Best Game Controllers for iPad Pro

Best Game Controllers for iPad Pro

Packed in with robust specs, “iPad Pro” is an absolute beast. Aside from being a top-notch gadget for media consumption, the tablet also excels in providing a great gaming experience. Some action-packed games require more responsive and tactile controls than the ones offered by the touchscreen display. And this is where the best game controllers for the iPad Pro come into the picture. These gamepads come with pressure-sensitive buttons so that you can match the wicked speed of your supercar or shoot out terrorists with more precision. Dive right in to discover what’s more they have to offer!

1. Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i

Mad Catz Micro Game Controller Made for iPad Pro

I’m a big fan of “Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i.” This game controller looks modish and has exceptionally responsive buttons. Plus, the smooth-textured sides make it more comfortable to hold.

It provides better controllers and offers multiplayer support. That means, up to 4 Micro C.T.R.L.i controllers can seamlessly connect to the same iPad.

Thus, you will enjoy playing games like Skylanders: Trap Team, FIFA 15, Real Racing 3 with your friends.

Even better, it comes with high-capacity AAA batteries that can run up to 40 hours on a single charge.

USP: Multiplayer support
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2. GameSir M2

GameSir M2 iPad Pro Game Controller

What stands out for “GameSir M2” is the stylish design. The metallic design coupled with the anti-skid texture gives it a nice look.

This MFi certified gamepad has granular rubber on either side, which makes it anti-slippery. Plus, it has pressure-sensitive buttons which provide more responsive feedback.

Courtesy the LED buttons; you won’t have any problem in getting on top of your games even in the night. Lastly, this joypad comes with a solid 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery that delivers extended playtime.

USP: Elegant profile with anti-skid texture
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iPEGA iPad Pro Game Controller

Simply put, “KINGAR” is an affordable ($42.99) gamepad controller. It has a simple design and features responsive buttons, allowing you to play any power-packed games immaculately.

The anti-slip sides ensure your thumb will find it comfortable to hold the joystick. As the game controller is lightweight, you will be able to easily carry it anywhere.

Thanks to the high-quality Li-battery, KINGAR is fully equipped to provide up to 20 hours of playtime. In most cases, 20 hours of battery life may just be good enough.

USP: Affordable yet pretty good option
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4. Vanpower

Vanpower Bluetooth Game Controller for iPad Pro

If you are in quest of a low-priced yet decent gamepad for your iPad Pro, give a try to “Vanpower.”

It has a good-looking design, featuring clicky buttons. Due mainly to the textured rubber, you will feel comfortable holding it. Thus, you can speed up your hypercars or eliminate monsters with the desired flair.

The one notable feature of this affordable joypad is the 400mAh battery which provides up to 40 hours of playtime.

USP: 40 hours of playtime
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TNP Products Game Controller for iPad Pro

“TNP PXN” appears to be a solid game controller and promises to deliver a console-grade gaming experience. The MFi certification makes it fully compatible to work with your iPad. It has a lightweight design and sports smooth sides to prevent slipping.

The sensitive buttons offer enhanced response so controlling the gamepad-supported games will be a lot easy for you. Take advantage of dual analog sticks, analog triggers, and color-coded action buttons to have desired control over your games.

USP: Color-coded action buttons
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That’s pretty much it! Assuming, you found my favorite game controllers up to the mark.

What’s your top bet?

Now that you’ve got a super handy controller to go ahead and take on your rivals fiercely. And smartly progress through the top of the leaderboard. Along the way, also take part in special events and complete all the missions to grab plenty of coveted rewards!

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  1. Are all of these controllers Bluetooth? I really a looking for something that’s direct connection the the iPad. Xcloud has a little latency issue with the Bluetooth controllers but the latency is cut in half with wired controller. Right now the wired is the way to go, so any wired option you could recommend? I have the razor KISHI and thinking about gettting the backbone for my girlfriend because those re the est fir gaming in the market at this point. I know there’s no options like the backbone or kishi for iPad but anything you know about that is wired directly to the iPad? Thank you for any help you can give sir!!


  2. Of course Kishi and Backbone are great options. If you want another one you can always check out Rotor Riot as well as Gamevice. These aren’t as expensive as the Backbone or Kishi, but they can get the job done for you.

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