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Best Apple Arcade games for iPhone in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of iPhone gaming, Apple’s Arcade platform has never disappointed. Let’s push the limits a bit further while this gaming haven continues to dazzle the iPhone community.

Today, from action games to adventure and arcade games to mind-bending puzzles, we’ll explore a variety of games today. Excited? Well, here are the best Apple Arcade games for iPhone. Let’s get started.

1. Angry Birds: Reloaded – Editor’s Choice

Angry Birds Reloaded

Giving a heavy dose of nostalgia, Angry Birds: Reloaded is a go-to choice for many casual gamers. With a unique blend of classic gameplay mechanics and innovative features, this game stands as one of the best Apple Arcade games for iPhone.

Built upon the legacy of the classic Angry Birds game, this iteration is composed of intricate puzzles, providing players with a fresh and engaging experience. This version further introduces gamers to new birds with distinctive characteristics with level designs that add depth and challenge to each stage.

Being an Arcade subscriber, you can enjoy stunning graphics, vibrant colors, and detailed animations that bring your iPhone to life. Angry Birds: Reloaded is a game that includes fun features such as a global leaderboard and playful characters.

Resulting in a fun and competitive environment that will keep you engaged throughout the game. Now enjoy hours of immersive entertainment dedicated to avid gamers with this high-quality game available at your disposal.


2. NBA 2K23: Arcade Edition – The Return of the Greats

NBA 2K23: Arcade Edition

This game is a must-have for basketball enthusiasts as it combines the excitement of sports and the addictive nature of arcade games in a single place.

The game is packed with eye-catching graphics and realistic player models. You will be transported straight into the heart of a high-stakes NBA match. The gameplay mechanics are flawlessly executed, offering smooth controls and perfectly timed animations that make every move feel incredibly responsive and true to life.

Wait! There’s more. NBA 2K23 is further enriched with a wide array of customizable options, so you can curate a unique character that suits your gaming style. So let this wave of immersive gameplay, graphics, and customizable features captivate your attention now!


3. Ridiculous Fishing EX – Mass destruction of innocent Sea


As we move ahead, it’s time to greet Ridiculous Fishing EX. From the home of Vlambeer, this critically acclaimed title is a blend of addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and an engaging storyline. Literally, what more could you ask for?

Ridiculous Fishing EX revolves around the absurd concept of a fisherman who throws his line into the water, catches as many fish as possible, then flings them into the sky before shooting them down with various firearms. The intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through different levels and upgrade your equipment, adding an element of progression to the gameplay.

With a wide range of exotic fishes to catch and unique water bodies to explore, this game ensures that you have enough challenges on your hand. With its charming pixel art style and catchy soundtrack, Ridiculous Fishing EX will undoubtedly captivate gamers and keep them hooked for hours on end.


4. Alto’s Adventure: Remastered – Easy to learn, difficult to master

Altos-Adventure arcade game for iPhone

Those who are well-equipped with gaming terminologies must realize the importance of the word, Remastered. It simply presents a better and improved version of the game. The same verifies for Altos Adventure: Remastered, the critically acclaimed mobile title enriched with captivating gameplay and stunning visuals of the original game.

Players can effortlessly embark on a serene snowboarding journey through mesmerizing landscapes with this masterpiece on their iPhone. It features dynamic weather systems and realistic physics that add layers of authenticity to every trick performed.

The tranquil sound design further complements the overall atmosphere, ensuring players feel completely engrossed in this enchanting adventure. The seamless controls and meticulously designed levels of Altos Adventure: Remastered in nothing but pure bliss.

With amazing attention to detail and stunning graphics, this game is set to provide an outstanding gaming experience to both casual and seasoned gamers.


5. Subway Surfers Tag – Skate, grind, tag, and escape!


With immersive gameplay and an engaging storyline, take part in a thrilling experience like never before with Subway Surfers Tag. The game forces you to find a way through obstacles and challenges coming along your way. Its stunning graphics bring the bustling city to life and create a visually captivating experience.

Subway Surfers Tag features a unique tagging mechanic, where players can spray graffiti on different surfaces across the city while avoiding capture from authorities. This innovative aspect adds an exciting twist to the traditional endless runner genre, keeping players hooked for hours on end.

The game’s intuitive controls make it easy for both casual gamers and experienced players alike to jump right into the action, ensuring maximum enjoyment for all. With regular updates introducing new levels, characters, and rewards, Subway Surfers Tag continues to deliver fresh content and keep its player base entertained.


6. Samurai Jack – Battle through time


If you’re looking for a heavy dose of action, then don’t fret, as I have something for you as well. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Samurai Jack, a sword-based, intense fighting game. Developed by Adult Swim Games, the game successfully captures the essence of the iconic animated series. The game perfectly balances action-packed swordplay and strategic decision-making with a flawless combat system.

iPhone players take on the role of Samurai Jack in a visually stunning world that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese art with modern elements. Furthermore, as the story proceeds, you must embark on a journey to take down Aku, the archnemesis, and restore peace to the land. The well-crafted levels and challenging boss battles will definitely keep you on for hours.

For those who dig the story and smooth gameplay, Samurai Jack is simply the right choice for you. The game is composed of a captivating storyline and remarkable voice acting that draws fans of the show even deeper into this beloved universe. Overall, Samurai Jack is unquestionably one of the best games available on Apple Arcade.


7. Hello Kitty Island Adventure – Island adventures await


Here is something that will appeal to both children and adults with charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and memorable characters. The game takes players on a delightful journey to explore Hello Kitty’s magical island, where you can Run, climb, and glide around a mysterious island. It is suitable for those who are looking for a way to unleash their creative sides on their iPhones.

This magical world allows you to dive deep into the ocean, cook dishes, craft tools, snap selfies, and much more. As absurd as it may sound, you can even turn into a mermaid. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers a seamless gaming experience that keeps players entertained for hours on end.

And don’t worry about running out of things to do, as constant updates will bring along new features to try out and present something new to discover. The vibrant visuals, captivating soundtrack, and heartwarming storyline make Hello Kitty Island Adventure a standout title on Apple Arcade.


8. My Bowling 3D+ – Ten Pin Bowling game


Offering an immersive and realistic gaming experience, here’s another masterpiece to blow your minds. Meet My Bowling 3D+, a personal bowling simulation for those who couldn’t make it to the alley today. With its intuitive controls, players can easily perform accurate shots with different spin techniques, adding an element of skill and strategy to the gameplay.

The game offers a wide range of customizable options, such as ball types, lane conditions, and various challenging scenarios for players to test their true bowling prowess. It boasts stunning graphics and precise physics that make you feel like you’re actually in a bowling alley.

You can further invite your friends to take part in the fun. It allows you to form a seamless connection with friends via multiplayer modes and take part in global tournaments as well. Overall, this engaging and visually stunning game truly stands out as one of the top offerings on Apple Arcade.


9. Farmside – Farm by the sea with friends

Farmside apple arcade game for iPhone

By now, we’ve explored a series of mind-curling genres in iPhone gaming. So let’s tone it down a bit. I’d recommend spending some precious time with your family and friends at Farmside. Set in a picturesque rural setting, Farmside combines elements of simulation, strategy, and adventure to create truly addictive gameplay.

You must come up with creative ways to manage your own farm, from growing and harvesting crops to taking care of livestock and expanding your business accordingly. If you’re graphic-centric, then you won’t be disappointed, as it features beautiful landscapes and realistic animations to bring the farming world to life.

It further delivers new objectives and goals to achieve, making each session feel fresh and exciting. Gamers have the luxury of taking their time and utilizing the available customization features. They can personalize their farm to their liking or enhance the gameplay with an additional creative layer. With Farmside, your search to find an authentic open-world game can finally come to an end.


10. TMNT Splintered Fate – Multiplayer rogue-like action


Presenting your all-time favorites, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This game can captivate you right from the first mission. The game’s dynamic combat system allows for seamless transitions between characters, letting players utilize each turtle’s unique skills during heated battles against iconic DC villains.

Let me assure you, with a storyline in this engaging and well-crafted environment for your iPhone, you’ll be hooked for hours before you know it. Embark on a new journey of secrets and unravel the mysteries within this iteration of the beloved DC franchise. I mean, who knows, you might find Batman lurking around.

With an array of customization options available at your disposal, you can enhance your gaming experience to the last-minute detail. So, believe me, when I say this, whether you are a fan of the turtles or simply seeking an exceptional gaming experience on Apple Arcade, TMNT Splintered Fate is undoubtedly worth exploring.


11. Jetpack Joyride 2 – Jetpacks unleashed!


Being a Gen-Z, you cannot deny the fact that you haven’t played the OG Jetpack Joyride. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this sequel takes you to new heights with addictive gameplay and smooth gaming mechanics. Levels filled with obstacles and collectibles await you. So, grab your jetpack and launch away.

With stunning graphics and a smooth gliding experience, the controls are very well-optimized for your iPhone screen. Moreover, the in-game progression system keeps unlocking new power-ups, upgrades, and costumes along the journey.

You will experience the captivating new HD graphics, animations, mechanics, and gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Finally, the frequent updates will bring along a ton of new features to try out. Overall, Jetpack Joyride 2 showcases the best of what Apple Arcade has to offer, fun-filled action combined with impressive visuals and seamless gameplay mechanics.


12. Warped Kart Racers – Race them all


Developed by a team of seasoned professionals, this Warped Kart Racers is equipped with innovative gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals. The game boasts meticulously crafted tracks that are filled with challenging obstacles, sharp turns, and breathtaking environments.

Best of all, popular stars from all-time favorite shows – American Dad, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Solar Opposites – will make your day. Moreover, the in-game controls are incredibly responsive, allowing you to effortlessly drift and crash into your opponents with your favorite characters on the wheels. You can further customize your avatar and vehicles, taking a personalized experience to a new level.

With 16 drawn maps from fan-favorite episodes, you can enjoy the extensive single-player mode or take part in 8-player multiplayer matches. Complete daily challenges to lay your hands on new carts, characters, skins, and customization. All in all, Warped Kart Racers is a top-tier Apple Arcade game that deserves your attention.


13. LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles – RTS multiplayer PVP game


If the force is strong with you, then you’re going to love this one. Presenting LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles, a strategically inclined multiplayer game that combines our all-time favorite LEGO universe with the iconic Star Wars franchise to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Right from the haven of TT Games, this game is filled with a mind-curling of action and adventure.

LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles stands out as a true gem in the Apple Arcade catalog. With its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and deep customization options, players can seamlessly construct their own bases and take part in action. The ability to strategically deploy characters from all eras of the Star Wars saga adds depth and variety to the gameplay.

As players progress, they can unlock new characters, upgrade their forces, and refine their strategies for even more challenging battles against friends or online opponents. With its impeccable attention to detail and polished gameplay mechanics, LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles undoubtedly earn a spot among the best games available on Apple Arcade.


14. Iron Marines+ – Sci-Fi space battle game


Ready to explore space on your very own customized spaceship? Here’s the good news, your wait is over. Ironhide Studio presents a real-time strategy-based game all set to captivate you in a futuristic universe with Iron Marines+. Now you must lead your squad of space marines in action-packed missions and triumph over your enemies.

With stunning graphics, impressive animations, and intuitive controls, Iron Marines+ will not let you down. But remember, this game asks for much for than fun. It features a wide range of challenging levels that test both strategic thinking and tactical skills. With a trove of weapons at your disposal, you must plan, attack, and defeat your enemies following a well-devised plan.

You can further upgrade units, unlock weapons and abilities, and customize your base as you desire. While the story is compelling in the best possible ways, the gaming mechanics are pure bliss to use. And don’t worry; the regular updates from the developers will not let you get bored and keep mind-twisting challenges coming at you.


15. Cut the Rope Remastered – Om Nom is back


If you’re looking for some challenging puzzles, then you’re in the right place. Offering a fresh and enhanced take on the golden physics-based puzzle game, welcome Cut the Rope. This remastered version presents players with even more challenging levels, improved graphics, and smoother gameplay.

The game follows Om Nom, an adorable green creature who loves candy but needs help to satisfy his sweet tooth. You must navigate through various obstacles and strategically cut ropes to ensure Om Nom gets his candy. With its intuitive touch controls and clever level design, Cut the Rope Remastered offers hours of engaging gameplay suitable for all ages.

Additionally, the game’s charming visuals, coupled with catchy sound effects, create an immersive experience that seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary gaming. It is undoubtedly a standout title in Apple Arcade’s extensive library and a must-play for puzzle enthusiasts longing for nostalgic fun laced with modern improvements.


Get, set, game!

In a world where gaming on the iPhone is as diverse as the stars, Apple Arcade presents its own constellation. The titles we discussed so far just don’t entertain but take you away in realms you never imagined. So, whether you’re embarking on an epic quest, solving enigmatic puzzles, or simply indulging in some casual fun, Apple Arcade is your gateway to a universe of gaming brilliance.

Thank you for reading. With so many options at your disposal, take a moment to comment on your favorite game of this collection.

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