13 Best Apple Arcade Games for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

If you are an enthusiastic gamer and like to try these exciting games out, we are listing below some of the best Apple Arcade games for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. We are sure that every moment you spend playing these games will be worth it.

Best Apple Arcade Games You Can Play on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

#1. Bleak Sword

Bleak Sword Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Imagine the atmosphere of the Dark Souls games, then put them through an 8-bit filter, and you have Bleak Sword, Devolver’s newest low-fi action RPG. Dodge and slash monsters to pieces by swiping quickly. Incredibly fast and exciting to play, this game is a lot of fun, and looks super-cool to boot.


#2. Assemble With Care

Assemble With Care Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Ustwo Games, famed for the two amazing Monument Valley games, now present Assemble With Care. An antique restorer on a working holiday, you play as Maria, and you mend their most treasured objects as you get to know the inhabitants of the town of Bellariva. The story may sometimes get a bit rough, but it’s incredibly sweet and beautiful.


#3. Spelldrifter

Spelldrifter Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

This turn-based tactical RPG is deep, tense, and comes blessed with some excellent artwork. The only gripe with this game is its card-playing elements, which feel more like an afterthought.

Deckbuilding can be a very fashionable and rewarding genre. However, blending it into an RPG framework is easier said than done. Spelldrifter waits for a while before giving you full control over your cards, and after that, you end up constructing your deck between fights rather than in-game. It feels more like Magic: The Gathering than Ascension. The cards look beautiful, but mostly consist of attacks, heal and buffs; you don’t get a lot of the interesting combos and synergies found in a lot of other card games.


#4. Red Reign

Red Reign Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Red Reign is a cute real-time strategy game which appears to be a blend of both Kingdom Rush and old-school WoW. The game has nice visuals, but the controls get quite a bit awkward.


#5. Projection: First Light

Projection First Light Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Projection: First Light gives off strong Limbo vibes, but instead of using shadows to invoke an atmosphere of dread, it feels more magical.

Set in a world full of shadow puppets, the idea is to manipulate the light source to change shadows for progressing through the levels. While it’s quite a clever and well-done gimmick, it takes quite a while to progress, and the controls can get a little frustrating, something the game also shares with Limbo.


#6. Dear Reader

Dear Reader Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Dear Reader is a word game where you go through several literary classics where you rearrange some scrambled sentences and tap on mistakes with the spelling. The presentation is quite lovely, but in the end, it can get a tiny bit dull.


#7. Big Time Sports

Big Time Sports Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

In gameplay terms, Big-Time Sports is more of filler than anything else, largely following the overdone tradition of pressing buttons based on timers or just as fast as possible. The oversized characters are a joy, however. Events such as football turned out to be a lot of fun, but most can get quite boring.


#8. Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Card of Darkness was made in partnership with Pendleton Ward, the creators of Adventure Time, and it definitely shows. It’s more than just a pretty face; however, with a quite elegant and captivating design with masses of complexity.


#9. What The Golf?

What The Golf Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

This peculiar and honestly funny sports simulator has some incredible ingenuity. The courses often feature things such as exploding barrels, cats, and runaway cars, and sometimes, you might even find yourself playing with a cow or a carpet instead of a ball. Just as you feel that the developers have exhausted the potential of the format, they end up surprising you again and again.


#10. Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae and the Seven Sirens Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

This is an incredibly polished platformer where Shantae, a half-naked half-genie, jumps around the screen, killing enemies with her hair and magic. Those who are fans of the series won’t be disappointed at all, although the on-screen controls are mediocre at best. You may end up hitting attack instead of jump, and vice-versa at dangerous moments, made worse by the fact that there’s still currently no support for proper controllers.


#11. Grindstone

Grindstone Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Arcade’s interpretation of the Bejeweled/Candy Crush template is more gorgeous and interesting than many of the clones in that space.

After accounting for certain complications, such as treasure chests, boss monsters, and magic stones that let you transition to a different color, trace a path through a bunch of matching creatures and then press GO. You are provided with an absurdly gory (albeit cartoonish) animation.

Grindstone wins the prize for the most addictive Arcade game we’ve yet tried, being far easier to pick up than it is to put down.


#12. Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger in Toy Town Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Frogger in Toy Town is the least fun game available on the Arcade service. It’s strange that Apple chose this game over better qualifiers as the centerpiece for the service.

It’s just Frogger with up-to-date graphics and changes to match the gaming standards of 2019. Mind you, it’s not terrible in any way, which makes sense since Apple probably won’t permit any stinkers for Arcade, and the game certainly looks nice. But it’s not really exciting.

The swipe and tap control scheme is sluggish, which fails to induce the sense of a narrow escape, which was so vital to the original’s charm. It can get boring before you even get to the end of the first area.


#13. Hot Lava

Hot Lava Apple Arcade Games App Screenshot for iPhone and iPad

Have you ever played ‘the floor is lava’ as a child? If so, then this game will bring back lots of lovely memories. There’s no need to use the amazing power of a child’s imagination this time, however, because the floor is actually lava, and you have to navigate around the rooms with the help of furniture, hanging brackets, pipes and such.

The controls can get slightly frustrating at times, which is not at all surprising since it is from a first-person perspective. It requires a bit of practice to get good at this game, but once you master it, it can be pretty addictive.


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