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As we approach the 2020s, a growing awareness of internet privacy is defining our cultural conversation. We’re becoming more conscious of its impact on our individual freedoms. How is our information monitored and used online? Who’s making a profit?

Cybersecurity is a new frontier for personal and civil liberties. Internet users are often trapped in imbalanced relationships with massive corporations, and some citizens even find themselves pitted against their own governments. Without the right tools, it’s a losing battle.

That could be changing now, thanks in part to a service that’s gained traction in recent years: virtual private networks, or VPNs. What are they, how do they work, and why should you choose NordVPN?

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

A VPN is a simple tool that helps users protect their privacy online. From geographical location to specific browsing information, it lets you choose exactly how much data you want to make public.

What is a VPN

When you connect your device to the internet and navigate from page to page, you’re sending a stream of data through your internet service provider (or ISP). Passwords, banking information, DNS requests – it can all be monitored and tracked by your ISP.

Worse still, they can log and store that information for later. Your browsing data can then be sold to third-party companies, passed to government agencies, or stolen by hackers.

If you haven’t protected your device, even the initial connection isn’t safe: anyone with the right tools can access your data. Do you often use public hotspots – the Wi-Fi on a train, for example, or in a coffee shop? If so, you’re at risk.

This is Where Companies like NordVPN Come into Play

When you switch on your VPN, an encrypted tunnel is established between your device and a remote server elsewhere on the globe. Now all of your online traffic – data, passwords, DNS requests, and more – will move along this tunnel, wrapped in the VPN’s encryption.

If anyone tries to intercept and spy on that data, all they’ll be able to access is indecipherable gibberish. In fact, even your ISP will be unable to follow your activity online.

Protect IP Address with NordVPN

You’re not completely off the grid, of course. Whoever provides you internet service will be able to see your IP address and they’ll know that you’re using a VPN.

Likewise, if you choose to log onto a site like Facebook, your movements will be visible to the owners of that site. The strength of a VPN is that it allows you to choose who gets to see those movements.

It’s a bit like putting all your data inside an impenetrable box, which you then send to a trusted friend. Even if someone can see the box, they can’t access what’s inside. That trusted friend – a VPN, in this case – can unlock the encryption with their key, but no one can trace the data back to you.

Why Use a VPN?

Everyone will have their own reasons to use a VPN, but broadly speaking, there are three key motivators in seeking out this service.

Security is important for anyone sending or receiving sensitive information online. Whether you’re trying to protect your bank details from hackers or avoid damaging malware, a VPN is going to encrypt and protect your data. No one can see your passwords or break into your device.

Privacy is another major concern for many VPN users. From casual everyday browsing to online activism in a surveillance state, you don’t want someone looking over your shoulder. VPNs shield you from the eyes of corporations, government agencies, and criminals.

Protect Your Online Activity with NordVPN

Easy content access is a third reason many are now turning to VPNs. Moving your IP address around the globe with a VPN lets you slip past firewalls and reach blocked content. If your ISP or your government wants to limit what you see, this might be the solution.

Are you trying to access US Netflix in the UK? Do you need to log onto Facebook in China? Having a VPN can unblock restricted content wherever you are.

So Why NordVPN? It Provides Military-Grade Encryption

So you’ve decided that you want to keep your online presence private and secure. Why sign up to NordVPN?

Using military-grade encryption, NordVPN Keeps your browsing activity completely protected. They use their own DNS servers and route your traffic through IP addresses in 59 different countries.

Servers on NordVPN

Remember what we said earlier about ISPs recording your data? Well, NordVPN has a strict “No Logs” policy. This means that although they can see your online traffic in real-time, they don’t keep any records.

NordVPN won’t record your activity or sell it to advertisers. You’ll never need to worry about the authorities accessing the logs because the logs don’t exist. This principle is key to understanding the appeal of the service.

With a single NordVPN account, you’ll be able to protect your data across up to six devices. That can be especially useful if you’re traveling abroad. Now you can keep your phone, laptop, and other gadgets secure, wherever you go.

There are even dedicated apps for Android and iOS, allowing for seamless multi-device integration. Add a 24-hour customer support service, and you’ve got quite a deal.

That’s the beauty of the NordVPN experience – this tool empowers the consumer to engage with the internet on their own terms. Do you feel as though you’re powerless to control your privacy online? This is the product that hands ownership back to individual citizens.

It’s not free. NordVPN offers a range of features across several tiers. These are payable over whatever span of time is best for you. At current rates, you can pay $119.76 for two years, $83.88 for one year, or $11.95 if you’d prefer monthly billing. While the price might deter potential users, you’d struggle to find a better service on the market.


NordVPN has left nothing to your imagination. You can download and use this service on all your devices. The VPN service is compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

The Verdict

VPNs have a key role to play in empowering consumers. If you want to maintain your digital autonomy in the 21st century, NordVPN is as good as it gets.

It’s a versatile service that you can customize to your specific needs. Grounded on strong ethical principles and the latest technology, NordVPN could be an essential tool in the coming decade.

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