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iGBGamesBest cricket games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Best cricket games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Fondly known as the gentleman’s game, cricket originated in the 16th century and continues to capture hearts worldwide. So you’ve got to try some of the best cricket games for iPhone and iPad that simulate the experience. From building your skills to helping your team advance and winning trophies, you can enjoy it virtually! It’s the perfect solution when you can’t be out on the field yourself. So warm up your hands, get ready to spin the ball, and strike some boundaries in these best cricket games for iPhone.

1. Real Cricket™ 24

Real cricket™ 24 best cricket game for iphone and ipad

The all-new pro cam in this cricket game allows you to play from the batsman’s viewpoint and experience the thrill of the ball hurtling towards you at 90 miles per hour! Further, you get to enjoy authentic stadiums that give you that realistic gameplay experience.

One of the most unique and noteworthy aspects of this app is that it offers female commentary, which is a first for sports games in my experience! Full points for inclusivity. At the same time, it’s challenging enough for pro players and offers top-notch simulation that keeps you hooked.

Price: Free


2. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

sachin saga cricket champions iphone and ipad cricket game screenshot

This top iOS cricket game lets you play in realtime with 14 Million Players across the world! You get to take on the renowned Sachin Tendulkar’s role to rack up those runs and smash some boundaries. Moreover, you get to play his iconic matches in the same settings and stadiums as he did.

I enjoyed the story format of the game wherein you start as a young 16-year-old Sachin and then progress through his glorious cricketing journey. The high-end graphics and realistic animations made this game incredibly addictive for me. It supports all game formats, from test and one-day cricket to T20, the Indian Premier League, and World Cup. You can build your dream team and also collect player cards.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Subscription Pack)


3. World Cricket Championship 2

world cricket championship 2 iphone and ipad app screenshot

Here’s a 3D cricket game that lets you hit all the famous shots unique to your favorite players. You can customize players and enjoy thrilling animations at real cricketing venues. Have fun playing different formats of the game with 18 international teams at 42 different stadiums.

Further, cinematic cameras and dynamic lighting enhance the game’s visual appeal, making it more enticing to play. You can experience over 40+ in-game camera angles coupled with professional English and Hindi commentary, including ground sounds. Further, you can share and save game highlights generated at the end of the match. It doesn’t get more real than this!

Price: Free


4. Stick Cricket Super League

stick cricket super league iphone and ipad app screenshot

I love this cricket game for the wide range of customization it offers, from making your players look precisely how you want them to, to building your team with stars from 70 world cities. You can even experience the game’s business side by negotiating seasonal contracts with the world’s best players.

Check the career and season stats to track your progress. Along the way, you’ll win trophies and accolades to become the best of the best. And when things get repetitive and you get tired of watching, you can fast track the gameplay to the end of the innings. Pretty convenient! It’s easy to pick up but keeps challenging your skills which makes it addictive and fun!

Price: Free (In-app token purchases to buy players)


5. New Star Cricket

new star cricket iphone and ipad app screenshot

It’s time to launch your virtual cricketing career as a promising young academy player. Build your skills and make your way to the pinnacle of the game, wielding your bat at competitions across the world. This game is a refreshing new venture from the makers of the hit New Star Soccer.

I love how this game lets you vicariously experience life as a professional cricketer. As your career progresses, you have to manage not just your game but your relationships with others, keeping teammates, coaches, and sponsors happy. There are real dilemmas to face and exciting twists in the story that make this more than just a cricket game and a fun role-playing saga.

Price: Free


6. Smashing Cricket

smashing cricket iphone and ipad app screenshot

This cricket game for iPhone and iPad boasts a proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection and realistic response. You can even watch your shots in mesmerizing super slow motion. It makes you feel like you’re part of an actual physical match!

Moreover, you can choose from many camera angles and see closeups of the ball hitting the bat at super low replay speeds. The intuitive controls make it a breeze to play, even with just one hand. You can strike the ball with millisecond accuracy and test your eye-hand coordination. Further, the matrix grid control allows you to quickly pitch the ball wherever you like.

Price: Free


Best iPhone and iPad cricket games you should play!

Have you tried any of these iOS cricket games yet? Share your favorites with me in the comments below! You might also like to try other sports games on your iPhone and iPad.

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