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How to use WhatsApp proxy on iPhone

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular platform thanks to its easy-to-navigate user interface and numerous features, including group video calling and end-to-end encrypted chats. It has become the standard for texting and has taken the place of SMS in many countries.

However, certain countries or regions have banned or restricted WhatsApp for political and security reasons. If you’re in a country or region that blocks or restricts the use of WhatsApp, here’s what you can do to access WhatsApp by proxy on your iPhone.

What is proxy, and how does it work?

As the name implies, a proxy serves as a go-between or a “middleman” between your device and the internet. It has its own IP address, which is different than your device’s.

Think of an IP address as your home address that shows where you live. By using a proxy, it’s like you’ve moved to another location and are communicating from there instead of your home address. This means that if anyone is trying to trace your activities, they won’t be able to track you back to your device because the proxy masks your actual IP address.

It works by routing your online traffic through the proxy server. It then receives the response from the website you’re visiting and sends it back to your device. All websites only see the IP address of the proxy, not your real one, thus masking your identity.

You can access websites or services (such as WhatsApp) that are otherwise blocked by using a proxy server on your iPhone. It also keeps your online activity private by masking your IP address and encrypting the data you send and receive. 

What is WhatsApp proxy?

Just recently, WhatsApp launched proxy support for WhatsApp users around the globe to ensure that its users can maintain their access to the messaging platform if their internet connection is disrupted or blocked.

According to WhatsApp, these proxy servers are “set up by volunteers and organizations dedicated to helping people communicate securely and freely.”

A WhatsApp proxy is optimized for use with WhatsApp, allowing users to access all the messaging platform’s features without restriction while maintaining the high level of privacy and security WhatsApp has been known for.

How to find a proxy server for WhatsApp

If you have an internet connection, a quick search through a search engine or social media can help you find trusted sources that have created a proxy for WhatsApp. Here’s a list of free proxy addresses for WhatsApp from eBuzzPro. 

Using proxies is legal in the United States. It is also legal to use proxies physically located in the US, even if you’re outside the country.

However, other countries may ban the use of proxies altogether or its use to bypass a specific website that has been blocked or restricted. It’s always best to check your country’s local laws to be safe.

How to access WhatsApp by proxy on iPhone 

  1. Update your WhatsApp app to the most current version.
  2. Open the app, and head to Settings → Storage & Data → Proxy.
  3. Tap on Set-Up Proxy.

    Tap storage and data select proxy tap on set up proxy in whatsapp on iphone
  4. Add Proxy Address → Tap Save.
  5. Toggle Use Proxy, to begin connecting.

    Enter proxy address tap save and toggle on use proxy in whatsapp on iphone

If you still can’t use WhatsApp or send and receive messages through the app, the proxy you used may be blocked. Tap the textbox, input a different proxy address, and try again.

Note: You shouldn’t use a proxy if you have no problems accessing the app. 

Wrapping up…

By using a proxy, you can access the internet and use WhatsApp even in countries where it has been blocked. Be wary that using it in certain countries or regions can have legal implications, so check your local laws before setting up a proxy for WhatsApp!

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