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If you love gaming, then these games are some of the best you can try. These iPhone/iPad two-player games allow you to play with a bot or with friends. In simple swipes and slides, you can clear the challenges to be on top.

But, be beware, these can be highly addictive.

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Best Two Player Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Two Player iPhone and iPad Games

#1. Warship

WARSHIP iPhone Game IconWarship game is modern version of classic naval war game. You have secretly place ships on the grid given to you. The grid is formed in various squares, hence, how many squares a ship will consume will depend on the size and type of ship. You have to target your opponent (computer) squares and if you shoot consecutively on right squares, the ship will sink and you will win. The game has flexible mode and intriguing graphics.

Price: Free
Download Warship

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#2. Game for Two

Game For Two iPhone Game IconGame for Two app comes with various optional games such as Caro, Co GANH, Coloring, Othello, Checkers and Conquer. You can play this against your friend or robot. You will get to solve and face different challenges in each game.

Price: $1.99
Download Game for Two

#3. Hangman

Hangman Free iPhone Game IconHangman game is one of the best solutions to check your spellings/vocabulary and improving them. You can either play with the robot or challenge your friend with this game. The game’s design is based on the classroom board-chalk style, making it interesting. You can choose your level and word list for throwing challenge from easy, standard, hard, animals, food, geography, holidays etc.

Price: Free
Download Hangman

#4. Word Scramble

Word Scramble iPhone Game IconWord Scramble challenges you to find right words amongst letters. You have swipe or slide your screen between the letters to form words. Your score and trophies will increase as you win the tasks. The game comes in three modes: classic, Blitz and marathon. You can choose the level as your increase your championship or if you need to practices.

Price: Free
Download Word Scramble

#5. Chess

Chess Free iPhone Game IconWe do not need to introduce Chess to you. It is the best two-player game available anywhere. You need to use your brain to overpower your enemy. The game uses technology of simple steps towards winning. This version comes with great graphics and sound that makes you additive to it. The game will be saved automatically if you receive any call in between.

Price: Free
Download Chess

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Played any other game that is not listed here? Add it in the comments and let our readers know about it too!

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