How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and iPad

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with friends is super easy on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You do not need to manually enter Wi-Fi login details on your friend’s device when he comes over to your house. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Password Share feature, you can instantly allow your friend to connect to your Wi-Fi. There is no need to say the password or type the password or even remember it! One tap and the job is done. So, dive into this short how-to and see how you can share your Wi-Fi password on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Before you begin:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, on both the devices, must be turned ON
  • Personal Hotspot must be switched off on both devices
  • Make sure the Apple ID of the host is added in the Contacts app of the other device
  • Both devices should be nearby within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range
  • It is a good practice to ensure that both devices are running the latest and updated version of iOS or iPadOS. For Mac, it should be macOS High Sierra or later

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How to Quickly Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone and iPad

Unlock the iPhone or iPad that is sharing the password. Also, this device should be connected to that Wi-Fi whose password you want to share.

Step #1. On the iPhone or iPad that wants to connect to the Wi-Fi, launch the Settings app, and tap on Wi-Fi. Toggle on the switch next to Wi-Fi, if it’s not already.

Launch Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi on iPhoneStep #2. Now tap on the Wi-Fi name which you want to join.

Tap on Wi-Fi name which you want to join on iPhoneStep #3. Next up, you have to hold your device near the unlocked iOS device, which has the password.

Step #4. An alert will be shown on the device which has the password. The pop-up will say, ‘Do you want to share the Wi-Fi password for “your Wi-Fi name” with ‘name of the person‘? Tap on Share Password.

Tap on Share Password in Settings app on iPhoneDone! The other iPhone is now connected to the Wi-Fi.

iPhone now connected to the Wi-Fi

How to Share Wi-Fi Passwords from Mac to iPhone or iPad

macOS devices have not been left out of this Wi-Fi party. You can use your connected Mac to share the Wi-Fi password with your friend who is using an iPhone or iPad. Let us see the simple steps.

Step #1. On the iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Then tap on the Wi-Fi name.

Step #2. Bring the iPhone close to the unlocked Mac.

Step #3. On the Mac, an alert notification will be shown saying, “Share Wi-Fi password for “Wi-Fi name” with “iPhone/iPad name“. Here you will have two options: Decline or Share. Click on Share.

Click on Share Wi-Fi Passwords from Mac to iPhone or iPad

Summing up…

So this is how you can share the Wi-Fi password from one Apple device to another. What do you think of this handy feature? Let us know your views in the comments below. To me, it’s a highly user-friendly feature that has made sharing Wi-Fi passwords more convenient and quick.

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How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and iPad

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How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and iPad
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