In the wake of the ever-increasing cyber crime, it pays to be extra cautious. Hackers don't give us a second chance to secure our privacy or confidential data. So, why should we give them even an inch to track and trap us?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps are immensely helpful in keeping privacy completely secure while using the internet. They encrypt your data so that snoopers are not able to track you.

Best VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad

Though there are some top VPN apps for iPhone, these five are simply the best. They excel in keeping your data thoroughly confidential and letting you browse without needed freedom. Let's check them out!

Best iPhone and iPad VPN Apps

#1. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN iPhone and iPad App IconIPVanish VPN provides you complete online privacy. By securely hiding your IP address, it makes sure online advertising, as well as identity theft, remains miles away. It doesn't record or keep any logs. Important features like the network presence in more than 60 countries with 40,000+ shared IP addresses, access to over 500 VPN servers across the world, unlimited server switching, and automatic interval IP switching makes this VPN app highly user-friendly.

Price: Free
Download IPVanish VPN

#2. VPN by SurfEasy

VPN by SurfEasy iPhone and iPad App IconWith over 350 million users and more than 20 years of valuable experience, “SurfEasy” is one of the finest VPN apps in the world. The app hides your IP address and privacy and blocks all the traffic on your iPhone. It lets you browse the web and use apps with utmost security. Moreover, it doesn't keep your site login credentials.

Price: Free
Download VPN by SurfEasy

#3. ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN iPhone and iPad App Icon“ExpressVPN”¬† is excellent for browsing the internet with the needed privacy and security. This VPN offers 130 connection locations in 87 countries. It provides encryption with UDP, TCP, and IPsec protocols. Since there is no limit on server switches, you can change locations with complete freedom. The 24-hour customer support ensures all your queries are answered without any delay.

Price: Free
Download ExpressVPN

#4. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear Free VPN iPhone and iPad App Icon“TunnelBear” is perfect to browse the internet with more privacy and keep hackers at bay. The VPN app encrypts your data to ensure your confidentiality. It offers fast connection speeds in more than 20 countries. You get 500MB of free data each month to use the Internet without any restriction.

Price: Free
Download TunnelBear VPN

#5. Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN iPhone and iPad App IconIf you want to have more security while using public Wi-Fi, “Private Internet Access VPN” can be a top option. With this VPN app, you can encrypt your network traffic, change the IP address to browse anonymously. It creates several security layers to prevent snoopers, data hackers, from tracking you. Important features like 24/7 customer support and no traffic logs make this app a premium choice.

Price: Free
Download Private Internet Access VPN

#6. SaferVPN

SaferVPN iPhone App IconSaferVPN provides automatic Wi-Fi security and online privacy protection. As soon as you connect to any unsecured public Wi-Fi spot, it safeguards all of your sensitive data such as login credentials and bank details from hackers. It allows you to access your websites and social networks from anywhere in the world. The highest level of encryption ensures you have the needed privacy. The unlimited bandwidth and easy location switching let you continue to browse the web without any interruption.

Price: Free

#7. PureVPN

PureVPN iPhone App IconPureVPN, with more than 750 servers in over 140 countries, offers you complete privacy and security to browse the web safely. The hack-proof security on Wi-Fi hotspots shields your critical data from hackers. To let you stream videos or browse the web without any hindrance, it features several modes. It provides free 2GB bandwidth. It supports eight languages including English, German, French, Dutch Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, & Spanish.

Price: Free

#8. VPN by NordVPN

NordVPN iPhone App IconVPN by NordVPN offers a viable solution to keep hackers at bay and connect to public Wi-Fi with the required safeguard. It has more than 700 servers in over 50 countries. With it, you can instantly connect to your preferred network to select the best available server. It allows you to check out all the available servers in a particular country. The user menu lets you instantly check out your account information as well as manage custom setting as per need.

Price: Free

#9. StrongVPN

StrongVPN iPhone App IconStrongVPN is endowed with advanced features to keep your data secure at all cost. With this VPN app, you will be able to create a private virtual tunnel between your device and its network to browse the web safely. The robust encryption works as an impregnable shield for your personal information like bank account or passwords. As it has absolutely no- login policy, your online activity won't be recorded.

Price: Free

That's it!

Which one of these VPN apps has got maximum votes from you? Do let us know your views in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more such helpful posts.

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