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Location Services Always ON on iPhone? Here is a Fix

In iOS 13, Apple modified the way third-party apps access location. Now, when you launch the app for the first time, you see three options in the location popup – Allow While Using App, Allow Once, and Don’t Allow. Did you observe that the possibility for Always is gone now? However, in case a user wants to give an app permission to access its location consistently, then he would have to go deep inside the Settings. Overall, this is an excellent privacy improvement in iOS 14 or 13.

How to Change the Location Tracking Settings on iPhone

If there exists an app like a third party map or tracking app, which needs location always in the background, then here is how to allow it.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  3. Tap Location Services.Open Settings Tap on Privacy and Location Services
  4. From the list, find the app whom you always want to give location permission. Tap on the app name and tap on Always.Change Location Tracking for App on iPhone

Note: You may not see ‘Always’ for all apps.

How to Fix iPhone Location Services Always On Issue

Are you seeing the location icon constantly and unnecessarily in your iPhone status bar? Here is how to control it.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Privacy → Tap Location Services.Open Settings Tap on Privacy and Location Services
  3. Tap Share My Location. Next, turn off the toggle for Share My Location.Turn Off Share My Location in iOS 13 on iPhone
  4. Now go back (tap on <Back from top left), scroll to the bottom and tap System Services.Go Back and Tap on System Services on iPhone
  5. From here, switch off services that you don’t use.Turn Off Location for Unused System Services on iPhone

The most probable culprits are Diagnostics & Usage and Location-Based Apple Ads. Equally likely but useful occasionally are Popular Near Me (that is used in the App Store) and Spotlight Suggestions. In the case of the latter, whenever you search for a location right from Spotlight or search something like “restaurants,” if the switch is ON, this will trigger location services.

Also, turn off all the options under PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT – iPhone Analytics, Popular Near Me, and Routing & Traffic.

Turn Off Options Under Product Improvement in iOS 13 on iPhone
Open Settings Tap on General and Then Tap on Background App Refresh

Turn off Background App Refresh: If you have permitted an app to access location and if Background App refresh is ON for it, then it may use the location services even when the app is not on screen. To turn off Background App Refresh, open Settings app → GeneralBackground App Refresh.

Turn Off Background App Refresh on iPhone

Here, turn off for a particular app or switch this feature entirely.

How to Disable Location Services for an App on iPhone

When you open an app for the first time after installing it, you may choose ‘Don’t Allow’ to stop it from accessing the location even once. But if you have allowed an app to gather location but now, you want to take back this permission, then follow along.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Privacy → Tap on Location Services.Open Settings Tap on Privacy and Location Services
  3. Select the app, and on the next screen, select Never.Turn Off Location Service for App in iOS 13 on iPhone

The app is now not allowed to access your location. Please note that some ride apps, payment apps, and map apps may completely stop working after this. If this happens, follow the above steps and choose ‘While Using the App’ in step 4.

That’s all, mate!

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