Best Escape Games for iPhone in 2021

Puzzles, mysteries, adventures, suspense, and more! Find everything bundled in escape games. You can either escape or help others to escape from enclosed premises like rooms or schools. Use your sixth sense and quick wit to play the best escape games for iPhone.

#1. Save the Girl!

Save The Girl iPhone Escape Game Screenshot

Attention all boys! Girls can be impressed by your wit and heroism. And this one of the best escape games for iPhone with over 117500 ratings gives you that chance to show both. Here is a damsel in distress as some villains are chasing her. Use your IQ and prove your smartness; a single wrong step can put your heroine in trouble.

A simple yet addictive game can be played with your friends or family. When you are stumped somewhere, you can take help from others. Each level offers unique challenges, and to solve it, there are multiple choices. Give the right answer and make progress.

Price: Free (In-app Purchase for $2.99)

#2. Escape Room: Mystery World

Escape Room iPhone Game Screenshot

Escape Room’s Mystery World ensures a thrilling experience with its more than 300 levels. And there is no repetition of levels. Simple and easy rules make this game more enjoyable.

You are locked up in a strange room; you need to escape using observation, guessing, inferences, and mental abilities. Make sure you type the correct word to win this game.

All levels are free and there is no limit; you can adjust your speed at any level. The best thing is you can play offline; no Wi-fi or mobile data is required.

And when you are stuck somewhere, the game offers three kinds of hints to help you escape.

Price: Free (In-app purchase start at $0.99)

#3. Room Escape: 50 Rooms

Room Escape 50 rooms iPhone Game Screenshot

Whoever tells you that playing iPhone games does not require any brain, ask them to play Room Escape. A classic game that falls under the category of Trivia, this one is a complex puzzle.

If you like to take on challenges, play this game and start your brain cells. I am sure this will not allow your brain to stop. It will test your observations, judgment, and calculations.

There are 50 rooms and 50 challenges! Can you escape them?

Price: Free (In-app purchase start at $0.99)

#4. Prince of Persia: Escape

Prince of Persia Escape iPhone Game Screenshot

The legendary video game is now on a sleek iPhone or iPad screen. Prince of Persia can fulfill your deep desire to play this game if you could not in your childhood.

Run fast, jump high, climb the castle walls, and avoid spikes. This is an adventure game with lots of challenges. You need to learn some patterns and then make the right moves at the right time.

You are a prince and nothing is impossible for you. Hence, have some patience and never give up. The game offers you unique levels to overcome.

Price: Free (Remove Ads: $2.99)

#5. Can You Escape

Can You Escape iPhone Game Screenshot

Buckle up for the greatest adventure of your life! Packed with more than 2000 puzzles, this one is the biggest escape game. Each escape room has thrilling puzzles and hidden objects.

To make it more exciting, there are some gorgeous graphics in different locations. And this is in sync with atmospheric music. Take an arduous through rusty sewers, deserted warehouses, impressive castles, and temples. The game will surely test your ability to solve puzzles using out-of-the-box thinking.

One of the best things about this game is free content. Although not everything is free, you can claim 400+ doors, 100+ locks, 1000 objects, and 23 unique escape adventures.

Price: Free (Remove ads for $4.99)

#6. Hero Rescue

Hero Rescue iPhone Escape Game Screenshot

Old wine is packed in new bottles. The old story is wrapped in digital format. A hero wants to rescue a princess, and you are supposed to help that hero. Apart from the princess, our hero has also set his eyes on treasures.

Although there are hundreds of pull-the-sticks puzzles, the more exciting one is to kill that villainous spider. This is to save that princess and to get the treasure.

During the rescue, you have to face a lot of obstacles, and this will test your brain. However, it is easy to play the game with one hand, and this will make you hooked to this game.

Price: Free (In-app purchase start at $0.99)

#7. NOX – Escape Games

Screenshot NOX Escape Game for iPhone

There is an old mansion and many mysteries and secrets are buried there. And you need to reveal those secrets. Sounds exciting or horrific? This is NOX – an award-winning escape game for your iOS devices.

You are supposed to be an intelligent hero as each room hides many secrets. The gameplay is so exciting that it can attract even the most seasoned gamer.

Primarily, it is an adventure game, which has a single goal: leave the place where you are trapped. You need to show your skill, patience, and logical thinking to escape.

Although the game looks like a point and click adventure, you have to be very careful with each tap. Take a closer look at objects from all sides. The objects can be combined to offer new objects or hints.

Price: Free (In-app purchase start at $1.99)

#8. 100 Doors Games

100 Doors iPhone Escape Game Screenshot

Although the game looks simple to play, it is undoubtedly complicated to beat. As the name suggests, there are 100 levels in this game. In each level, you need to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and escape room.

Since you have to escape school, kids would love to play. They can at least fulfill their dreams virtually. Mya is a girl and she is locked in a school. You need to help her escape the school and go home safe.

To open the door lock, you have to find hidden objects and solve puzzles. Note that you have to overcome all the 100 challenges to save the girl. If you are baffled somewhere, this game provides hints.

100 Doors will keep you interested as there are different rooms of art, chemistry, music, history, library, gym, etc.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start with $1.99)

#9. Rime: Room Escape Game

Rime Room Escape iPhone Game Screenshot

Who doesn’t want to escape from books? Rime offers you this chance to escape an old book. The game is packed with mysterious riddles.

One of the best escape games, Rime throws a repertoire of challenging puzzles. You are trapped in an old book, and you need to solve mysteries to come out of the book.

To keep you hooked, this game presents beautiful graphics and well-crafted puzzles.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases Start at $0.99)

That’s all, folks!

Enjoy the great escape…

Escape games are known for killing boredom. No matter where you are, enjoy the best graphics and interactive user interface of escape games on your iPhone. Before you leave this page, don’t forget to share your experience. Write your comments below!

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