How to use NameDrop in iOS 17 on iPhone

Share contacts using NameDrop in iPhone and Apple Watch

The importance of staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues cannot go unnoticed. So, sharing contact with our loved ones or our new connections should not be a hassle. Apple understood this and rolled out NameDrop with iOS 17. This feature lets you quickly and seamlessly exchange contacts with another iPhone or Apple Watch in just a few taps. Keep reading to learn how to use NameDrop with iOS 17 on iPhone.

How to set up NameDrop in iOS 17

To use NameDrop on iPhone, the participating devices must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The devices must be running iOS 17 or later.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop must be enabled on both devices.
  • Both devices must be in close proximity to each other.

Further, to share contacts, you must ensure NameDrop is enabled, and your Contact Cards allow Name and Photo sharing. Here’s how you can do the same:

Ensure NameDrop is enabled on your iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to General AirDrop.
  3. Now simply toggle on Bringing Devices Together.

    General, AirDrop, Toggle on Bring devices Together

Enable Name & Photo Sharing for Contact Card on iPhone

  1. Access the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Contacts User Card.
  3. Tap the Contact Photo & Poster menu.
  4. Ensure the Name & Photo Sharing option is enabled.

    Tap your user card, Contact Photo and Poster, toggle on Name and photo sharing

Tip: Refer to our complete guide on how to set up personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17

How to use NameDrop in iOS 17

  1. Bring the iPhone closer to someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch to share your contact details.
    Make sure the devices are unlocked.
  2. As the NameDrop feature activates, your profile will be displayed on your screen.

    Access the NameDrop feature
  3. Now, you must select either the Receive Only or Share option from the interface.
    If one user selects Share, the other user must select Receive Only.
  4. In this instance, your contact cards will be shared gracefully.

    The shared user profile via NameDrop
  5. Now, as you attempt this process again, you’ll be prompted with the AirDrop notification.

    The Airdrop prompt via NameDrop


What is NameDrop in iOS 17?

NameDrop simplifies sharing contacts between Apple devices. It’s integrated into AirDrop for lightning-fast sharing, eliminating the need for manual input or third-party apps. Ideal for networking, collaborating, and sharing phone numbers and email addresses. Plus, the new contact posters in iOS 17 are cool.

How does NameDrop work on iPhone?

Just like AirDrop, NameDrop uses Bluetooth to share contacts, images, and files. Further, NameDrop uses the NFC chip on iPhones to make the transfer happen, so users need to make sure that the top parts of the iPhones are closer to each other.

Share your details on the go!

Sharing contacts has never been easier, thanks to the NameDrop feature integrated with the iOS 17 update. Gone are the days of painstakingly typing or manually entering contact details. With NameDrop, you can effortlessly exchange information, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to stay connected.

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