Apple Arcade Games You Should Play With A Controller

Apple Arcade is a game subscription service launched by the tech giant. With this, subscribers have access to some exclusive games developers have designed only for Apple. A one-month free trial has attracted a lot of users to experience Arcade games. But not all games can be played by a controller. There are some games, which can be enjoyed more with a controller. If you want to play Apple Arcade games that support a controller, here is a list of games.

Once you pair your controller with your iPhone or iPad, download one of the below-listed Apple Arcade games that support wireless controller. Given the large size of iPhones 11 and 11 Pro Max, using a controller to play Arcade games is a better idea.

Since the games are recently updated on App Store, we have not played them on our devices. However, we will come back to this post in the near future and explain the games in detail. Till then, you can play these Arcade games and share your experiences with us.

Here’s the List of Apple Arcade Games That Support Controller

That’s all, friends!

Are you Game for these Games?

Before its launch, Apple Arcade created much hype, and now every iPhone and iPad user expects excellent games in this game arena. If you are buying an iPhone from its 11 series, you will get a one-year free subscription on Arcade. So what are you waiting for!

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