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25+ Cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Over two billion people love WhatsApp, which makes it the most popular instant messaging and calling application globally. Many of your friends and family might already be using it, and to communicate effectively with them, you must learn about certain settings and features that will help you use the app like a pro. In this article, I show you some cool WhatsApp tricks and tips for the iPhone.

1. Pin a message in chat

WhatsApp lets you pin messages at the top of both individual and group chats. The messages can be pinned for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Here’s how it is done:

  1. Open a chat on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap and hold the message you wish to pin.
  3. Select More from the pop-up → Tap Pin.

    Tap on More and Hit Pin messages on whatsapp
  4. Choose the duration. You can pick one of 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
  5. The pinned message should appear at the top.

    Select the timeframe to pin the message

According to Meta, you can pin up to 3 messages.

2. Format text in WhatsApp on iPhone

You can format your message on WhatsApp for better readability and presentation. This also makes the words look different and grabs attention. Here’s the formatting settings you can access on WhatsApp,

  • Bold: Type an asterisk (star *) at the beginning and the end of a word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Italic: Insert an underscore (_) at the beginning and end.
  • Strikethrough: Enter a tilde (approximate sign ~) at the beginning and the end.
  • Monospace: Place three backticks (“`) at the beginning and the end.
  • Bulleted lists: Enter a hyphen (–) and a space before the word.
  • Numbered lists: Write a digit and a period, then enter one space before the message.
  • Block quote: Insert the greater than sign (>) symbol and a space.
  • Inline code: Type a backtick (`) at the beginning and end of the code.

3. How to edit your WhatsApp text messages

With the latest update, WhatsApp lets users edit their text messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

  1. Tap and hold the message you have just sent.
  2. Select Edit from the pop-up.

    tap and hold text, select Edit in WhatsApp
  3. Edit the text as per your preference → Tap the blue checkmark to complete the process.

    Edit the text, tap the blue checkmark in WhatsApp

When editing WhatsApp messages, remember these points:

  • Editing is only allowed within 15 minutes of sending a message.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t keep a record of edited messages.
  • The recipient and the sender will see a banner indicating that the message was Edited.
  • Editing is also possible in disappearing conversations.

4. Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone and tap on Display & Brightness.
  2. Under APPEARANCE, choose Dark.
  3. Finally, launch WhatsApp to enjoy it in dark mode.

If you use system-wide dark mode on your iPhone, WhatsApp, too, inculcates it.

5. Change WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper

The default chat wallpaper is pretty good. But you can customize it to a solid colored background, some other pre-saved images, or pick a personal picture from the Photos app. Here’s how.

  1.  Open WhatsApp and tap on Settings from the lower right.
  2. Tap on Chats.
  3. Tap on Chat Wallpaper.

    Tap on Chat Then Chat Wallpaper and Pick Wallpaper
  4. From here, choose an image from the Wallpaper Library, Solid Colors, or your Photos.
  5. After making the desired selection, tap on Set. (Tip: If you choose Perspective, the background will slightly move when you tilt your iPhone.)Choose Wallpaper and Tap Set

6. Pin or Unpin WhatsApp Chats on your iPhone

I love this feature! It lets you have your most loved (or essential) chats always at the top of the conversation list. Let me run you down the quick steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp and make sure you are in the Chats tab.
  2. Swipe left to right on a conversation and tap on Pin.
  3. This person or group chat will move to the top of the list and stay there.Swipe Right on WhatsApp Conversation and Tap on Pin

Note: To unpin, follow the same steps. You can have a maximum of 3 pinned chats.

7. Turn Off WhatsApp Read Receipts on iPhone

After a message is read, the sender sees a blue tick. If you would like not to let the other person know that you have read their message, here’s how to turn it off.

Note: This doesn’t apply to group chats. In groups, read receipt is always sent.

8. Archive WhatsApp Chats

When you archive a chat, it is removed from the usual ‘Chats’ tab and listed under ‘Archived Chats.’ You can have meaningful or sensitive conversations here. This will prevent them from accidentally deleting and even hide them from the regular chat list.

  1. Open WhatsApp and ensure you are in the Chats tab.
  2. Swipe right to left on a chat and tap on Archive.
  3. To see your Archived WhatsApp chats, swipe down the chats list and tap on Archived Chats.
  4. To unarchive a chat, follow the same steps, and tap on Unarchive.Swipe Left on WhatsApp Conversation and Tap on Archive

9. Change WhatsApp Notification

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Turn off Notifications all together: Tap on the toggle for Show Notifications. You can do this for individual or group chats.Tap Notification and Turn Off Show Notification Option
  4. Change Notification Tone: Tap on Sound and choose the desired melody.Tap Sound and Choose Preferred Tone
  5. Change Notification Style: Tap on In-App Notifications and choose to enable banners, screen alerts, sound, and vibration for new messages, when you are inside this app.Tap In-App Notifications to Customize
  6. If you do not want new messages preview at the top of the screen when you are inside WhatsApp, turn off the toggle for Show Preview.

10. Change WhatsApp Profile Picture

  1. Inside WhatsApp, tap on Settings from the bottom right.
  2. Tap on your name from the top. Now tap on the current picture, and on the next screen, tap on Edit. Choose one of the desired options – Take Photo (to click a picture now) or Choose Photo (if the image is in your iPhone’s Photos app).Tap Your Name and Tap Edit Twice
  3. Select the image. For perfection, you can zoom in and out or drag and adjust the image. When done, tap on Choose.Choose Photo to Set as Profile Picture

11. How to Change WhatsApp Language

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
  2. Tap on Language & RegioniPhone Langauge.
  3. Select your preferred language from the list and tap Change to Hindi (or the one you choose).
  4. Now, launch WhatsApp, and you will find that its language has changed to the one you selected in the above step.Tap iPhone Language Choose One and Confirm

12. Change your Phone Number in WhatsApp for iPhone

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on SettingsAccountChange NumberNext.
  2. Enter your old (current) WhatsApp phone number and the new one you want to use. Next, follow the one screen instructions. You can also choose to Notify Contacts that you have changed your number. (Group chats are always notified about your number change)Tap Change Number and Enter Old and New Mobile Numbers

In case you are planning to change your WhatsApp number on a new phone, first backup your WhatsApp chat.

Next, change the WhatsApp phone number on the old phone using the steps above. After that, install WhatsApp on the new phone, register it using the new number, and restore your old chats.

13. Share Live Location in WhatsApp

  1. Inside WhatsApp, open the desired chat.
  2. Tap on the plus icon (+) from the bottom left and choose Location. If you see an iOS popup, allow the app to access the location.
  3. To constantly share Live Location: Tap on Share Live LocationOK → choose among 15 Minutes, 1 Hour, or 8 Hours, type a message if you want, and finally tap the blue send button. (See this if you face any location issues.) Tap on Stop Sharing when you no longer need it.
  4. To share current location: Tap on Send Your Current Location.
  5. To share any other location: Tap on a suggestion from the list or use the search bar on top.Tap Location to Share Live Current or Any Location

14. Mark WhatsApp Chat as Read or Unread on iPhone

  1. Launch WhatsApp and make sure you are in the Chats tab.
  2. Swipe left to right on a conversation and tap on Unread.Swipe Right and Tap Unread

15. Quickly Search Your WhatsApp Chat History

Sometimes you know the keyword but not the whole conversation or who sent that message. In such situations, the app-wide search feature acts as a life savior.

  1. Make sure you are in the Chats tab inside WhatsApp.
  2. Pull down the screen to reveal the search bar. Now, type the desired words, and you will see the suggestions below in real time. Tap one of the results to see the full message.
    Type Word in Search Box to Find WhatsApp Chats

16. Search and Send GIF on WhatsApp

GIFs (animated moving images) are fun to share. WhatsApp lets you search from millions of these images via GIPHY and send them easily. Here’s how.

  1. Inside a WhatsApp chat, tap on the plus icon (+) from the bottom left. Next, tap on Photo & Video Library. Now, tap on GIF from the bottom left.
  2. Tap on a GIF or search for one. Finally, tap the blue send button.Tap GIF Select One and Hit Send

17. Send Photos, Videos, Documents, and Contacts via WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you are not limited to just texts, images, videos, and audio. It lets you send documents like PDF, word files, etc., as well as contact cards.

  1. Make sure you are inside a WhatsApp conversation. Tap on the plus icon (+) from the lower left.
  2. To send pictures and videos: Tap on Photo & Video Library. Tap on an image or video. If you want to add more, tap on the plus (+) icon in the bottom left and choose 29 other files (total up to 30). Finally, tap on the blue send button. If you want to add photos from the Files app, tap on More Apps. (left image below)
  3. To send PDFs, Docs, etc.: Tap on Documents. The Files app will open. From here, choose a document and tap on Send. (middle image below)
  4. To send a saved contact: Tap on Contact, select the desired contacts, and tap on Done. On the next screen, tap on Send. (right image below)Tap Plus Icon Choose Right Option for Photo Video Documents and Contact

18. Clear WhatsApp Group Chats on iPhone

Unless you archive or leave the group, you can not remove a WhatsApp group from the main chat list screen (like other individual conversations.) However, you can delete all the messages inside the group. Here’s how.

  1. Inside the app, swipe right to left on a group’s name and tap on More.
  2. Tap on Clear ChatDelete All Messages.Tap Clear Chat and then Delete All Messages

19. Lock WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

Do you hand over your phone to others often? Want privacy? Here’s how to secure your WhatsApp on iPhone via PIN or biometrics authentication.

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Tap on AccountPrivacyScreen Lock.
  3. Turn on the option for Require Face ID or Touch ID. Further, choose one of the four options if needed. If you see a popup asking, ‘Do you want to allow “WhatsApp” to use Face ID?’, tap on OK.
    Tap Screen Lock and Enable Require Face ID or Touch ID

20. Mute Group Chat on WhatsApp

Are you looking not to get disturbed by unimportant notifications? It is effortless to mute individual or group chats on WhatsApp. For this, swipe left to right on a conversation, tap on MoreMute and choose the desired duration.

Swipe Left Tap on Mute and Choose Duration

You can also do this by going to the individual chat or group information screen.

21. Clear WhatsApp Chat History

You can clean this messaging app by clearing the call logs, messages, group chats, etc. But before that, you may want to know how to export or email essential chats for safekeeping. Let me tell you about all these in the subsequent headings.

Export WhatsApp Chat History

  1. Open an individual or group chat inside WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on the person’s name from the top.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Export Chat. Choose to include media (images, videos, voice notes, documents, etc.) or not.
  4. You can now save it to the Files app, Drive, Dropbox, email it, AirDrop, or use one of the available options from the iOS Share Sheet.Tap Export Chat and Select Email or Other Options

Clear Chats and Voice Call Entries

By precise, we mean to delete the chats and call logs. Before you proceed, make sure you know what you are doing. This will permanently remove all the texts, images, videos, documents, etc., from these chats.

  1. From the Chats screen inside WhatsApp, tap on Edit from the top left.
  2. Select all the individual (not group) chats and tap on Delete. Finally, confirm your action.Tap Edit Select Chats and Tap Delete Chats
  3. To clear voice and video call history: Tap on the Calls tab from the bottom. Now, tap on EditClearClear Call History to remove all entries. You may also choose to only delete individual call logs by tapping on the red minus icon → Delete.Tap Edit then Clear and Finally Clear Call History

22. Tag Someone in WhatsApp Group Chat

Type At The Rate Symbol and Then Person Name

Inside a group chat, when you are typing a message, add @ and then select a person from the recommendation. Or after @ type the initials of the person you want to tag.

23. Hide Last Seen in WhatsApp

Occupied in late-night chats and do not want others to know of this! Here’s how to go stealth.

  1. Tap on Settings inside WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on AccountPrivacy →  Last Seen → choose one of the options from Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.Tap Privacy Last Seen and Select Nobody

24. Send WhatsApp Message or Make Calls Using Siri

Siri can send messages or call someone on WhatsApp. But it needs your consent to do so. The easiest is to launch Siri by pressing the Side/Home button (or saying Hey Siri), and then say something like ‘Send a message to Jeet on WhatsApp.

Siri will ask for your permission to access your WhatsApp data. Tap on Yes. From now on, you can say things like ‘Tell Donald on WhatsApp that I will reach by 10 AM‘ or ‘Call Joe on WhatsApp,‘ and so on.

Tap Yes to Allow Siri to Access WhatsApp Data and Send Messages or Make Calls

Alternatively, open the Settings app → Tap on WhatsAppSiri & Search → enable Use with Ask Siri. From now on, Siri can send texts or call people on WhatsApp.

25. Use WhatsApp Web

  1. On your computer (or even iPad), visit in a browser.
  2. Now, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on the Settings icon → WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  3. Scan the QR code you see on your computer. Within a few seconds, you will be able to use WhatsApp from your desktop.Tap WhatsApp Web Desktop and Scan QR

Notes: For WhatsApp Web to keep working, your iPhone (and obviously your computer as well) must be connected to the internet. Tap on three dots on WhatsApp Web and choose Log Out, if needed.

Logout WhatsApp Web

26. Delete All Media Files for Specific WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

Here’s a convenient way to see the media files received on WhatsApp and delete them effortlessly.

  1. Inside WhatsApp, tap on SettingsData and Storage Usage or Storage and DataManage Storage.
  2. On top, it will show the space WhatsApp occupies. Below that, you have the chats sorted according to size. Tap on one.
  3. From here, tap on an image, video, etc., and tap on the delete icon. Or, tap on Select to choose multiple files (or tap Select All). Finally, tap on the delete icon and confirm. Note: If needed, tap on the sorting icon (circle with three lines) from the bottom left for ease.Tap Name then Select Files and Tap on Delete Icon

You can also perform this action by going to a person’s or group’s profile and tap on Media, Links, and Docs.

27. Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages Before They Are Read

Want to delete a WhatsApp message even after it is delivered (or seen)? It is easy. Trust me, this WhatsApp tip is a lifesaver in a few situations.

  1. Long-press on the message you sent and tap on Delete.
  2. Next, (select more messages, if needed) tap on the Delete icon from the bottom left and choose Delete For Everyone.
    Tap Delete Choose Message and Tap Delete for Everyone

The message will be deleted from your and the recipient’s ends. However, the placeholder text ‘This message was deleted‘ will still be visible to the other person.

Finally, you only have an hour to delete the message for everyone. After that, you can delete it only from your end. Also, if automatic media downloads and Save to Camera Roll are enabled on the recipient’s iPhone, in that case, it is possible that the image you sent is automatically saved in the Photos app. It will remain saved even after you use ‘Delete For Everyone.

28. Add voice note to Status

Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature that lets users add voice notes to their Status.

  1. Launch WhatsApp → navigate to the Status bar.
  2. Tap the pencil icon.
  3. Now, press and hold the Mic to record your voice note. Release it to complete the recording.

    Open status bar, tap pencil icon, press and hold the microphone in WhatsApp
  4. Now, tap the blue arrow to share your recording on Status.

    Tap the share icon in WhatsApp

Note: The voice note can be 30 seconds long.

29. Send and Receive Money Using WhatsApp

In a few countries like India and Brazil, WhatsApp even lets you send and receive money. This is similar to Apple Pay on iMessage. In case you are interested, here is our easy guide on how to set up and use WhatsApp payment on iPhone and Android.

Quick WhatsApp Tips and Tricks on iPhone Video

If you have any related queries or suggestions on WhatsApp tips for iPhone, please feel free to make sure of the comments section below.

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