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iGBAccessoriesAccessories for iPad Pro M4: Let's be more productive

Accessories for iPad Pro M4: Let’s be more productive

Apple revealed the all-new iPad Pro lineup at the Let Loose event. As speculated, the iPad Pro models have a brand-new M4 chip and a much-anticipated tandem OLED display. While you can efficiently use the M4 iPad Pro as a standalone device, adding a few must-have accessories can enhance its functionality and boost your productivity.

To introduce you to the right products, I have compiled this list of the best accessories for M4 iPad Pro (13-inch and 11-inch). Explore each one in detail to get the most out of your iPad Pro!

Must have accessories for iPad Pro 13-inch and 11-inch (M4)

This list of the best accessories for the M4 iPad Pro includes the finest cases, stands, headphones, stylus, and other products you can get right now.

Each entry was chosen after considering various factors, such as functionality, user reviews, compatibility, value for money, and more. Additionally, I prioritized accessories from reputable brands to ensure quality and long-term reliability.

Whether you are a professional user, student, or creative enthusiast, accessories here cater to all your needs. So, without further delay, let’s get your cart ready!

  1. Spigen Air Skin Pro case
  2. Screen Protector for M4 iPad Pro
  3. Apple Pencil Pro
  4. Apple Magic Keyboard
  5. ESR Ascend Keyboard Case Pencil Bundle
  6. Logitech Pebble Keys 2 K380s
  7. Anker USB C Hub
  8. Bluetooth Headphones for your iPad Pro
  9. Sketchboard Pro 2
  10. Sleeve cases for iPad Pro M4
  11. Sandisk 1TB Extreme Pro Portable SS
  12. iPad Stand
  13. Magic Trackpad or Bluetooth mouse for iPad Pro M4

1. Spigen Air Skin Pro case

Spigen Air Skin Pro case for iPad Pro

The M4 iPad Pro 2024, with a thickness of 5.1mm, is the thinnest Apple product ever! Since protecting it against accidental bumps and drops is extremely important, you must get the Spigen Air Skin Pro case. It’s one of the best cases for the new M4 iPad Pro; I’ve been using the same case on my iPad Pro 6th gen, and trust me, it is worth every penny.

When folded, the case protects your iPad with air cushion corners and acts as a stand. It also has a built-in Pencil holder, so you can securely place your Apple Pencil when not in use.

Moreover, the magnetic front cover automatically wakes up your iPad when opened and puts it back to sleep mode when you close it. Thus, you won’t have to press the Power button to unlock the iPad. Amazing, right?

You can buy the product from both Spigen and Amazon. However, with the discounted price, getting it through Amazon would be a better choice.

Price: Spigen – $64.99 | Amazon – $41.99

View at: Spigen | Amazon

2. Screen Protector for iPad Pro M4

Screen Protector for iPad Pro

No matter how strong Apple claims the nano-texture glass on the iPad Pro is, it is still susceptible to scrapes and scratches. This is why a good-quality tempered glass screen protector is a must-have accessory for your iPad Pro 2024.

SPARIN would be my top recommendation for the 13-inch iPad Pro, while ESR should do a great job on the 11-inch model.

While the SPARIN screen protector offers superior durability and scratch resistance compared to plastic screen protectors, ESR’s paper-like screen protector can enhance your sketching experience.

In fact, the ESR matte screen protector replicates the texture of paper, reduces glare, and gives you the feeling that you are sketching on your drawing pad instead of an iPad.

Price (Pack of 2): SPARIN – $14.99 | ESR – $13.99

View at Amazon: SPARIN | ESR

3. Apple Pencil Pro

Apple Pencil Pro

Launched alongside the iPad Pro 2024, the Apple Pencil Pro is a must-have accessory for creative and pro users alike.

While the Apple Pencil Pro might look similar to other Apple Pencils from the outside, it comes with significant upgrades on the inside. The barrel roll, haptic feedback, and squeeze-to-access tools features make it easy for designers to have precise control over the tools they use.

Moreover, the Cupertino-giant finally listened to users’ demands with Apple Pencil Pro and added the much-needed Find My support. So you no longer have to worry the next time you misplace your Apple Pencil Pro.

Price: $129

View at: Apple

4. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

If you are a student who mostly uses the iPad Pro to take notes or attend online classes, you should get Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It features a fully functional backlit keyboard and a large trackpad, transforming the iPad Pro into a powerful & portable workstation.

The floating design ensures that you enjoy streaming content from various viewing angles. Moreover, the built-in Type-C connector ensures that your iPad is never out of charge while you work.

Trust me, once you start using your iPad Pro with Apple Magic Keyboard, you won’t ever want to switch back to your bulky laptop.

Price: $349

View at: Apple | Amazon

5. ESR Ascend Keyboard Case Pencil Bundle

ESR Ascend Keyboard Case Pencil Bundle for iPad Pro

If you don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars on Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard, the ESR Ascend Keyboard case pencil bundle is your best bet. While you might not get as many features as the Apple Pencil Pro, the price difference makes this ESR bundle a value-for-money addition to your M4 iPad Pro.

The keyboard case features a precision-engineered protective case, a fully functional keyboard for the writers, and an integrated trackpad for seamless navigation and control.

Also, the foldable stand offers versatile viewing angles, making this bundle ideal for media consumption and FaceTime calls.

All of the above factors make the ESR Ascend keyboard case one of the best keyboard cases for iPad Pro.

Price: ESR – $104.99 | Amazon – $75.99

Vew at: ESR | Amazon

6. Logitech Pebble Keys 2 K380s

Logitech Pebble Keys 2 K380s for M4 iPad Pro

For those who don’t want to fuss over heavy keyboard cases, this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is an ideal pick. The wireless keyboard has Bluetooth 5.1 capability, so you won’t experience connection lags between your iPad and the keyboard.

The keys stay quiet while providing tactile feedback. As a writer, I have never experienced the same thing with keyboard cases. Further, this wireless keyboard can stay connected to up to three devices with different operating systems, and you can switch between them instantly.

Moreover, instead of a built-in rechargeable battery, this keyboard features 3 AAA batteries, which the brand claims can last months.

Price: $32.99

View at: Amazon

7. Anker USB C Hub

Anker USB C Hub for M4 iPad Pro

While the latest M4 chips deliver on the power front, the 13-inch screen may not always satisfy your viewing needs. In that case, you use the HDMI port of the Anker USB-C hub to connect your iPhone to a Monitor with a bigger screen.

Besides the HDMI port, the Anker USB-C comes with many other ports such as USB-A, USB-C, headphone jack, and SD card slot, which you can use to connect a whole new set of accessories with your iPad Pro.

Price: $39.99

View at: Amazon

8. Bluetooth headphones or AirPods

Airpods pro 2 earbuds

Let’s be honest; not everyone buys an iPad Pro for creative work. Many iPad Pro users have bought the device to consume content on the go. And for those users, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd gen) is a perfect companion.

The AirPods Pro offers the best possible sound quality, active noise cancellation capability, and the advantage of the Apple Ecosystem. With seamless integration with other Apple devices, you can easily switch between the iPad Pro and other Apple devices without missing a beat.

However, if the in-ear earbuds are not your thing and you don’t want to spend much money on AirPods Max headphones, you can go for the affordable Beats Studio3 headphones.

These wireless over-the-ear headphones deliver exceptional sound quality, feature active noise cancellation, and offer a comfortable fit. Furthermore, their long battery life ensures that you won’t have to worry about them going off in the middle of your journey.

Price: AirPods Pro – $169 | Beat Studio 3 – $159

View at Amazon: AirPods Pro | Beat Studio 3

9. Sketchboard Pro 2

Sketchboard Pro 2 for iPad pro

Drawing or sketching on the 13-inch iPad Pro model is bliss, as it sits comfortably on your lap without much shaking. Sadly, the same is not true for the 11-inch iPad Pro model. That’s exactly where the Sketchborad Pro 2 comes in handy. It enhances the drawing experience on the smaller iPad Pro by providing stability and a larger surface area.

Furthermore, the Sketchboard Pro 2 features adjustable legs, allowing you to tilt it to the desired position and place it anywhere to sketch comfortably. Besides, the sketch board also features an Apple Pencil slot to store it when not in use and a slot to connect a charging cable to an iPad.

Price: $129

View at: Amazon

10. Sleeve for iPad Pro M4

Sleeve for iPad Pro

Many iPad Pro users don’t want to cage it in a protective case and enjoy the form factor of the slimmest Apple device ever. However, carrying the iPad Pro without a protective case would be a huge mistake. That’s where the iPad Pro sleeves come in handy.

You can safely secure your iPad Pro in a sleeve while not using it to prevent the Ultra XDR Retina display from getting unwanted scratches. These iPad sleeves also help you carry your iPad Pro securely while traveling.

But which sleeve should you choose? Well, I have got two options for you. The first is the elegant-looking Harber London’s Magnetic Envelope Sleeve tailored specifically for the M4 iPad Pro. It comes with a magnetic enclosure to secure your iPad, scratch-free internal material, and a charge-through system for the iPad. Besides this, the Harber London magnetic iPad sleeve is made from full-grain leather and comes in two color options – Tan and Black.

Another option if you want a little extra is the Tomtoc Portfolio case—or, say, a briefcase for your iPad Pro. This case not only has a dedicated space for the iPad but also comes with different compartments to store the charger, cables, or other gadgets (as shown in the image). This is perfect for users who want their peripherals to stay organized in a secure space.

Price: Harber London Magnetic Sleeve – $95 | tomtoc Portfolio case – $41.99

View at: Harber London | tomtoc Portfolio on Amazon

11. Sandisk 1TB Extreme Pro Portable SS

Portable Sandisk for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2024 has a new video editing app, Final Cut Pro 2, tailored specifically for it. The app supports live multicam feeds, and you can switch to editing those videos in an instant. However, editing and storing those large videos requires a lot of free space on your iPad.

Yes, the iPad Pro does have 1TB or 2 TB storage variants, but they will burn a hole in your pocket. In that case, you must use a portable SSD storage drive with a Type-C connector to store all your important files at a nominal price.

Price: $124.99

View at: Amazon

12. iPad Stand

Stand for iPad Pro

Trust me when I say this, once you start working with a multi-display setup, there’s no going back. With a screen size of 13 inches, the iPad Pro can easily act as the secondary monitor in your multi-display setup.

Many iPad cases feature a foldable lid that works as a stand; however, a dedicated stand that can hold your iPad at the same height as your monitor is always an ideal choice.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo stand for iPad Pro 2024 comes with a weighted base to keep the setup stable and an adjustable arm for height adjustment. Moreover, it also features surface clamps to ensure your iPad is secure when at a certain height.

You can even use this stand to replace your regular monitor with your 13-inch iPad Pro.

Price: $59.99

View at: Amazon

13. Magic Trackpad or Bluetooth mouse for iPad Pro M4

Apple Magic Trackpad

If you are going to buy a wireless keyboard as an accessory for iPad Pro, you’ll need a wireless mouse, too. And what’s better than a wireless mouse? A Magic Trackpad. Apple’s Magic Trackpad has built-in sensors that detect different amounts of applied pressure to perform a single or double-click function.

The Magic Trackpad has such vast real estate that even big-handed users can efficiently perform the scroll and swipe gestures. Its incredible, long-lasting battery ensures you are not left hanging while working on an important project.

However, if your budget is an issue, you can use a traditional wireless Bluetooth mouse for your iPad Pro, such as the Logitech Pebble. Staying true to its name, The Logitech Pebble wireless mouse adorns a modern, slim, and pebble-shaped that feels aesthetic with the iPad Pro. Also, it can do everything the Magic Trackpad can at one-fourth the price.

Price: Apple Magic Trackpad – $92.80 | Pebble Wireless Mouse – $24

View at Amazon: Apple Magic Trackpad | Logitech Pebble wireless mouse

Summing up…

These are the best M4 iPad Pro 2024 accessories you can buy right now. Whether you want to protect the display, boost your productivity, consume media on the go, or add a chic look to your iPad, you’ll find everything on this list. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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