Tap the Send button to send your custom message.
    Note: You might encounter an advertisement or an offer to upgrade. Wait a moment, then click the X to close the ad or select Later to dismiss the upgrade offer.
  7. Finally, tap the Send arrow.

    Tap the Send button, click the X to close the ad, and select the Send arrow

Congratulations! You have successfully sent your message with the custom color text bubble.


Are there any limitations to changing my iMessage bubble color?

Yes, there are several limitations to changing the color of your iMessage bubble. For instance, the recipient might not be able to see the customized bubble color like yours, or you couldn’t send the colored text bubbles to older iOS or Android phones.

Is it safe to change my iMessage bubble color?

Yes, it is safe to change your iMessage bubble color. Choose reputable third-party apps with good reviews and give only the required permissions to change your iMessage bubble color.

Is there any way to change the iMessage bubble color without using a third-party app?

Apple currently does not allow users to change the iMessage bubble color without using a third-party app.

Bring your iMessages to life!

I hope the guide helped you customize the color of your text bubble on iOS. While the Color Text Bubbles app makes it simple to change blue iMessage bubble colors to something else and spice up your conversations, there are many ads. Given that the app is free, this is to be expected.

Have you used any other third-party apps to change the iMessage color of the text? Please let me know in the comments below.

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