All Apple Arcade games that support controllers

Apple Arcade Games You Should Play With A Controller

Apple Arcade boasts a lot of fun & intriguing games with varied gameplay. While some are designed predominantly for iOS devices’ touchscreen, some play way better with a supported controller. And since not all games on the platform are compatible with controllers, things could get confusing. To help you out, we have compiled a list of all Apple Arcade games that support controllers.

For optimal ease, we have divided the games into categories. So, hop on to your favorite genre and check out which Apple Arcade games you can seamlessly play with a controller.

Racing games

Action games

Adventure games

Strategy games

Puzzle games

Sports themed games

Role-playing games

Casual and family games

How to see if an Apple Arcade game has controller support?

Apple clearly labels the controller support information for most games on their landing page. Open the App Store game page on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Tv and look for the Controller icon on the banner just below the game’s icon.

Tap on Arcade and Tap on Game to Check Controller Support in App Store on iPhone

Another way is to scroll down to the Support section and check for Game Controller support. Although, we have also noted during our testing that some unlisted games also offer controller support.

Check Game Controller Support from Support Section in Apple Arcade Game on iPhone

So, it all comes down to connecting your controller and testing. Well, not entirely, because we have done the groundwork on your behalf.

Keep An Eye Out for Updates!

Apple launches new games on Apple Arcade every month. Naturally, this list will get regular updates to add those new games with controller support. So, bookmark this one and do come back every month to check out those newly added games.

I will bid farewell for now! Meanwhile, you can check these Apple Arcade listings:

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