Best iPhone/iPad Strategy Games in 2019: Sharpen Your Brain Using your iDevice!

When it comes to games on the iPhone, we prefer strategy to anything else. There’s some charm about strategy games that mindless virtual bloodshed and flapping birds don’t have, irrespective of how addictive they can get. And primarily based on the concept, these are the best iPhone and iPad strategy games which have I loved playing.

What I like about these strategy games is that they keep your interest alive, offering plenty of bizarre-looking challenges. Once you kick start the gaming, you don’t feel like leaving it abruptly. Read on to find more about them!

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Best iPhone and iPad Strategy Games in 2019

#1. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Plants vs. Zombies is a legendary game, nothing short of bizarre, where you must protect your backyard from zombies. The zombies keep getting smarter and challenge your reaction speed and strategy. Plant food can be collected to super-charge any plant when things get especially hairy.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a fun, colorful package which offers great gameplay!

Price: Free

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#2. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Forge of Empires” is magnificent when it comes to providing you all the fun and challenges to enjoy the game endlessly. You have to construct your magnificent empire and journey through ages.

Encounter all the obstacles bravely and build your ideal city to evolve from the stone age to not just modern age but even beyond. To ensure your creation looks stand out, you need to develop new technologies and discover new goods. Find out new territories and capture other provinces as well as their rewards.

Price: Free

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#3. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Dawn of Titans” offers a scintillating gaming experience. You have to battle against the mighty Titans and thousands of other warriors. The best way to win the battle is to smartly grow your army and bolster its strength.

Capture as much enemy land as possible. Unite with your friends to strategize and find the right way to win tons of territories. The fabulous graphics coupled with the stunning 3D world, this game is designed to offer you a lot of fun.

Price: Free

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#4. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War - Legacy Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Stick War: Legacy” is a challenging strategy game. You need to control your army in formations or play each unit as per your game plan. Make the most of your complete control over every stickman and empower your army to win the battle crushing the enemies.

Build units and my gold to strengthen your dominance. Master sword, archery, spear, mage. Make sure to destroy the enemy statue and capture all the territories.

Price: Free

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#5. Zombie Anarchy

Zombie Anarchy Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Ready to battle against absolute destruction? With “Zombie Anarchy,” you will have to fight out apocalyptic world full of deadly encounters. The only way you can win the impossible looking battle is to gather all the survivors and charge them all up to face the dangerous attackers head on.

Defend the camp by utilizing the resources in the best possible manner. Defeat enemy players by using smart strategies and devastating weapons. Your ultimate goal is to create the greatest camp and become a legend.

Price: Free

#6. Samurai Wars

Samurai Wars Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Samurai Wars” is a superb war game for up to four players. The realistic battle simulation of a large number of soldiers makes this game very exciting.

Set in the Sengoku jidai period of medieval Japan, it consists of plenty of twists and turns to keep you engrossed throughout the game. You have to be an iconic leader and command your troops on the battlefield. Use the tactical skill to thrash your enemy and prove your supremacy.

Price: Free

#7. Worms3

Worms3 Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Class (touch-friendly) turn based strategic shooting game where players build up a team of squeaky-voiced invertebrates armed to the teeth to blast their opponents to smithereens. Deploy unlikely machinery to steadily progress in the game! The animations are worth thumbs up, and this is one game you are guaranteed to enjoy regardless of age! Ridiculous warfare at its best!

Price: $4.99

#8. Devil’s Attorney

Devil's Attorney Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This strategic law game revolves around a skeezy lawyer called Max McMann who unfolds his charisma and tweaks logic to dismantle lawsuits against shady characters to earn profits and deck up his apartment. With solid game mechanics, this game has a colorful, cartoony art style and great voice acting. With all its strategy and everything, there are some hilarious dialogues as well.

Price: $2.99

#9. Autumn Dynasty

Autumn Dynasty Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

This finger-friendly real-time strategy game is set in feudal China where players direct a varied force to victory across a wide range of terrain types in a single-player campaign or in skirmish mode. Commands are made with a variety of gestures, each leaving a stylish calligraphic trail.

It features 10 different landscapes to get the best out of your heroics. And don’t forget, there is a story mode as well to keep the thrill intact for long. Autumn Dynasty is the certainly one of the best-designed real-time strategy games.

Price: $1.99

#10. Galaxy At War

Galaxy At War Strategy iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you are out hunting for a terrific strategy game that can immensely test your intelligence, “Galaxy At War” has to be a top bet. You have to fight for the galaxy, champion the universe and most importantly; Lead your pack to the victory.

There are a number of extremely powerful enemies who can destroy your army if you don’t put your best put forward. Discover and colonize new plants, construct military bases, inject the much-needed confidence in your force to deliver 100%. This sci-fi strategy game is very addictive and offers a great chance to battle against other players from around the world.

Price: Free

The Bottom Line

Strategy games are excellent as they compel you to think differently and put your best foot forward to win the battle. What I like about them is that you have a lot of hurdles to overcome. The enemies being so mighty, you have to be at your very best to dominate them.

Is there any of your top strategy game missing from this list? Let us know that in the comments.

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