Best Detective Games for iPhone and iPad to Kill Time and Have Fun

Put your intellect for a huge test! We have compiled the best detective games for iPhone and iPad to help you sharpen your mystery solving skill. Jump over to take a peek at these top apps and share your feedback about the one that has won you over:

Transform yourself into the next Sherlock Holmes. The App store has a ton of detective games that will have you breaking your head to solve the story arcs. Strung together with music, images, mysteries and tons of puzzles these best iPhone/iPad detective games will keep you engrossed for hours.

From train mystery to swap puzzles to psychic powers, these games have got all the ingredients of classic detective games. Ready to give them a try? Let’s jump over!

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Best Detective Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Detective Games for iPhone and iPad

#1. Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire Detective iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Detective Grimoire” requires a lot of food for thought and you will have to think beyond the ordinary lines to nab the villain. You have to search the swamp, talk to suspects and put the clues together to find the culprit. Track down all the suspects and solve the murder mystery.

Connect all the dots and find out the truth to solve the conundrum! The innovative soundtrack, colorful graphics, and realistic characters come together to build a mysterious ambiance.

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Price: $1.99
Download Detective Grimoire

#2. Cognition Episode 1

Cognition Episode 1 Detective iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Cognition Episode 1 is a psychic FBI agent game. You have to solve your brother’s death and find the mysterious ‘someone’ who is leaving behind the clues. It has a gray-shade ambiance that makes searching for the culprit more thrilling and bewildering. However, it can be taxing on your eyes.

The upcoming episodes of Cognition Episode will keep you curious and glued to the game. The only drawback is that the game is only compatible with iPad. Sorry iPhone users!

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Price: $3.99
Download Cognition Episode

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#3. The Last Express

The Last Express Detective iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

The Last Express is where you solve a mystery in a train. Yes, it’s completely based on the popular Orient Express, and the events unfurl in this train. It has clues in the form of conversations you overhear and details you piece together.

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You will have to interact with more than 30 characters who behave like actual people, eavesdrop on conversations to find the clues. Using rewind feature you can go back to any point in the story and select a different course of action.

The app supports five languages like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Price: $4.99
Download The Last Express

#4. Max Payne

Max Payne Detective iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

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Max Payne is a cop game where you play the cop who is under suspicion. The trial to save yourself from hands of other cops forms the game-play. The on-the-edge challenges keep you and your brain intrigued and fascinated.

Slow-motion gunplay coupled with a dark and twisted story makes Max Payne very exciting to play. It might turn out to be one of those games you visit every day. Or every hour. You are warned!

Price: $2.99
Download Max Payne

#5. Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick Detective iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

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Ghost Trick is an intriguing detective game. You are already dead when the game begins. You cruise through the game as a spirit, a ghost: you can possess objects in the game, you can manipulate things, and you use these powers to try to figure out what happened.

You’ll have to do that overnight. Ghost Trick is based on the Nintendo DS game. The free version gets you Chapter 1 and 2. An in-app purchase of $9.99 unlocks all chapters.

Price: Free
Download Ghost Trick

#6. Criminal Case

Criminal Case iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Ever dreamt of being a brave police officer? Have a go at “Criminal Case” to showcase your intelligence to solve a series of murder cases.

You will have to investigate crime scenes for clues, arrest the suspects for questioning. Make sure to analyze the evidence to nab the killers.

You can also invite your friends to play the game together and help you hunt down the culprits. Though “Criminal Case” is completely free to play, you can unlock more features or buy exclusive items through in-app purchase.

Price: Free

#7. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI - Hidden Crimes iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“CSI: Hidden Crimes” boasts awesome fantastic interface and characters which make this game a perfect killer for the free time!

You need to carefully investigate crime scenes to find evidence and analyze all the clues. The app also lets you interrogate the characters who are under suspicion. Play the game smartly and unlock a lot of achievements. Don’t fail to customize your avatar, get the much-needed advantages of teaming up with the CSI crew.

As new episodes are added regularly, you will always have something out of the ordinary to try. Moreover, this intriguing detective game supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean & Chinese.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

So, which one of these detective games have you picked to play on your iOS device? It would be really nice to know its name and the things you have liked in the game.

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