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How to use NameDrop in iOS 17 on iPhone

Of all the features Apple released with iOS 17, the one that caught everyone’s attention is NameDrop. It’s my personal favorite, too. NameDrop lets you share contact information with just a tap of two iPhones. However, the feature is helpful only if you know the right way to use it. Keep reading to learn how to set up and use NameDrop in iOS 17.

How NameDrop works on iPhone

It’s important to note that it does not indiscriminately share contact details with every nearby iPhone. 

  • For the data transmission to occur, the top ends of both iPhones must be near each other, utilizing near-field communication (NFC). NFC is designed for short-distance data transmission and requires a specific physical alignment.
  • It’s also crucial to understand that NameDrop requires the device owner’s consent to operate.
  • When NameDrop is triggered through the proximity gesture, the user’s contact information appears on their own screen. This provides both users with two options: Share, allowing them to share their contact information with the other person, and Receive Only, which enables them to receive the other person’s contact card without sharing their own.
  • This feature is designed with a consent-based mechanism to ensure user control over their personal information.
  • While it is true that your contact card could contain sensitive information like your name, email address, phone number, work and home address, picture, and birthday, the reality is that users have complete control over the information they put on their contact cards. 

This means you can decide which details to include in your contact poster, ensuring that only the information you are comfortable sharing is communicated via NameDrop.

As an added assurance, moving the devices away from each other or locking your device cancels the transfer process. So casually strolling with your phone in your pocket won’t likely lead to your contact card leaking without your consent.

How to set up NameDrop in iOS 17

To use NameDrop on iPhone, the participating devices must meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The devices must be running iOS 17 or later.
  • Enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop on both devices.
  • Both devices must be in close proximity to each other.

Further, to share contacts, you must enable NameDrop on iPhone, and your Contact Cards should allow Name and Photo sharing. Here’s how you can do the same:

Enable NameDrop on your iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to General AirDrop.
  3. Now simply toggle on Bringing Devices Together.

    General, AirDrop, Toggle on Bring devices Together

Enable Name & Photo Sharing for Contact Card on iPhone

  1. Access the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Contacts User Card.
  3. Tap the Contact Photo & Poster menu.
  4. Enable the Name & Photo Sharing option.

    Tap your user card, Contact Photo and Poster, toggle on Name and photo sharing

Tip: Refer to our complete guide on how to set up personalized Contact Posters in iOS 17

How to use NameDrop in iOS 17

  1. Bring the iPhone closer to someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch to share your contact details.
    Unlock both the devices.
  2. As the NameDrop feature activates, you will see the profile on your screen.

    Access the NameDrop feature
  3. Now, you must select either the Receive Only or Share option from the interface.
    If one user selects Share, the other user must select Receive Only.
  4. That’s all you need to do to share contact cards!

    The shared user profile via NameDrop
  5. Now, as you attempt this process again, you’ll see the AirDrop notification.

    The Airdrop prompt via NameDrop

Share your details on the go!

I am sure you have already started exchanging contacts using NameDrop on your iPhone. If you face any other difficulty in the process, feel free to reach out to me in the comments below.

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